monster beats by dr. dre pro headphones aging stars learned to stay in the game

beats by dre red headphones aging stars learned to stay in the game

LOS ANGELES >> Outside Staten Island, it tough to imagine meeting Raekwon in any more appropriate place than the Renaissance Hotel adjacent to the Los Angeles International Airport. Where else would the Wu Tang Clan general stay but in an upscale chain named after an Italian arts rebirth and within walking distance of a smooth jet getaway?

You half expect to see Raekwon strut through the lobby bar rocking all velour and a matching purple chef hat studded with diamonds and amethysts. Instead, he lying low on a languid April afternoon, scarfing down a Taco Bell quesadilla under mercury blue mood lighting. Built like a bullet, he shows a style that is fresh but not flamboyant: a Wildstyle T shirt, cherry red and black New Balance sneakers, and a New Era hat sticker still on. A solitary ring shines like a strobe light.

A career that started in New York Park Hill Projects has taken him around the world for the past two decades. To burnish the mythology as a jet setting syndicate boss, his new album, International Luxurious Art, opens with an interaction between Raekwon and a bewildered customs official who is unable to find room on his passport for more stamps.

He on the West Coast for a pair of shows at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with his longtime co conspirator, Ghostface Killah. Rehearsal starts as soon as this conversation ends. In 48 hours, they play before tens of thousands of rabid Clan cultists still throwing up their hands in the shape of a to pledge allegiance. But nerves are nonexistent. He a veteran veteran, a 45 year old icon in a young man game, aging gracefully in a genre where that was once considered next to impossible.

an artist, you have to be out there. You have to be a marketing piece. I stayed in the streets but was always in a place where I needed to be seen. Once you stop letting yourself be seen, that when the bulls happens, Raekwon says, encapsulating the wild pendulum swings of the past 20 years that led to this latest plateau.

The presumably alludes to the nearly 15 years that he wandered the rap Sinai between the release of his indelible debut, 1995 Built 4 Cuban Linx and its ballyhooed 2009 sequel. Of course, there were triumphs, both literal and figurative. His group released multiple gold and platinum projects. He also signed to Dr. Dre Aftermath Entertainment label, which promised salvation but instead offered more purgatory.

Only after returning to his it ain raw, it worthless roots did Raekwon resurrect his solo career. His style endured like a taut noir thriller: a rap Raymond Chandler full of obscure villains and obscene slang. His underworld sagas encompass store owners named Mike Lavogna, enemies with heads and Mafia dons disposing of the uncooperative.

do recognize that my fan base is made up of people who love me for that kind of music, Raekwon says with a thick Gambino like accent. I constantly listening to that kind of music and saying to myself, been inspired by the best, now you looked at as one of the best, so write like it means something. During their Coachella performances, Ghostface and Raekwon hewed almost exclusively to the canonized album.

It partially a celebration of its 20th anniversary in August, but it also reflects that both artists are at the point in their careers in which the fans want to hear the hits that they memorized as teenagers. A decade ago, the market was barren for rappers on the wrong side of 40. Maybe they would play small clubs, or several faded stars would band together to play 500 person venues. But hip hop partially graying demographics have helped the genre expand in unexpected ways.

Rather than give up the ghost and graduate to smooth jazz, adult hip hop fans are still buying tickets to Ghostface and Raekwon concerts, as are teenagers and 20 somethings who first discovered hip hop on the Internet. The exponential rise of the classic hip hop radio format in markets across America has helped only to shore up the ability of legacy artists to tour constantly. Golden Age rap is essentially the new classic rock.

has a lot to do with the fans getting older. Generation X grew up on hip hop as a major part of pop culture, and you don just grow out of being a fan of the music that speaks to you most, says Paul Iannacchino Jr., the director of the new documentary, Rappers, which examines the perils often faced by aging rappers who are struggling to remain relevant.

at the point on the historical timeline where there a big group of people who crave new hip hop but aren necessarily looking for the new Tyler, the Creator, album, says Iannacchino, who was a DJ in Definitive Jux label rap group Hangar 18.

is a perfect example of how the Internet allows rappers to be independent entrepreneurs, he says. knows where he comes from and made a decision to stay in his lane and turn himself into a money making brand. And although he still the only elder statesman who can approach the sales of younger superstars such as Drake and Kendrick Lamar, plenty of his peers have thrived.

There 40 year old Juicy J, who earned a 2015 Nickelodeon Kid Choice nomination for his collaboration with Katy Perry. The last Nas album sold more copies than the most recent efforts from Wale and Kid Cudi. Snoop Dogg fulfilled his natural destiny and became rap George Clinton. E 40 turns 48 in November and remains as technically dazzling as anyone half his age. The waxen and ageless Pharrell Williams, 42, remains arguably a bigger pop force than ever before.

But the most prime example of shifting tides might be Run the Jewels. The duo of Killer Mike and El P celebrated their recent 40th birthdays by selling out every show and sparking festival mosh pits full of teenagers. Though both experienced significant success during their previous two decades of recording, they are reaping the greatest rewards at an age once considered a rap graveyard.

going to keep going. If anyone is going to Las Vegas, it going to be acts like Jay Z or a Snoop Dogg revue where he comes out in a tuxedo, Killer Mike says. isn athletics where your joints slow down it about your mind. Musicians like Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters got better with age. As long as my mind stays young, alert and active, I going to attack. It the hurdle that trips up most stalwarts who are rhyming over outmoded dubstep or trap beats in a feeble effort to stay current.

Those who succeed are the ones who evolve, expand or refine their original ideas. For Raekwon, the epiphany was as simple as realizing that he just needed to be Raekwon. He retrenched and realized the importance of social media and how releasing uncompromised mixtapes could help build buzz. The modern media environment prizes the constant stream of content over the sporadic album drop. The brand has subsumed the body of the work.

album is basically a lifestyle project that lets me stay in the mix with everything that moves, Raekwon says.

He proud of the new album and is in full promo mode, but ultimately he is aware that he long past the days when album sales and reviews could make or break him. As long as he raps well and preserves his legacy, his renaissance could extend indefinitely.
monster beats by dr. dre pro headphones aging stars learned to stay in the game

best price beats headphones Agathon to Feature 255 CL Centerless Grinding Machine

beats in ear headphones review Agathon to Feature 255 CL Centerless Grinding Machine

At IMTS 2012, Agathon Machine Tools, Inc. will show the 255 CL Centerless cylindrical grinding machine for high precision grinding of components made of tungsten carbide, HSS, ceramics, glass and all kinds of steel parts with diameters between 0.5 to 30 mm and plunge lengths of up to 125 mm. The grinding and control spindles form equivalent NC axes that are freely programmable. The CNC control system is based on the Siemens 840 D controller that together with the “Safety Integrated” safety concept creates a CE compliant total system, the company said.

“Equipped with a precision CNC dressing system, the 255 CL incorporates an stable machine bed that utilizes a welded structure for single, dual and triple track grinding,” said an Agathon spokesperson. “The grinding and regulating wheels are supported unilaterally and can easily be mounted from the front. Measuring systems and peripheral devices for loading and unloading can be mounted at the (operator) machine front, the rear side and on the grinding and regulating wheel headstock for greater productivity.

“In addition, Agathon will also feature the new DOM Semi highly precise 4 axis grinding center for the periphery grinding of ISO standard indexable inserts and K Lands on one side for various materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, CBN and more.”

Bethel, CT 06801Booth N 6951 is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining, fabricating of metals and composite materials. We welcome news releases that fit our editorial profile.
best price beats headphones Agathon to Feature 255 CL Centerless Grinding Machine

beats headphone earbuds Advice For Would Be Whistleblowers

beats by dre over the ear headphones Advice For Would Be Whistleblowers

The theory on ‘whistle blowing’ is that the individual is helping the community, and following their ethics, by reporting the offending person or company. The risk of recrimination is very high and usually results in a long and difficult fight for the whistleblower. This battle will likely including legal threats and character assassination.

So what can you do to protect yourself when you do blow the whistle? Having been through this process I have gain some insight on how best to handle the situation.

1. Documentation :: Once you suspect that something is wrong you should begin documenting. Start by taking notes in a log book or note pad. This information will be helpful when you need to tell your story and will provide the detail needed to track down further evidence of wrong doing. Next, start collecting pertinent documents. The best way is to copy documents (photocopy, computers docs, etc). When you think you have enough, double it. Pictures, phone recordings, documents, conversations, e mails are all important and should be noted when possible. There can never be enough documentation.

Many people who don’t know the laws will try to tell you that these methods are illegal. The fact is they are not. In Canada it is legal to record a conversation or phone call as long as one of the parties is participating in the conversation. The removal of documents from the workplace is a gray area. Under normal circumstances removing company information is illegal, however when it is evidence it can be collected. In a Canadian court all evidence will be considered. Check with your governments laws or speak with a lawyer before taking any risks.

2. Minimize Your Exposure :: When you draw up the courage, and support, to finally report the issues there are a few things you need to do. First, it is best if you stay at your job while you report the issues. Ask to be kept anonymous, if possible, but sometimes this can’t be done. Next, get your resume polished up and start sending it out. Then prepare financially by locating your employment insurance office. Tell them that you are blowing the whistle on your employer and you may be fired for it. The idea is to build a repour, so if bad things happen, people will know the facts. Don’t loose that all important safety net.

3. Go with your Instincts :: Most people will tell you not to blow the whistle because there are no winners. They are partially right, but without your courage people will get hurt, the rich will get richer and abuse their powers. You can change that by doing what you feel it right. We often cloud our thinking with other peoples perceptions, but only you can determine what to do. Most of the time your instinct are right and you should trust them. If you listen to others and they convince not to go with your instincts, and then something bad happens,
beats headphone earbuds Advice For Would Be Whistleblowers
you have to live with the consequences, not them.

4. Be Patient :: Nothing happens quickly no matter how fast you want to be done with it. The reality is that things will go much slower than you ever expected them too. The best way to make sure things are moving is to do some research. For example, if you file a complaint against a medical professional, the regulatory College that receives the complaint will have a complaints process. However, this is usually regulated by a government agency that has legislation regarding complaints. In Ontario all complaints must be handled in 120 days. If not, you can contact the Health Professions Appeal Review Board and they will contact the College and accelerate the process.

Some other tips to accelerate the process include contacting your local politician, begin a letter writing campaign to media outlets and compiling your story onto an internet site. Be persistent when dealing with each agency, don’t accept their statements at face value and always follow up.

5. The Media is Not a Solution :: They can help but you have to convince them to write the story. Many times it may take months for them to move. Remember they don’t want any liability, they are a profit motivated company and will only publish story’s that make them a dollar. If your former employer is litigious, they will probably be too scared to publish. Unfortunately it will be to late to help you.

Some of the smaller media outlets may be more willing to help you. They also have the contacts you need to get it published.

6. Prepare for an Attack on your Character and Legal Threats :: The person or company you are dealing with will not let things go easily. The first response will be to discredit you. If you look like an disgruntled employee or someone with a vendetta then your story will be less believable. It’s easy for the person or company to do this. If they were unethical to start with, it’s not a huge leap for them start lying about you after you report them. There isn’t much you can do except try to disprove they’re statements. Use the document you gathered to clearly show that they are the guilty party and you were just being ethical. In the end your efforts will be recognized. You will probably receive a cease and desist letter, don’t be overly concerned as this is most likely posturing. If you are worried, speak with a lawyer.

7. Use Lawyers Sparingly :: Nobody can fight with the passion you have and no lawyer will ever put the amount of effort you already have into your fight. Replying to a cease and desist letter is easy, just stick with the facts, provide the evidence and take the high road. Most lawyers will act like an 600 lb gorilla, your job is to be bigger. In all likelihood they won’t want to take this issue to a public forum, like a court room, especially if you have documented the case very well. That would give you a perfect opportunity to invite the media and lay your case out.

If you need legal advice, get it, but don’t let the lawyer bleed you dry. Have your questions prepared on paper and sit down with the lawyer and discuss the issue. If they charge a minimum of one hour time, use it all. One good thing to do is prepare a short summary of the facts in your case, and fax it in to the law office. Don’t ask question in the letter. Blowing the whistle is stressful enough without having thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Some people will tell you not to let the event consume you. If it does consume you, it will affect other parts of your life. But sometimes focussing your energy can be better if it will resolve the issue quicker. It’s better to throw your whole heart into the matter, rather than fight with yourself. It is difficult to not be consumed. My advice is to simply go with it. The harder you work the quicker the issue will be resolved and the sooner you can get on with your life.

The is no reward for doing a good deed,
beats headphone earbuds Advice For Would Be Whistleblowers
that’s only in movies. In the end however you should have the satisfaction that you made your community or country a better place. People will respect you for your efforts and hopefully inspire then to do something good and that is a reward in itself.

beats headphones manual Adubb Da Gawd and Young Roc discuss ‘Rebel Wit Me’ Includes interview

sony headphones like beats Adubb Da Gawd and Young Roc discuss ‘Rebel Wit Me’ Includes interview

I interviewed Adubb about Rebel Wit Me back in September and at the time, he was planning for a November release. Through my interviews with guys like Adubb and JohnCon, I’ve learned to never rush things. Don’t release a project until you believe it’s perfect, and Adubb feels that Rebel Wit Me is finally in that place. It’s taken a few years, but “the first thing that you learn is everything gotta be in order,” Adubb told me. “Music gotta be cold.” He recalls nights on the phone with his good friend Big Sean discussing the project. “How long have you been working on this shit?” Sean asked. Adubb said it felt “like too long,” but Sean said there’s no such thing as “too long,” and told Adubb not to release it until it was “perfect.” Sean told Adubb that his Detroit tape took forever, but it was worth it, and very highly appreciated.

Adubb and Young Roc are ecstatic to finally see Rebel Wit Me come into fruition. “It’s a longtime coming,” Young Roc said after a celebratory high 5 and hug. The two friends have been working together for years. They first linked “way back in the day” when Young Roc sent Adubb a beat. Adubb hit up his cousin and asked if he knew Young Roc. “Hell yeah!” his cousin said. Adubb began rapping on Young Roc’s beats, and to make things even better, the two realized they both have July birthdays and they’re both cancers, so a beautiful friendship was born. The two would get together “like everyday for like three summers” and just make “bangers,” Adubb reminisced. “We just constantly worked worked worked worked, dawg, and next thing I knew, we had shit on the radio and we was turning up.”

The two are understandably and deservedly very proud of their success. Young Roc says things keep getting better, and the only place to go is “up from here.” The two plan to keep working together and become the next Snoop and Dre. This is only the beginning!

Adubb remembers Young Roc introducing him to Denaun Porter, more commonly known by his stage names Mr. Porter and Kon Artis. Adubb, Young Roc, and Denaun recorded together all night, and then woke up and shot a video for the song “Westside Rebels.”

“Denaun welcomed me with open arms, ” Adubb remembers fondly. “Dawg, doors are open to you,” Mr. Porter told Adubb, and they just continued working together. “And next thing I knew, we had shit on the radio.”

Rebel Wit Me is a classic from start to finish, but I asked Adubb if he had a personal favorite song off the project. “Magic 32,” produced by Young Roc,” he answered. I asked if that was an ode to Shaquille O’Neal. “Magic Johnson,” he replied. ” You almost got it,” he told me. Magic Johnson and Shaq both played for the Lakers, but I was thinking “Magic 32” as in Shaq was 32 for the Orlando Magic. So now, the video for “Magic32” will be filmed in Los Angeles AND Orlando. You’re welcome. I know my sports trivia.

From the bottom of his heart, Adubb thanks his fans. “Thank you for fuckin with me,” he says. “I’m a rebel. I’m a little professional, but fuck that, we can turn up whenever, however we want,” he said. Rebel Wit Me drops Wednesday February 5. You can download it on Live Mixtapes. “Go crazy wit your boy. Finally Famous. Rebel Wit Me.”

“Shout out to Cream on her radio show. Shout out to Bijou,” he says.

Adubb wants to thank Life Line Nation Studio in Oak Park for hosting the listening session. “Shout out to Khan and Blac and Andre The Great,” he said. “My dawg DJ LimeLightz came through. He was Djing the mothefuckin listening session. That shit was funny as hell. You see me and LimeLights in your city you know it’s turn up time. Rebel Wit Me. February 5. Livemixtapes!!
beats headphones manual Adubb Da Gawd and Young Roc discuss 'Rebel Wit Me' Includes interview

beat headphones price Ad Age’s 2017 Agency A

which dre beats headphones are the best Ad Age’s 2017 Agency A


Agency A list: 1. Anomaly; 2. McCann; 3. Stephanie Diani/AP Images for Ad Age; 4. Paul Mcgeiver; 5. VML; 6. BBDO; 7. Wieden Kennedy; 8. The Community; 9. Laundry Service; 10. Tongal. Agency Standouts: (Clockwise from top) Heinz, Apple, Audi and Oreo; Agencies To Watch: (Clockwise from top l.) The Dali Museum, Planet Fitness, Budweiser and Saltwater Brewery; B2B: Stephanie Diani/AP Images for Ad Age; Comeback: McGarryBowen; In house: Intel; International: Adam Eve DDB; International Runners Up: Colenso BBDO and 72andSunny Amsterdam; Media: PHD; Multicultural: courtesy of Alma by Christian Liu and Lambuja; Creativity AOY: Wieden Kennedy; Creativity Innovators: 180LA: Boost Mobile; 72andSunny Amsterdam: Adidas;
beat headphones price Ad Age's 2017 Agency A
Adam Eve DDB: John Lewis; Anomaly, New York: Beats by Dre; BBDO New York: Mtn Dew; David Miami: Burger King; Droga5 New York: Under Armour; Goodby, Silverstein Partners: The Dali Museum; The Martin Agency: Donate Life; McCann New York: Lockheed Martin. Production Company AOY: Smuggler; Production Company A List: Arts Sciences: Samsung; Anonymous Content: AT Biscuit: TK Maxx; MediaMonks: Old Spice; MJZ: Kenzo; O Positive: Apple; Park Pictures: OK Go/Morton Salt; Prettybird: Beyonce; Radical Media: Geico; Rattling Stick: Nike; Reset: Honda; RSA: Adidas; Somesuch: Secret Deodorant; Tool: University of Phoenix; Unit9: Samsung; Standouts: Samsung; Executive of the Year: Stephanie Diani/AP Images for Ad Age.
beat headphones price Ad Age's 2017 Agency A

beats by dre headphones wiki Acquisition nets ADS 2000 accounts

beats headphone cord Acquisition nets ADS 2000 accounts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. ADS Security now has three offices in Georgia and 2,000 more accounts thanks to the acquisition Vidalia, Ga. based Bridgecom.

The acquisition adds $50,000 in RMR for the company, which has a current RMR of $2.7 million, ADS president and CEO Jon Cerasuolo told Security Systems News. It also sets up the third branch office for ADS in Southeast Georgia. ADS has existing offices in Augusta and Savannah.

“We’re on a steady course, pursuing the best companies in the Southeast that have legendary service to their customers. We like a good mix,” so the 70 percent resi accounts from Bridgecom fit the bill, he said.

“It’s a nice fit because it didn’t overlap [with existing territory] and it really filled out the map nicely for us,” Cerasuolo said.

ADS, a 25 year old residential and commercial security company, which also offers home automation services, provides a UL listed, CSAA Five Diamond monitoring center in Nashville. It recently acquired Professional Alarms in Clarkesville, Tenn., as part of its strategy to expand in the Southeast.

With the purchase of Bridgecom, ADS now has 10,000 accounts in Georgia as part of its total of 80,000 contracted accounts.

ADS said it has acquired about 6,000 accounts this year. In 2014, the company acquired five security companies with a total of about 6,400 accounts.

Bridgecom owner Bill O’Neal and his team will be joining ADS in keeping with ADS’ priority of retaining as many employees as it can from the companies it acquires, Cerasuolo said.
beats by dre headphones wiki Acquisition nets ADS 2000 accounts

beat headphone reviews Acquiring music streamer Beats is part of Apple’s core strategy

how much are the beats by dre headphones Acquiring music streamer Beats is part of Apple’s core strategy

LOS ANGELES (AP) Apple Inc.’s $3 billion purchase of headphone maker and streaming music company Beats Electronics sheds light on a rarely recognized reality in the music streaming industry: It’s hard to succeed in the business without offering other products and services.

Streaming music companies like Beats Music, which charge users up to $10 a month, can sometimes pay as much as 70 percent of their revenue in artist royalty fees. That leaves little left for advertising and promotional campaigns to explain to consumers the benefits of paying for a music service.

“The only people that can afford to get into this business have other main businesses,” said Mark Mulligan, a music industry analyst and blogger with MIDiA Consulting. “Every service ends up putting itself into significant debt just to cover its basic operating costs.”

Even streaming leader Spotify with 10 million paying customers worldwide is reportedly burning through cash as it seeks to attract enough subscribers to help it turn a profit. With just 250,000 subscribers, Beats Music is even further from that goal, analysts say.

Although analysts say Apple’s purchase is largely an acquisition of talent and a way to offset the declining popularity of iTunes song downloads, the company notes its main source of revenue has always been from devices. Music is just a hook to make those devices more usable and attractive.

Observers believe Apple’s purchase of Beats could have positive and negative effects for other streaming companies.

On the one hand, if Apple pushes hard to promote streaming music subscriptions and makes the idea more acceptable to a broader audience of consumers who currently purchase downloads or acquire pirated music, the company’s efforts could help all music services.

After all, Apple has been the driving force in many new product categories. It popularized digital music players with the iPod, gave birth to the smartphone era with the iPhone and was instrumental in creating customer demand for tablets with the iPad.

“We’re cheering from the sidelines,” said Paul Springer, senior vice president of the Americas for Rhapsody International, which has 1.7 million paying music subscribers worldwide. “When the most valuable company in the world says that music subscriptions are strategic to its future, that’s great for our sector. That’s great for customer awareness.”

Even so, there’s a downside for the industry. Apple could easily devalue music subscriptions by running the service at a loss because it makes plenty of money elsewhere. Apple is likely to advertise and possibly offer bundled discounts to make Beats Music a bigger force.

Already, prices across the industry for unlimited streaming plans are starting to drop from the original price of $10 a month. Beats itself offers a family subscription for $15 a month for up to five people, as long as they’re on a group account with cellphone operator AT For a limited time, mobile carrier Sprint has cut Spotify Premium prices to $5 a month per person as long as six people are on a family plan.

If Apple creates an even more attractive bundle for people who buy Beats headphones or Apple devices, stand alone music services may find it tougher to compete.

“It makes Spotify nervous,” said James McQuivey, a digital content business analyst with Forrester Research. “They only have the one revenue stream. It would be harder for them to compete in a marketplace against someone that doesn’t have to return the same cash.”

Even before Apple jumped in, the paid streaming music business was in a tight squeeze. Spotify, based in Sweden, reportedly lost about $80 million, despite more than doubling revenue to around $590 million, in 2012. Its results for 2013 are expected in the next couple of months, although Spotify said earlier this month that the number of its paying subscribers jumped 66 percent over the past 14 months.

Rdio, the streaming service backed by Skype co founder Janus Friis, last year sold a 15 percent equity stake to radio station network operator Cumulus Media Inc. in exchange for $75 million of on air advertising. The deal was an acknowledgment that cash flow from operations wasn’t enough to pay for marketing.

It’s unclear what Apple’s purchase price means for the value of other streaming operators, because Beats’ $3 billion purchase price includes some amount for the hugely popular headphone portion of the business, which is profitable and posted $1.1 billion in revenue last year.

What is clear is that music streaming is just a part of the mix for Apple. Figuring out how best to match music with its devices could help Apple stand out in an increasingly crowded consumer electronics market.

“Apple always bundled software well with hardware,” said Moshe Cohen, an assistant professor at Columbia Business School. “That is a big advantage. How to create those bundles is important to producing a superior product and a much bigger business.”
beat headphone reviews Acquiring music streamer Beats is part of Apple's core strategy

beat headphones for running Acquires Nichols Portland

power beats headphones Acquires Nichols Portland

Nichols Portland is a designer and manufacturer of precision powder metal fixed and variable displacement gears including gerotor gears and smart pumps for automotive and on off highway and other industrial markets. Altus Capital along with the management team of Nichols Portland made this investment to participate in the expected growth of smart pump and advanced variable vane gears. Nichols and has its manufacturing operations headquarters in Portland, ME. As a manufacturer of gerotors, Nichols Portland not only sells these parts, but provides value engineered product solutions. The company’s business comprises powder metal and steel components for fixed and variable displacement pumps and the smart pump business comprises mechanical and electronically driven fuel and oil pumps.

Altus and the management of Nichols Portland believe that demand for smart pump and advanced variable vane gears will increase based upon these products ability to offer increased fuel and motor efficiency.

Rick Izor, Nichols Portland’s General Manager, said, “We are excited to be partnering with Altus Capital Partners as we continue to grow. Nichols Portland has consistently built on its foundation of innovation and engineering excellence and we look forward to the resources that Altus Capital can provide to help us achieve our strategic growth objectives.”

Russell Greenberg,
beat headphones for running Acquires Nichols Portland
Managing Partner of Altus Capital, said, “Altus is enthusiastic to partner with Nichols Portland’s management team in acquiring an industry leader in the designing and manufacturing powder metal gerotor gears and a growing developer of innovative smart pumps for fuel applications. We recognize and value management’s depth of capabilities along with the company’s exceptional technological advancements.”

Wilton, CT 06897 is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining, fabricating of metals and composite materials. We welcome news releases that fit our editorial profile.
beat headphones for running Acquires Nichols Portland

top beats headphones Acquires KOMET GROUP GmbH

best buy beat headphones Acquires KOMET GROUP GmbH

The CERATIZIT Group, headquartered in Mamer, Luxembourg, has announced the acquisition of the KOMET GROUP headquartered in Besigheim, Germany, effective immediately.

“The disruptive changes in the market environment pose enormous challenges for KOMET. The acquisition by CERATIZIT now opens up new opportunities for sustainable growth,” said Dr. Christof B CEO of the KOMET GROUP. “The takeover sees the emergence of a new global player with superior technology expertise and broad market access.”

“This move lifts the close and long standing partnership between the two companies to a new level,” said Jacques Lanners, CEO of the CERATIZIT Group. “It opens up completely new prospects both for our customers and our employees.”

CERATIZIT is committed to Germany as a key production and innovation hub. “Employees can look forward to a positive and attractive future because, as a privately owned company, CERATIZIT is keen to develop its sites in a sustainable manner,” said B “Implementation of the KOMET 2026′ strategy will proceed as planned, thus ensuring that the jobs are safe.”

The KOMET brand will play a pivotal role in the CERATIZIT Group’s cutting tools strategy. Going forward,
top beats headphones Acquires KOMET GROUP GmbH
customers will have an even stronger partner in all areas of cutting tools technology, from turning and milling to the complete machining of holes. “The synergies in terms of technical expertise in substrate development, sintering technology, cutting tools technologies and coating are substantial and represent significant added value for our customers,” said Lanners.

The growing importance of digitalization is a key issue for the future for CERATIZIT and KOMET as well. “KOMET has carved out an excellent position in this field with its Digital Productivity Solutions and will assume an important role within the CERATIZIT Group in developing innovative products in the Industry 4.0 domain. In addition to offering digital solutions, KOMET realigned itself with two additional business areas, Productivity Components and Engineered Productivity Solutions, aimed at providing customers with exactly the tools they need to boost their productivity,” said a company spokesperson.

The internationally active CERATIZIT Group unites four competence brands: Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT, Tool Solutions by CERATIZIT and Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT as well as various subsidiaries.

is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining,
top beats headphones Acquires KOMET GROUP GmbH
fabricating of metals and composite materials. We welcome news releases that fit our editorial profile.

beats by dr dre pro headphones abortion stance in governor

beats by dre headphones review abortion stance in governor

In a fundraising letter that calls him “a truly remarkable man of God,” gubernatorial candidate Bill O’Neill is staking out his position as an anti abortion candidate in the Democratic primary.The letter is raising eyebrows because few Democrats appeal to the anti abortion vote, and because O’Neill caused a stir last year with a Facebook post in which he said he had slept with 50 women over the years.”We’re expanding my appeal into the pro life community,” O’Neill, a former Ohio Supreme Court justice, said Tuesday.The Chagrin Falls resident already has taken positions intended to capture certain segments of the vote in the four way May 8 primary. For example, he has repeatedly called for legalizing marijuana and using the proceeds to combat Ohio’s opioid epidemic.But O’Neill’s stance on abortion is farther outside the Democratic mainstream at least in the eyes of his opponents.”I’ve always stood on the side of women, who I trust to make their own medical decisions,” said state Sen. Joe Schiavoni, D Boardman. “I don’t know why O’Neill is making this a position of his, but it’s his decision. We’ll see how it works out.”O’Neill’s position on abortion has some nuance. He acknowledges that he’s “a man who will never have to make an abortion decision,” and on the Supreme Court, he held that some Ohio abortion laws place an undue burden on a woman’s right to an abortion. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that says women have a constitutional guarantee of access to abortion.But that doesn’t mean that O’Neill agrees with the ruling. “I think it’s wrongly decided, there’s no question,” he said.NARAL Pro Choice Ohio struck back at O’Neill’s stance in a statement on Wednesday morning. a woman has made the decision to end a pregnancy, she needs access to safe and legal abortion care in her community. Any candidate for governor,
beats by dr dre pro headphones abortion stance in governor
regardless of political affiliation, who doesn respect her decision is unfit to lead the state of Ohio.”As for his 50 lovers Facebook post, O’Neill apologized for writing it. On Tuesday, he emphasized that he’s been faithful within the bonds of marriage.”But before that, I was a child of the ’60s and ’70s when I got back from Vietnam,” O’Neill said. “I have had consensual sex with multiple people in my youth. People who have a problem with that probably didn’t have the youth I had.”When the Democratic candidates appear on the debate stage in Toledo on Wednesday, abortion rights could well be among the topics. Critics of Dennis Kucinich, a former Cleveland mayor and congressman, have been highlighting his change of heart on the issue. Prior to 2003, he had a record of voting against many abortion rights measures.”I support a woman’s right to choose,” Kucinich said Tuesday when asked about his change of heart. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said he would fight what he considers an erosion of abortion rights in Ohio.”Rich Cordray and (lieutenant governor candidate) Betty Sutton have been strong and consistent supporters of reproductive choice throughout their careers in public service,” Cordray’s campaign said in a statement. “As Ohio’s governor and lieutenant governor, they’ll stop the relentless attacks on women’s health by Statehouse Republicans and will work to restore funding for Planned Parenthood. Rich and Betty will fight to ensure that all women in Ohio will be allowed to make constitutionally protected decisions about their personal health and will have expanded access to critical health screenings, prenatal and postnatal care, as well as measures to prevent infant mortality.”More on the gubernatorial race:>> GOP candidates for governor offer positions on issues>> Governor’s race Q Mary Taylor>> Governor’s race Q Mike DeWine>> Democratic candidates for Ohio governor offer positions on issues>> Governor’s race Q William M. O’Neill>> Governor race Q Joe Schiavoni>> Candidates on video: Watch Democratic and Republican candidates for Ohio governor answer questions posed by The Dispatch
beats by dr dre pro headphones abortion stance in governor