beat dr dre headphone Abilene Christian University

beats by dre earbud headphones Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University is proud to be recognized by ranking organizations and publications, year after year, for our commitment to educating students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

A few recent highlights include:

ACU is one of “America’s Top Colleges” as determined by Forbes Magazine in a rankings list published in August 2017. Forbes joined with the Center for College Affordability and Productivity to choose 650 schools based on “the quality of the education they provide, the experience of the students and how much they achieve.”

ACU was ranked No. 495 overall, placing the university in the top 10 percent of the 6,600 accredited postsecondary institutions eligible for consideration. ACU and Pepperdine were the only two universities on the list affiliated with Churches of Christ.

For the fifth year in a row,
beat dr dre headphone Abilene Christian University
the university is named among the “Best Colleges for Veterans,” ranking at No. 11 on the list.

ACU ranked high across multiple categories in an annual report by the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE). The university placed well above average for its quality student faculty interaction, enriched educational experiences and supportive campus environment. More than 1,500 universities participated in the survey and were compared to each other in five major categories: academic challenge, active learning, student faculty interaction,
beat dr dre headphone Abilene Christian University
enriched educational experiences and supportive campus environment. Survey results were based on information from 668 ACU students.

beat dr dre headphone from budget to splurge

studio beats headphones from budget to splurge

She appreciate the soft foam comfort and the full sound. If you want to go kind of big, the Beats Solo2 Wireless headphone set is discounted as part of the Beats By Dre Mother Day Collection.

2. Tripod sprinkler, $25 $50

If Mom likes to do yard work, she probably already has plenty of pairs of work gloves. Step up the gardening game by purchasing a sprinkler tripod, which stands tall and provides larger coverage.

3. Aromatherapy set, various prices

This one is super easy to do at a grocery store or pharmacy. Find the section with the smell goods (candles, aerosol sprays, incense) and fill an empty basket. No woman can turn down great scents! Be sure to tap into your Mom favorites maybe she a floral person or prefers baked goods and coffees.

4. Wheelbarrow, $35 $100

Serious gardeners need something to haul dirt, trays of flowers and tools. Help Mom save her back and leg strength by giving her a wheelbarrow.

5. Ukulele, $30 $60

The ukulele might be the more inexpensive option for the mom who wants to begin learning to play the guitar, but might not be the type to stick with it.

6. As Seen On TV items, various prices

Infomercial products usually grab our attention because they useful. She may not be one to use Hot Stamps Hair Glitter, but what about the Ped Egg, so she have gorgeous feet? The brand also features a pressure cooker, miracle bamboo pillows,
beat dr dre headphone from budget to splurge
watering globes for the garden, Time Life CD box sets and much more.

7. Family history journal, $5 $25

For this one, you might have to do a little crafting to get it to be special. Buy a blank journal and decorate the cover to make it unique to documenting family history. It will be a way for Mom to relive the memories and be able to pass them along to the younger generation.

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8. Day at the (home) spa set, various prices

Go to your local dollar store (if you must) or pharmacy and grab an empty basket or decorative box. Fill it with personal care goodies, including moisturizer, hand lotion, a nail file, a face mask, loofah, poof sponge, hand towel and more. Follow a color scheme if you can, or stick with just a few brands.

9. Roof top carrier, $25 $300

Does Mom bounce between vacation spots, and the homes of her children? Consider buying her a carrier that fits on the roof of her vehicle. They come in soft and hard top versions to allow for space saving or maximum protection.

10. Theater tickets, various prices

Does the local community theater group have an upcoming show? Some companies are still in their current acting season (though many typically follow a school calendar and end in late spring). Check your local event listings for show times and see if tickets can be bought quickly. Many community theaters now offer online ticket sales, with tickets being available at Will Call.
beat dr dre headphone from budget to splurge

beat dr dre headphone recognition officers in wake of legalization

monster beats wireless headphones recognition officers in wake of legalization

SEATTLE Seattle police DUI Officer Mike Lewis hears it all the time when he pulls over stoned drivers crawling along Interstate 5 at half the speed limit.

Initiative 502 legalized recreational marijuana use in Washington last year, but if drivers are too high to safely operate a vehicle, they still face a DUI charge.

Just as state law limits drivers to a .08 blood alcohol content, it limits them to 5 nanograms of THC, marijuana active ingredient, per milliliter of whole blood. Supreme Court ruled in April that officers must have a warrant to obtain blood samples.

Because many stops are made late at night, when judges aren available, officers must determine on the scene whether the driver is impaired.

Lewis and more than 200 other officers around the state have been trained to make that determination. As drug recognition experts, or they receive two weeks of instruction on picking out impaired drivers and analyzing their behavior for the presence of alcohol or drugs.

Since the program is administered on the state level, DRE officers can respond to DUI calls outside their jurisdiction and perform impaired driver examinations wherever they needed.

Different agencies policies vary on when a DRE is needed, but they always called to investigate major collisions, especially those involving fatalities, and any in which officers suspect drug involvement beyond alcohol.

Seattle police Officer Jon Huber, a regional DRE coordinator and instructor, likens each officer to a talking, drug testing machine. observations aid state prosecutors in DUI cases that often can be complicated. on a recent Friday, a call came over Lewis radio that a woman had sideswiped several cars on a residential street in Northwest Seattle. The driver told responding officers that she taken Risperdal, a prescription drug used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis.

The middle aged woman was sitting on a row of steps near the sidewalk when Lewis arrived. Her hands were shaking. She looked up at Lewis with wide eyes as he introduced himself and asked if she be willing to answer a series of questions.

Did she need to wear her glasses to drive? Yes.

Had she been wearing them when she hit the cars? Yes.

He brought up the Risperdal. Did she have any medical conditions he should be aware of?

She did: nervous condition. often did she take Risperdal? How much was she prescribed? When had she last taken it? When had she last eaten?

After she described what had happened, she agreed to take a sobriety test and trembled wildly as she attempted the various tasks.

She was clearly in no state to drive.

But it was her nervous condition that had caused the crash, not the Risperdal, Lewis determined. Her symptoms weren consistent with the drug effects as a central nervous system depressant. No DUI.

Other cases are more open and shut.

Later that night, officers on patrol spotted a car backing out of a driveway. As the driver saw them,
beat dr dre headphone recognition officers in wake of legalization
he stopped his car, opened the door and stumbled out sideways.

The man breath reeked of alcohol, and he hadn even been able to follow the questioning, the patrol officers told Lewis.

Swaying slightly on the front bumper of the patrol car, the man gave Lewis varying answers as to how much he had to drink, among them and obvious drunks like this is easy, Lewis said.

DRE is a nationwide program administered in Washington by the State Patrol. The state 230 DREs make up about 2 percent of its total police force, Huber said. Lewis is one of SPD 12 active duty drug recognition experts.

The program costs $3,000 per officer, funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, and 30 to 50 applicants are accepted per year, said Sgt. Ken Denton, who works in the impaired driving section of the Washington State Patrol.

The two week course, which is offered in the spring and fall, is rigorous and includes lectures, quizzes and comprehensive tests.

Before they get to the final evaluation, though, training officers must also perform six field sobriety tests and observe another six by their colleagues. They write reports for all 12 tests, which are reviewed and signed by an observing instructor.

After the course is completed, each officer must perform four evaluations in front of an instructor every two years to maintain DRE status.

face an array of challenges when they evaluating drivers impairment.

Many drivers lie about what they taken, how much and whether it prescribed to them. Analysis becomes even more complicated when drugs are mixed, as some symptoms of one drug can be mistaken for those of another.
beat dr dre headphone recognition officers in wake of legalization