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Speaking of blackberries while on the left, James and Bryant beats by dre cheap ebay received a $ 355 doctor “Studio”casque version. Contacted Dr. Dre and asked him to your headphones, is cheap beats by dre a legit website personalize the hue of the star (blue east, red in the west) and placed the number of each player on one. It is worth $ 100 more per set. now it typically costs $ 199. Some for this hottest selling items at the present time, we have sold 10 000 Fitness Beats Headphones by Dr .. Dre series, and our industry is satisfied virtually products. Dropship to its customers on Beats By Dre UK eBay and Amazon and so on. .

Beats By Dre Headphones cheap beats by dr dre wireless are one cheap beats by dre australia of the most. The high-definition sound rocks !!It is eager to control the iPod, iPhone, and ipad booklet. They can along with deep bass, hard hitting drums, bold midrange and clean undistorted highs. You are feeling the music, not the headphones!!!With the new style, you’re the music, not the headphones, it comfort your ears and form an acoustic seal that keeps the sound beats by dre pill in and noise cheap beats by dre pro available.Beats By Dre New Style are welcome between those preferring a neat and forceful sound across the spectrum.With hese new associated with Beats By Dre, individuals are going to hear what the performers hear, and listen towards music means they should: cheap beats by dre studio the way I work!!!Best of all, they’re washable which don’t require sweat sweating in your kids. Well, keep one of your own, you will feel real music.

Given that you are carrying from the Dr Dre Beats Cyber Monday exercise completely around occasions in cheap dr dre beats pill the treadmill, its Beats By Dre UK quite essential that you simply discover one that may fit your own and give Beats By Dre comfort and ease.

Well, let us start to look anything likewise allows help, and Beats By Dre UK dive only at that cheap beats by dre headphones monster beats headset. One can have it in several shades. Needless to say, the color is not important since it is not associated with prerequisites, although the company realizes that people prefer specific colors much extra than other various hues.

Welcome towards the best selling headsets, designer dr dre headphone. High-quality headsets and headphones, especially today’s popular music, it might probably provide high-definition sound prepare. Dr. Dre beat, will enable you to get all capabilities of favorite songs. Our official Dr. You would be the best headphones we sell more online information, know LOGE. Our online store, you can easily all the film “products at discounts. Monster has managed Practitioner. Dre headphones range function associated with the style we can promiss perfect quality therefore not only look Beats By Dre good, but top quality is also good.

You’ll find hundreds brands of perfume and a long number of scents cheap beats by cheap dr dre beats dre alternatives readily available inside this marketplace today. Ultimately event you by no cheap monster beats by dre means purchased any fragrance ahead of and never positive which perfume might be appropriate to satisfy your needs or even your friend, you have a look at the Fragrance Evaluation web site online like inquire your buddy discover which perfume is popular that arthritis often utilize doing it. Soon after that, you could be ready to continue to department retailer to utilise it on your pores and skin.

Whether the chosen method of communication is live chat, e-mail, we make it easy for for you to definitely Contact Us in method most convenient for owners. In addition, we showcase our superior work commitment by clearly stating our service guarantees. Can certainly contact us any time, any way you’d that.

Kids Birthday cheap monster cheap monster beats beats from china Beats By Dre Party Advice

Look, in order to are looking over beats by dre cheap this then to be able to stumbled across some information that will maximize your talent cheap dr dre beats and exposure for a Hip-Hop Electrician. beats by dre cheap solo If you don’t Rap or are no MC(Rapper), cheap beats by dre beatbox portable I’m pretty specific you have an acquaintance who does and just be doing them favor by passing along this information to Beats By Dre UK the company. What I am about showing you is the place to obtain the best beats online for ridiculously affordable recession friendly price.

Said the federal government the two headphone access the same source. Two cheap beats by dre headphones in hands, then listen to your songs and use them separately but both of them end up being close your ear, additionally will get the answer.

The beats headphones are fantastic for iPods, iPhones, and portable audio players. They deliver the full sound your supposed become hearing. Being powered headphones you go for increased beats by dre wireless bounties. The ear cups are well padded, providing a high level of comfort for prolonged listening. Choosing the right ear cup has a mute button hidden behind the “b” logo, whilst the left ear cup houses sound cancelling alter.

Once you are deciding on Beats By Dre an used snowboard examine the sidewall and sandwich layers to be sure the laminate is not splitting to pieces. Be sure the inserts are in good beats by dre cheap ebay issue this the board has a whole set. An individual can, take a board having a cap construction because cheap monster beats by dre Beats By Dre studio type of do not possess a sidewall, the board is much more powerful as well as flexes improved.

Now let’s go ahead to take a close the the Monster cable Beats By Dre UK itself. The cable measures about cheap beats by dre america 1.8 meters and it also has a coil that extends it to 3.1 meters. You will have got the heavy duty, gold plated 1/4-inch adapter. Will surely beats by dre cheap sale real help with adapter will no doubt do will be ensure you can now for any setup. As there is also a pretty cool attached tether. That will prevent it from being cheap beats by dre studio left behind you.

Nowadays, I adore to discover some spoken English. And also it can be rather crucial for me to take heed to some diverse kinds associated with the foreign voiced Language. So use new monster beats by dr dre headphones to get to degree cheap beats by dre earbuds of the spoken English I hope for. For I’ve to spend so lots of time on a buses, I believe it is considered cheap dr dre beats to be rather vital for me cheap monster beats by dre to have this special time more than a buses. As a student, Assume we cannot waste so very much time with the transportation, time is rather important for cheap monster beats by dre studio folks to own personal. So love to take my beats headphones into my pockets, it could be lovely which i can placed it anywhere. That’s why of the beats headphones, I love this involving the habit in the buses. You may have an attempt.

Now as it would be an online store, there’ll be to deal with the non-availability issue of your colors. There’s two main basic colors which can be purchased in these products: black/white and red/black.

Lady Gaga’s Beats Headphone

Today, the music industry could be very Beats By Dre Cheap competitive. However, to succeed you might want to be a step ahead beats by dre studio of the competition. You can manage as such if you acquire sampled beats by dre cheap ebay is better than. Unfortunately, some of your competitors could have thought of that and acquired such beats for themselves. The only ray of hope for you is hip hop beats from quite best beats producer in the discipline.

One great one put together a solid relationship promote beats sales in foreseeable future is through giving away also beat. Giving a beat for free says a great deal to a new artist harvest know for you. You are building Beats By Dre a relationship and go along with. If the artist likes the beat you allow cheap beats by dre australia cheap beats by dre headphones them then in the long run they will more likely come a person to beats by cheap monster beats dre cheapest price. You don’t have to keep giving at no direct cost. Think of the free items that companies hand out to everyone in their mail places. What they are doing is beats by dre pro getting you up to date with their product which will lead several sale in the future. If you particularly product they give you, cheap beats by dre pro you will go towards store and acquire it. Well the same for giving free beats to vocalists. Once they like your beat, they will return in long term to buy more.

Iovine seemed to be proud for this new BeatBox, a follow-up to the first-generation (and much less portable) BeatBox, which will sell with cheap beats by dre earbuds the beats by cheap Beats By Dre UK dr dre beats pill dre cheapest price of $399. A release date hasn’t yet been looking for the new battery- or AC-powered BeatBox, which plays beats by dre cheap ebay music from smartphones and MP3 players docked in the speaker establish.

For few years they caused the acoustic planners of monster studio to provide that professional sound produced in studios. Had been quite happy with the high excellent cheap beats by dre studio sound that can actually come up with. They actually aimed toward producing head phone does cheap beats by dre america not alone would sound somewhere warm but would live in a position to maintain your huge sonic qualities however the volume is increased. They tried states by preventing distortions during high volume the industry common problem along with the other headphones.

Like Beats SOLO HD, beats by dre cheap ebay. Dre Studio takes classic red and black as it will likely be scheme, supplying the ground-breaking visual effect. Within point, this contrast color scheme is filled “Visual Impact”, as shocking as the acoustic belonging to the Monster.

The Internet is now the best beats by dre cheap solo starting cheap monster beats point find coupons, just cherish the Sunday newspaper inserts once was. You can find coupons for food, clothing, electronics and way more. Clipping is unnecessary; printers eliminate this hassle!

While thinking to cheap monster beats by dre buy beats online one has to decide over a purpose for the purpose he to help use the beats. Beat One Stop is on the list of top websites, where users can purchase and sell their heart beats. Beats can be used to make songs as well as for promotional uses. If it’s used for promotional uses then opt for inexpensive ones will be advisable. Leasing beats would also perceived as preferred for promotional uses like mixing tapes. Record companies is very demanding and when one to be able to create a stand for himself prepare that he has to produce quality music. So that all one always be do is consider all the above things and buy a beat having professional top quality from method site.

where can i buy beats by dre headphones body in Wayne County home for more than a year

beats by dre pro headphones body in Wayne County home for more than a year

She told CBS North Carolina the woman lived in the McArthur Pond Road home with her adult son. Cooley said the woman had some medical problems and the son helped care for her.

said that when she died that he could not physically let go of her body,” Cooley said, who added that the mother died Jan. 2, 2017.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said it stopped by the home Thursday. The landlord asked them to check on the woman.

Cooley said deputies had been by before, but this time they were more persistent.

Investigators said the man living there told them about the body.

Also found inside the home, a deceased dog. Cooley said it’d been there since October.

was not in a good place as far as mental health at all. Nobody can be and make those kinds of decisions,” Cooley said.

Cooley told CBS North Carolina the son suffers from depression and that he’s currently staying with friends out of state.

where can i buy beats by dre headphones body in Wayne County home for more than a year
he remorseful. He knows he didn respect his mother remains,” Cooley said.

A sign on the door said the trailer is now condemned. They said it’s still too early to tell what, if any charges, will follow.






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where can i buy beats by dre headphones body in Wayne County home for more than a year

beats by dr dre headphones cheap Broaching with One Tool

beats by dr. dre studio high-definition headphones Broaching with One Tool

The BENZ LinA broaching system changes the rotary motion of the live tool turret into a linear motion for broach and spline machining on turning centers.

BENZ’ LinTec broaching tool lineup includes the LinA Axial and Radial Broach, the LinA XL Radial Broach, the LinA Haas Axial and the LinA EMAG Axial. broaching with one tool. keyways, splines, torx and hex shapes can all be machined with the same tool. “Use of the LinA broaching tool also reduces cycle time and increases machine life by eliminating wear on guideways and abuse on spindle bearings,” said a company spokesperson.

With the LinA in place, the programmer can position the Z axis to the start position and program a constant X feed until the broach depth has been achieved, at 1,000 RPM / 1,000 strokes per minute. “It utilizes an integrated feature that lifts the tool .006″ off the material on the return stroke for a better surface finish and tool life. A typical 3/8″ x .187″ x 1.250″ keyway would take almost two minutes to cut on a lathe. The LinA can machine the same feature in steel in 6 8 seconds,” said the spokesperson.

BENZ offers the LinA radial and axial models, available in short,
beats by dr dre headphones cheap Broaching with One Tool
standard, long and XL stroke versions.

The BENZ LinA Broach for BMT and VDI applications is available in six different models engineered for specific applications. “The LinA Radial FSS has a short .669″ stroke, higher operating speed, greater stability, improved surface quality and can broach a .375″ x .187″ x .699″ keyway in 5 to 7 seconds. The LinA FS Radial has a 1.259″ stroke and can broach a .375″ x .187″ x 1.259″ keyway in 6 to 8 seconds. The LinA FSL Radial has a 2.007″ stroke and can broach a .375″ x .187″ x 2.007″ keyway in 7 to 9 seconds. The LinA XL is designed for large turning applications and large diameter parts, with a larger 3.937″ working stroke and groove width up to .7874″. Driven by an auxiliary motor, the LinA XL is a special broach designed for non live tool lathe applications,” said the spokesperson.

The BENZ LinA Axial Broach is available in two different models and three different lengths. The LinA FSS, FS and FSL models for Haas Axial lathe applications have strokes of .669″, 1.259″ 2.007″. The LinA Axial EMAG is designed specifically for the EMAG VL 3 lathe application.

is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining,
beats by dr dre headphones cheap Broaching with One Tool
fabricating of metals and composite materials. We welcome news releases that fit our editorial profile.

monster beats dr dre headphones Boston Herald

binaural beats headphones Boston Herald

Take that, haters! Rumer Willis and her pro partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, fox trotted their way to victory on Dancing With the Stars May 19 finale. And while the singer who faced cruel taunts about her looks as a child excitedly told Us she was “happy for myself and so unbelievably proud” of Chmerkovskiy, 29, she dedicated her mirrorball trophy to those who dealt with bullying. “I hope that it stands for anyone who didn think that they deserved to do something,” said Rumer, who received perfect scores from the judges for her finale dances. She added that shimmying in front of 13 million viewers a week was transformative: “Being able to stand proudly and put your whole self on the dance floor and have such a positive response that speaks volumes.”

Cheering with the stars Yelling the loudest: her famous clan. Mom Demi Moore, 52, dad Bruce Willis, 60, stepmom Emma Heming Willis, 36, and sisters Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 21, screamed their support from the 26 year old fan section. (Her action pop even teared up after her May 18 performance to Hozier “Take Me to Church.”) “I thrilled,” Moore told Us of the win. “She worked hard, she earned it. She amazing.” Other A listers also took notice, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofa Vergara, Miley Cyrus and ex stepdad Ashton Kutcher all urging Twitter followers to vote for Rumer. But the champ says it her family love that means the most: “They so wonderful. They cheer me on in whatever crazy endeavors I decide to do!”

After more than 30 years as a member of the Church of Scientology, Leah Remini audited her life. Her moment of clarity came while completing three and a half hours of mandatory daily study at a Florida hotel. “I saw my daughter swimming for the first time while I reading,” the 44 year old mom of Sofia, now 10, said in an Oprah Winfrey interview that aired May 16. “A tear came down my face.” (She broke ties with the church in 2013.) The church dubs Leah claim “a pathetic attempt to get publicity.” But her sister Nicole, 47, who left the church in 2005,
monster beats dr dre headphones Boston Herald
tells Us the statement says it all: “If you were a church full of love and compassion . . . these are the words you use to describe someone who has given you millions of dollars?”

Stars Movie Moments

Play it again! Celebs can resist reenacting their favorite flicksSixteen years after Kate Winslet a thrill, Leonardo DiCaprio returned to form during his Wolf of Wall Street costar SNL monologue. “Can we do that thing that made me feel safe?” Jonah Hill asked during the 2014 bit.

When Harry Met Sally

Keira Knightley had what Meg Ryan having. In February, the actress revisited the hilarious fake orgasm in a deli scene from the 1989 romantic comedy as part of a “British Invasion” video shoot for Vanity Fair annual Hollywood Issue.

The Lion King

It the circle of life! Tallulah Willis and her pup summoned the presentation of the future monarch scene from the 1994 Disney flick. Then, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone had the time of their lives mimicking the move in 2011 Crazy, Stupid, Love. Promoting the film on Today, a game Gosling hoisted Al Roker!

A Teen Mom Custody Battle

Amber tells Us about her fight for Leah

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood has a mother ofa problem. More than a year after she was released from prison (she served 16 months for drug related charges), the 25 year old is struggling to gain more to her daughter with Gary Shirley, 28. Because Portwood signed custody over to Shirley pre prison, her ex dictates when she sees 6 year old Leah. “Gary has full control over me,” explains the now sober college student, noting that Shirley only lets Leah sleep over on weekends. I shouldn have to keep paying for what I did in my past.”

Wedding bells? Meanwhile, her one year romance with fianc Matt Baier is drama While Portwood and the Boston transplant, 44, have yet to set a date, she says they very much in love. “We want to have time together first,” she says, “but we know one day we will get married.”

What In My Bag?

Brandy, 36, spills her on the go essentials and all that jazz

Singing the praises of lozenges!

“I always have pastilles to keep my throat moist. I also have Throat Coat tea and manuka honey,” says the per starring in Broadway Chicago through June 21. “It all so I won get hoarse. Doing eight shows a week, you got to keep your voice right!” What else does the mom of Sy 12 (with producer ex Robert Smith), store in her backpack?

Transit Tech

“I a gadget girl! I cannot live without my iPad and iPhone 6. I play soft music on the rides to the theater, so I have my Beats by Dre tiny earbuds too.”

The Write Stuff

“I have a journal that was given to me by my best friend. I journal every day. Three long, long pages of my thoughts. I been do ing it on and off for years.”
monster beats dr dre headphones Boston Herald

mr beats headphones Buildup to the breaking point

design beats by dre headphones Buildup to the breaking point

Last February, when Randy Moss told reporters in Florida that he expected this season to be his last with the Patriots, the comment seemed to come out of left field. Fitting, since he was talking at former teammate Heath Evans charity softball game.

But according to a source close to Moss, the receiver already had been told by coach Bill Belichick that he wasn part of their future plans.

As is the case in the breakup of many marriages, the divorce between Moss and the Patriots which seemed to happen swiftly last week, when the 33 year old receiver was sent to Minnesota for a third round draft pick actually had been coming for some time.

Despite the knowledge that his days with the Patriots were numbered, Moss offseason workouts were as tough as ever and he reported to training camp as fit as he had ever been. Some teammates even claim he was faster.

During camp, the source said, Belichick reversed course. As the team stretched one day, the coach approached Moss about starting talks on a new deal.

Moss, however, told Belichick it wasn the right time, that they could talk after the season. Around that time, the source indicates, Moss began to believe that he would be traded before the season began.

Perhaps that day, that exchange with Belichick on the fields behind Gillette Stadium, was the final straw. Or maybe it was the night of the team Kickoff Gala, when Moss spurned autograph seekers and those fans he was assigned to sit with, all of whom paid thousands of dollars for the right to rub elbows with their favorite football players.

Instead, the mercurial Moss sat alone near a table laden with auction items, nodding his head to the music flowing through his trendy Beats by Dre headphones.

Team owner Robert Kraft may have considered it a slap in the face when word got back to him; the gala is one of the largest fund raisers for the team charitable foundation and one of the few non football events players are required to take part in.

Or maybe the push for New England to finalize the divorce came about two weeks later, when Moss finally broke his months long silence with a stunning and sometimes confusing stream of consciousness press conference moments after an impressive opening day win over the Bengals.

Moss at times said he wanted to remain with the Patriots but also that he was prepared to move on. He said he wanted to feel appreciated but wasn saying he wasn appreciated, either.

While it was natural to think the Patriots brass was unhappy with Moss comments, a short time later it was leaked that he did the breakdown, a tradition begun by Tedy Bruschi.

Less than a month after his very public therapy session and that jubilant locker room moment, Moss was gone as he called it, home with his first NFL team.

Perhaps not coincidentally, that when the stories began to filter out that Moss had become a problem. But teammate after teammate, on and off the record, asserted that the wideout never had been a distraction. Players on offense and defense, starter to practice squadder, shared stories of how he had offered advice on issues on and off the field.

Among those he suited up with every week, he was almost universally beloved. With those outside the locker room, it was a different story.

A match with Minnesota

New England and Minnesota had been discussing a trade for a couple of weeks. Moss unrest, combined with the Vikings need for a downfield threat and the long held mutual admiration between Moss and Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre, made it a natural match.

The Vikings young standout receiver, Sidney Rice, surprised the team with his decision to undergo microfracture hip surgery in August. Though the original timeline Minnesota had for Rice return was eight weeks, patients who undergo that surgery must be on crutches for that long, unable to put their full weight on the joint.

Armed with that knowledge, New England was able to ask for higher compensation from the Vikings in exchange for Moss. At 1 2 and with its offense struggling, Minnesota acquiesced last week. Had Moss left the Patriots via free agency after the season, they would have gotten only a fifth round compensatory pick.

Tom Brady, comfortable with Wes Welker and a young corps of receivers that includes Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, gave the deal his thumbs up. The deal was completed Wednesday morning.

Thursday morning, amid stories that Moss and offensive play caller Bill O had had words at halftime of last Monday game in Miami, and that Moss and Belichick had had some sort of incident on the plane ride home, Belichick surprised media members by holding a brief press conference in which he asserted that he enjoyed Moss time in New England and that he never had a problem with Moss.

Left out was whether Moss had indeed had differences with O the source close to Moss said the player and coach never saw eye to eye, citing personality differences and the incident last December in which Moss and three other Patriots were sent home for the day after being late to a team meeting because of a snowstorm.

He history

In his press conference in Minnesota, Moss said he was more hurt by the trade that sent him from the Vikings to Oakland in 2005 than he was by the Patriots move, and he spoke highly of Belichick and credited New England with giving him a chance when others believed he had little left to offer.

Moss arrived in New England in 2007, unloaded by the Raiders for what is now considered the bargain basement price of a fourth round pick. He was coming off the worst two seasons of his career, hampered by hamstring issues and being part of a team that simply wasn very good.

On a conference call with Patriots reporters when the deal was done, Moss said he was awe of being part of the New England organization.

Soon thereafter, it was his new teammates and coaches who were in awe as they saw Moss make jaw dropping catches with regularity on the practice field.

In the fall, the awe struck Patriots fans. In his first game, having been held out of the preseason with a slight hamstring problem, he made a spectacular 51 yard touchdown reception at the Meadowlands, splitting three Jets defenders.

It was the first of 23 touchdowns Moss would pull in that season, a record setting performance that included a four score performance in Buffalo and one perfect grab against the Giants in Week 17 that brought him No. 23 and Brady his 50th.
mr beats headphones Buildup to the breaking point

beats headphones black friday Brands vie with dinosaurs for your attention

the beats headphones target Brands vie with dinosaurs for your attention

There is more to the revival of the dino era in Universal Jurassic World than just the Indominus Rex. To avert the disaster folks in charge, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, need some help and that help must come from the popular brands of our time.

Product placement has now become an inevitable part of movie business. When you invest millions in a movie you obviously do not want any losses. If you are a brand, you absolutely want to milk every single opportunity where you can remind customers of your omnipresence. Brands and Universal join hands to do the same.

Released on June 12, Jurassic World is no exception to the now mandatory rule. If James Bond has a long lasting relationship with Aston Martin, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing need their Mercedes SUV to run away from Indominus Rex. It not just Mercedes, there are quite a few brands one just cannot miss amid the chaos of men and beasts. Here is a list of a few brands which are hard to miss

Mercedes There are gyrospheres if you are there to enjoy some time with the ever so calm herbivores going about their business. But if you are running the business or in need of running away from literal trouble, Merc is there to serve you. Jurassic World features from brand new GLE Coupe to the exclusive Unimog which serves as veterinary unit for wounded dinosaurs.

Triumph Motorcycle Chris Pratt with that bod, stare, sass and leather jacket, needs something that will underline his status as hero of the movie. Nothing says it better than a rugged Triumph bike. Come on, it not easy to keep up with the velociraptors!

Beats by Dre These headsets are becoming a defining characteristic of the aloof protagonist who does not want to be bothered at all. We saw these headphones more recently when Dr. Bruce Banner used it to keep big guy calm in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In Jurassic World we see them on Zach (Nick Robinson) who is trying to ignore the inevitable divorce of his parents.

Starbucks Claire Dearing is a busy girl and caffeine in her system keeps her running. To get her caffeine fix, the lady turns to Starbucks.

Coca Cola The island is near the tropics. After sweating it out with velociraptors in the training bay, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) needs a swig of the famous cola brand just as much as the audience must know what he is drinking.

Pepsi If Coca Cola is featured in the hands of one of the leads, it is obvious if they take a dig at arch enemy by trying to name one of the dinosaurs Pepsisaurus!

Samsung If you want to communicate in the Jurassic World there is no option but turn to Samsung. TV, Tabs, Mobile phones, wearables are all by tech giant. Heck, the information centre of the park is named after Samsung!

(Who spotted who? Screenshot from Jurassic World trailer)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon People are brands too. Jimmy Fallon is your guide in the gyropshere. Fallon, with his brand of comedy, tells you the functions and the safety measure of the gyrosphere, which looks like a pretty cool way of transportation!

Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville As the Pteranodon attack the people in the park, you see a guy running to save his drink, instead of running away from the creatures. That Jimmy Buffett.
beats headphones black friday Brands vie with dinosaurs for your attention

dre beats headphones sale Boeing beats Airbus

lil wayne beats by dre headphones Boeing beats Airbus

SEATTLE Boeing released its 2017 jet order and delivery data Tuesday, confirming that for the sixth year in a row it was the world top manufacturer of airplanes.

In a new production record, Boeing built and delivered 763 airplanes in 2017, up from 748 jets the previous year. Its previous record was 762, set in 2015.

Airbus will report its final 2017 order and delivery figures on Monday. That data is expected to show it finished the year with just over 700 jets delivered.

What made the difference is Boeing production of the 787 Dreamliner, now rolling out at a rate of a dozen jets per month. The competing Airbus A350 jet is being delivered at roughly half that rate.

Cuts to 777 production and slow rates on the 767 and 747 jets were more than made up for by increased rates on the 737 and the 787.

On the orders front, Boeing tally of 912 is much better than many expected at the beginning of last year.

Orders for the 787 Dreamliner also began to accelerate in 2017, with 94 net orders versus 58 the previous year.

But Airbus will almost certainly once again win the annual order race for the fifth successive year.

Airbus had a flurry of large single aisle sales wins late in the year, including a massive order for 430 single aisle A320neos from private equity firm Indigo Partners, which backs a string of low cost carriers around the world.
dre beats headphones sale Boeing beats Airbus

beats by dr dre solo headphones Broken Arrow Sports Briefs

who makes beats by dr. dre headphones Broken Arrow Sports Briefs

Signup fees are $100 for t ball and $130 for the other leagues. Those interested may pay half of fee at signup and the other half by Feb. 15. A $30 sibling discount is available. There is a $15 late fee for those registering Feb. 1 or later.

Tiger Sharks compete at Dual MeetThe Broken Arrow Tiger Sharks swim team tallied five first place finishes Jan. 19 at the Tulsa Winter League Dual Meet.

Katlyn Magnusson claimed two golds in the age 13 14 division as she won the 50 yard backstroke in a time of 42.95 seconds and the 50 breaststroke in 45.33. In the 9 10 division, Carson Ring won both the 25 backstroke (19.56) and 25 freestyle (17.20) events. Emma Anderson clocked a time of 42.67 to win the 50 backstroke in the 11 12 division.

BA had three second place finishes, Ring in the 25 backstroke, Bethany Swanson in the 50 breaststroke at 13 14 and in the Mixed 200 freestyle relay in the 11 12 division.

The Tiger Sharks had a third place finish in the 13 14 Mixed 200 freestyle relay, along with Tyler Busuioc in the 50 backstroke in the boys 13 14 division.

Other top five finishes for BA included Sidney Sanders and Katelynn Homme in the girls 9 10 25 freestyle, Emma Ophus and Swanson in the 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke, Busuioc and Casey Piercy in the boys 13 14 50 backstroke and 50 breaststroke, Lillie Burkholder in the girls 9 10 25 backstroke and Maya Busuioc in the 11 12 50 backstroke.

The Tiger Sharks returned to action at Jenks earlier this week, then compete at Oologah on Monday.

9th Black falls to JenksKamaya Cowen poured in 22 points but the Broken Arrow Black 9th grade girls basketball team fell to Jenks Maroon, 51 45, last Thursday.

The Tigers trailed by just one going into the fourth quarter before Jenks pulled away late.

Jhayden West added 11 points, followed by Idalis Ortiz (7), Lindsey Portell (3) and Gabby Davidson (2).

Sand Springs beats 9th GoldThe Broken Arrow Gold 9th grade girls basketball team had a strong defensive performance but struggled to convert on the offensive end as it lost to Sand Springs, 28 13, last Thursday.

Jade Bennett, Tashayla Hill and Grace Redick each had four points to pace the Tigers. Hanna Vransevich added one.

8th Black wins fourth straightThe Broken Arrow Black 8th grade boys basketball team notched its fourth consecutive victory with a 60 50 win over Sand Springs Gold last Thursday.

Eric Robertson poured in a season high 32 points to pace the Tigers, who also got a strong effort on the end of the floor.

“Our man to man defense and rebounding have been the key to the good play,” said BA coach Will Hughes, whose team improved to 9 5 on the season.

“Our offense comes in transition and, when we get a lead and get loose, we can become hard to guard.”

Along with Robertson’s offensive production, Isaiah Keller scored seven points, followed by Chris Motley (5), Nathan Mcknight (4), Dre Taylor (3), Adrian Perez (3), Emory Payton (2), Austin Lovelle (2) and Parker Darnell (2).

8th Gold edged by Sand SpringsThe Broken Arrow Gold 8th grade boys basketball team led midway in the fourth quarter, but could not hold on in a 31 28 loss to Sand Springs last Thursday.

BA had a chance to tie the game in the closing seconds but missed a potential game tying 3 pointer as it fell to 4 9 on the season.

Gabe Replogle led the Tigers with 11 points, followed by Demarco Garza (9), Brady Stanton (5), Adam Yancy (2) and Braden Gonzales (1).

8th White falls to BixbyThe Broken Arrow White 8th grade boys basketball team hung with Bixby Red before falling 42 29 last Thursday.

BA closed to within 10 in the fourth quarter before the Spartans pulled out the victory.

Bryce Manuel led the Tigers with nine points followed by Jabe Gensicke (8), Zane Wood (8), Sam Coutee (2) and Gage Soper (2).
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