dre beat headphone Dre the world’s highest paid musician

target beats headphones Dre the world’s highest paid musician

LOS ANGELESYou may be singing Me Maybe or dancing Style to this year music, but it was veteran hip hop artist Dr. Dre who topped Forbes list of the 25 highest paid musicians in 2012, released on Thursday.

California native Dre, 47, became one of the leading names in hip hop and rap in the early 1990s and has worked with artists including Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

Along with his extensive back catalog, Dre lucrative headphones business, Beats by Dre, helped him gross $100 million in pre tax earnings according to Forbes.

The list top 10 was dominated by veteran musicians, with Pink Floyd bassist and singer Roger Waters coming in at No. 2 with earnings of $88 million from his lucrative The Wall Live tour, and British singer Elton John at No. 3 with $80 million.

Last year highest paid musicians U2 landed at No. 4 this year with combined earnings of $78 million from their three year 360 tour. 1990s British boy band Take That, who reformed in 2005, rounded out the top five with $69 million, earned from an eight date tour at London Wembley Stadium, which became the highest grossing single stadium tour to date.

Forbes compiles its annual highest paid musicians list by estimating artists earnings from music sales, live shows, endorsements and merchandising. Earlier this year,
dre beat headphone Dre the world's highest paid musician
Dutch DJ Tiesto was named the highest paid DJ in the fast growing electronic dance music industry.

The only two artists under 30 to break the top 10 were country pop darling Taylor Swift, 22, who tied with ex Beatle Paul McCartney at No. 8 with earnings of $57 million, and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, 18, who tied with country star Toby Keith at No. 10 with earnings of $55 million.

Pop star and Factor judge Britney Spears entered the list at No. 7 with earnings of $58 million, cementing her comeback after a turbulent few years. Her earnings encompass her multi million dollar Factor deal, music sales and endorsements.

Spears led eight female artists in the top 25 list, including R star Rihanna at No. 12 with $53 million, coming ahead of Lady Gaga at No. 13 with $52 million. Grammy winning British singer Adele notched No. 22 on the list, tied with Kanye West, with earnings of $35 million following a record year for her album power couple, singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Z, came in at No. 18 and No. 20, respectively, with earnings of $40 million and $38 million.
dre beat headphone Dre the world's highest paid musician

beats headphones white Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known

really cheap beats by dre headphones Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known

Dominic Lalli, the producer and saxophonist of the Colorado electronic dance music duo Big Gigantic, is the type of optimist who believes music can unite the divided. That’s why he named his group’s new album, released in August, “Brighter Future” and included a mission statement with it.

“We can express so many emotions through the language of music, and I feel like it’s a neutral place in our world,” he wrote on Big Gigantic’s website, “where people can come together and get on the same level emotionally no matter what their background is.”

Calling on the phone from a tour stop in Memphis, Tenn., recently, Lalli described the divisiveness in the country amplified by the election season as “sad” and “embarrassing,” without indicating which presidential candidate he supported. If anything, the current climate reinforces for Lalli the value of the communal release Big Gigantic’s vibrant live shows are known for. The duo’s deep bass grooves, rap influenced beats, Jeremy Salken’s drumming, and touches of Lalli’s saxophone create a positive, dance inducing environment, heightened by a colorful and surreal light and screen show.

Taken as a whole, Big Gigantic which plays Rams Head Live on Friday night offers the uplifting escapism that’s drawn so many to the vast world of EDM.

“That’s why we make art, and try to persevere and be some sort of light in the world,” said Lalli.

Big Gigantic’s brand of livetronica the mixing of electronic elements and live instruments began in 2008, when Lalli moved to Boulder, Colo. He had just earned a master’s degree in jazz from the Manhattan School of Music, and soon began playing with Salken. Since then, Big Gigantic has become a familiar name on summer festival bills, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and many others.

Lalli said he was motivated to make “Brighter Future” the group’s most cohesive full length album to date partly because of what he sees as the music industry’s uncertain future. In his genre, singles are increasingly the focus, and he wonders if the full length format will one day become obsolete.

“People listen to music differently now,” Lalli said. “I really wanted to,
beats headphones white Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known
before it was too late, get out the full length I always wanted to put out.”

A lifelong hip hop fan, Lalli wanted “Brighter Future” to be a dynamic listening experience, with a clear start and finish. This mindset is illustrated in the album’s pacing and sequencing, with jubilant opener “Odyssey Pt. 1” eventually leading to “Long Time Coming,” a decisive, sax heavy denouement.

“I used to listen to a ton of ’90s hip hop,” he said, citing Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and the Beastie Boys. “[Their albums] always felt like real, complete ideas.”

The modern day influence of rap is even more explicit, given guest appearances on the album by rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Logic, the Gaithersburg native signed to Def Jam Records.

Lalli called Logic, whom he met through a mutual friend, “the best guy ever.” Lalli wasn’t familiar with the street rap that first made Waka a rap star at the turn of the decade, but he liked what he heard after discovering the Atlanta rapper’s 2014 freestyle over the J. Cole song “Fire Squad.” He later met Waka when the two shared a festival bill together, after which a collaboration came easily.

“I sent him this beat, and two days later, he went in and recorded it. I was like, ‘Man, this is perfect!'” Lalli said. “I’m, like, giddy about it, getting to work with these guys. I hope to do that a lot more.”

As usual, “Brighter Future” gives Lalli and his saxophone plenty of room to operate. A day doesn’t go by where he doesn’t play what he calls “an amazing instrument.”

“It’s like my fifth limb. I hear music and I just grab my horn,” he said. “It’s neat to see it expand, and people have done so much with it. It’s just a single melody note instrument,” Lalli said with a laugh.

The tour feels refreshing because of the new material, he said. Club shows, like tonight’s at Rams Head Live,
beats headphones white Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known
afford Big Gigantic more time to perform than festival appearances.

refurbished beats headphones driven Investing in Asia

beats headphone reviews driven Investing in Asia

The objective of an event driven investment strategy is to profit from investing in securities that are subject to corporate events. Significant corporate events can cause inefficiencies in the pricing of securities issued by companies undergoing such events (particularly in respect of the probability and timing of the event), which event driven funds then seek to exploit. Such corporate events include mergers and acquisitions (M capital management initiatives, directorstrades, earnings surprises and corporate distress.

Event driven investing in Asia offers not only a high frequency of corporate events, but also a high incidence of mispricing across the various sub strategies. This provides an ideal investment environment with the opportunity for attractive and sustainable risk adjusted returns. Merger arbitrage involves buying securities in companies that are subject to announce takeover or merger offers and, in the event of scrip based consideration, short selling the shares of the acquirer. Occasionally there are inefficiencies that lead to the share price of a target company trading at a premium, and this can be exploited by short selling these shares. Investments may also be undertaken in the acquiring company after the completion of a merger deal.

Capital management initiatives. Capital management initiatives include stock buybacks (where a company seeks to buy back some of its own shares either off market or on market), special dividends (non recurring dividends that are exceptional in terms of either size or date issued), corporate reorganisations (including spin offs and dual listings as well as capital restructuring) and capital raisings. Asian companies that have been inefficient in the use of capital have a good chance of encountering a period of continued outperformance on the announcement of a capital management initiative.

Earnings surprises. Earnings surprises occur when a company announces to the market a change to its profit forecast or a profit result that is above or below market expectations.

Directorstrades. The sales or purchases of equities by directors of companies can, on occasion, provide a valuable insight into the future prospects of a company.

Index changes. Index changes refer to the trading of shares that are likely to or have been subject to the inclusion, exclusion or changes of their weightings within recognised stock indices. Liquidity demand from passive fund managers can create significant investment opportunities around index changes.

Source: Rubicon Asset Management

While the opportunity set is already significant, we anticipate that the environment may become even more attractive as regulatory and cultural issues gradually improve across markets such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For example, regulators across the region appear to be slowly recognising the importance of an efficient M environment in increasing the value of their own stock markets. They are breaking down the corporate cultures that attempt to protect existing management at the expense of shareholders and are acknowledging that large cross holdings, when combined with poor governance and culture, create inefficient equity markets. The result is that certain Asian markets have seen an increase in M activity, which is likely to continue. For example, in Japan, increasing levels of regulation have been associated with a 20% growth annually over the past seven years in both the number of M deals and the value of deals completed, and this growth is expected to continue.

In addition, the event driven sub strategies are subject to their own cycles, or take place independent of any cycle, implying that there will be large number of investment opportunities in all virtually market environments. For example, M activity is generally more prevalent around the top and bottom of market cycles, profit warnings are more prevalent in peaking and falling markets, the frequency of capital management initiatives is typically higher in rising and consolidating markets and directorstrading will occur in virtually any market environment.

Snapshot: Asian Merger Arbitrage

There are two fundamental questions that a merger arbitrageur asks when confronted with any investment opportunity:

What is the likelihood of the deal succeeding?

What is the probability of an increased offer?

Differences in regulatory and cultural environments across the region mean that Asian merger arbitrage investment opportunities can arch to different beats producing both differing completion rates and rates of increased offers throughout the region. There is definitely not one rule for merger arbitrage that fits all Asian markets.

For example, Australia is one of the more effectively regulated and culturally open M markets, not only within the region but also globally. It is characterised by very high deal completion rates and high rates of increased offers. This combination provides the best of both worlds: inherent capital protection with significant upside potential. It also implies that target companies may trade above the offer price while still representing an attractive investment opportunity.

Japan exhibits the highest completion rates in the region, inter alia, due to the large number of cross holdings and friendly deals. However, these large cross holdings combined with the relatively lower levels of regulation, as they relate to M mean that the rate of increased offers is the lowest in the region. In the absence of meaningful optionality, the internal rates of return (IRRs) based on discounts to offer prices represent the primary component to deal returns in Japan. Korea, Taiwan and China have similar investment characteristics to Japan.

The rest of Asia ex Japan represents a diversity of regulatory and cultural regimes that fall somewhere between the markets mentioned above. The rate of increased offers sits somewhere between that in Australia and Japan, whereas the completion rates are lower than in both Australia and Japan.

The starting point in making an investment decision around Asian corporate events is to fully understand how each event is likely to behave. This knowledge can only come from hands on investment experience supported by extensive market back testing of the performance characteristics of companies that have been the subject of the same events (such analysis helps to identify additional characteristics that may reduce risk or increase the return profile). These characteristics could be stock specific (such as stock momentum or market capitalisation) or event specific (such as optimal investment holding periods).

Upon the announcement of an event, a conviction analysis needs to be undertaken. This analysis combines the factors set out above with some strategy dependent fundamental analysis to produce the manager view of the risk adjusted return potential of the investment opportunity. For example, when a merger is announced, an event driven fund manager will combine its understanding of the environment for M transactions in the particular market (whether it is Japan, Australia or Asia ex Japan) and the target and acquiring companies to produce a probability weighted risk adjusted return. The analysis is similar to the decision tree analysis illustrated in the figure below. The manager assesses the probability for potential outcomes (represented by W, X, Y and Z in the figure) against the prices expected for the various outcomes (represented by P1 to P5). The result is the present value of the investment opportunity, which is compared against the current price of the target, with a positive difference providing a buy signal.

Source: Rubicon Asset Management

One of the key questions that a potential investor should be asking an event driven fund manager is: hat is your beta adjusted net and gross exposure?The purist equity based Asian event driven fund managers are focused on isolating the attractive alpha within an investment and construct portfolios with low beta adjusted exposures. Accordingly, Asian event driven investing should be predominantly undertaken, either implicitly or explicitly, on a beta adjusted market neutral basis. For scrip based M transactions, the hedge is implicit in the short selling of the acquirers stock (in the case of a cash bid, the beta of the target is typically close to 0). For other event driven strategies, market neutrality may be derived from either index hedging or pair trades.

In addition, our observation is that the various event driven sub strategies exhibit very little cross correlation. For example, there is no reason why the stock price performance of a Hong Kong listed company subject to high levels of directorstrading should be in any way related to a Singapore listed company that is subject to a capital reduction.

The combination of these factors implies that equity based event driven funds should deliver returns that are lowly correlated with underlying markets.

There is no short cut available for aspiring investment professionals seeking to establish an Asian event driven hedge fund. The precondition for any portfolio management team is extensive experience in investing and trading in Asian equity markets and, more specifically, Asian corporate events. This is due to the fact that each individual Asian market has wide ranging regulatory, cultural and operational (for example, transactional) issues to factor into any investment decision. Many of these factors are taken for granted in more developed markets but in Asia, they can be the difference between realising a significant opportunity and inadvertently causing a significant loss. Transaction processes in Asia are often complex and differ from country to country. For example, it is important to have a firm understanding of settlement cycles, which vehicles are required to access various markets or stocks, how to access hard to borrow securities, how to transact in foreigner restricted markets and what custodial processes are available.

As stated earlier, there is an increasing prevalence of regulation in certain Asian markets. Increasing regulation not only leads to an increase in the level of M activity (via improved market efficiency), but it also increases deal complexity. Deal complexity can take many forms including multiple acquirers, multiple acceptance options, multiple regulator approval and deal conditionality. This is great news for the experienced and dedicated event driven fund managers who have the investment expertise to accurately price risk and construct diversified investment portfolios.

Asian markets provide an ideal backdrop for equity based event driven investing. The frequency of corporate events and market mispricing and the improving investment environment across Asia underpin the opportunity for attractive and sustainable risk adjusted returns. The key precondition for harnessing this opportunity is investing in a manager with extensive Asian experience. Only such managers understand how each event (and, accordingly, investment opportunity) should behave in the context of the cultural and regulatory environments across the region, as well as recognise that the optimal portfolio is one exhibiting low levels of market exposure. Other managers might expose investors to unnecessarily high levels of risk.
refurbished beats headphones driven Investing in Asia

beats headphones price Dre hits pay dirt with rumored Apple deal

monster beat dr dre headphones Dre hits pay dirt with rumored Apple deal

Dr. Dre declared himself the richest man in hip hop as Apple Inc. closes in on a rumored $3.2 billion deal for the Beats headphone and music streaming business that Dre co founded (he is said to have a 20 to 25 percent stake). Dre had leapfrogged Jay Z into second place on Forbes magazine’s latest rankings of hip hop’s richest artists as his net worth reached an estimated $550 million.

Dr. Dre declared himself the richest man in hip hop as Apple Inc. closes in on a rumored $3.2 billion deal for the Beats headphone and music streaming business that Dre co founded (he is said to have a 20 to 25 percent stake).

Dre had leapfrogged Jay Z into second place on Forbes magazine s latest rankings of hip hop s richest artists as his net worth reached an estimated $550 million.

A purchase of Beats at the rumored amount, as the Financial Times reported late Thursday, would not only represent the largest acquisition for the computer giant, Forbes said, but almost double the value of his holdings, pushing Dre into the billionaire territory.

Of course, capital gains taxes would probably leave his net worth at about $800 million, but he would easily pass reigning hip hop mogul Diddy by $100?million, Forbes added.

Dre went to a studio to celebrate with pals Tyrese Gibson and F. Gary Gray, and Gibson filmed Dre shouting, The first billionaire in hip hop, right here, from the (expletive) West Coast!
beats headphones price Dre hits pay dirt with rumored Apple deal

colorware beats by dre headphones East based drama Vera beats BBC’s Line of Duty in weekend ratings

justin bieber beats headphones East based drama Vera beats BBC’s Line of Duty in weekend ratings

That meant an overall share of 24 per cent, according to ITV’s overnight ratings which includes viewers who watched the drama unfold on the ITV+1 channel.

Meanwhile on BBC One, Line Of Duty, which peaked at 5.2 million, averaged 5 million viewers with 23 per centof the overall share from 9pm to 10pm, according to BBC overnight ratings.

It marks a triumphant return for the drama with a rise of almost two million in audience figures, compared with the launch of the third series last year.

However, fans were left concerned by the episode’s climax as Thandie’s Huntley appeared to have been killed in a struggle with forensics co ordinator Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins).

The pair scuffled during a row and Huntley hits her head and collapses. But as Ifield powers up a chainsaw and prepares to dispose of the body, Huntley flicks open her eyes.
colorware beats by dre headphones East based drama Vera beats BBC's Line of Duty in weekend ratings

beats by dr. dre – monster solo over-the-ear headphones Dre to donate royalties from new album to New Compton Arts Center

what are the best dre beats headphones Dre to donate royalties from new album to New Compton Arts Center

Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Public FileCOMPTON (CNS/FOX 11) Rapper and music producer Andre Young, better known as Dr. Dre, says he will be donating all his artist royalties from his new album,” Compton, to help fund a new performing arts and entertainment facility in Compton an idea he says came from the city mayor.”Compton, Dre first album in 16 years, is scheduled to be released on iTunes Friday.Dre said the album was inspired by a visit to the set of the new film “Straight Outta Compton, which was the title of Dre 1988 debut album.”I honored that Mr. Young has decided to make a significant investment in his community,
beats by dr. dre - monster solo over-the-ear headphones Dre to donate royalties from new album to New Compton Arts Center
” said Mayor Aja Brown. “He clearly has a heart for Compton, especially our youth. Brown said an arts center would “provide a pathway for creative expression and training for work in industries that support arts, entertainment and technology “while providing a much needed safe haven for ouryouth. “Children in urban communities suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome in higher proportions than veterans and they need therapeutic outlets, which arts and drama has proven to provide, she said. “Compton is a special place and I believe this center will harness our ingenuity and transform our community from within for generations to come. Dre announced his decision in an interview on Beats 1 Radio.”We reached out to Aja Brown quite a few times in the last month or two, he said. “I been really trying to do something special for Compton and just couldn quite figure out what it was. She actually had this idea and she was already in the process of working on it. I said, this is what we should do. Dre was criticized two years ago when he and music mogul Jimmy Iovine gave USC $70 million for a new art and technology academy, according to the Los Angeles Times. Some critics questioned why he was not instead giving money to black colleges or schools in Compton.”We look forward to working with Dr. Dre and his team to develop an amazing place for our community,
beats by dr. dre - monster solo over-the-ear headphones Dre to donate royalties from new album to New Compton Arts Center
Mayor Brown said of the planned arts and entertainment center.

dr dre beats studio headphones Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Coleman 1893

beats accessories headphone Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Coleman 1893

Bessie Coleman was born on January 26, 1893 in Atlanta, Texas.

In pursuing a flying career, she had three goals: earn a pilot’s license; become a recognized stunt and exhibition flier; and establish an aviation school for Blacks. in 1921 as this country’s first Black female licensed pilot. A year later she earned her international pilot’s license.

Barnstorming across the country, she thrilled thousands as “Brave Bessie”. On April 30, 1936, while making a practice run with her mechanic as the pilot, Bessie Coleman was thrown out of the plane when the controls jammed. A Pioneer in the field of aviation, her story became the inspiration for other Blacks to take to the skies.

Bessie Coleman, c.1922

download a 1000pixel Mono or Sepia image

On June 15, 1921 Bessie Coleman became the first African American woman to earn a aviation pilot’s license in the world and the first African American woman to earn an international aviation license from the from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.

Bessie Coleman, Pilots Licence, 1921

Smithsonian Institution, Neg. aviation who opposed her training because she was a woman and because she was black. aviator would train her either.

Bessie Coleman around the time of her French visit, c.1922

Smithsonian Institution, Neg. It was not simple but she got through it and fulfilled her dream of flying. Coleman opened a flight school in Chicago and taught other black women to fly as well as doing the usual (for the time) barnstorming in air circuses to keep flying.

“Queen Bessie,” as she was known was a highly popular draw for the next 15 years. However, on April 30, 1936, while practicing for a show in Orlando, Fla., the controls on her plane jammed and her plane crashed to the ground killing her instantly. [she had fallen out Ed.]

Known to an admiring public as “Queen Bess,” Bessie Coleman was the first black woman ever to fly an airplane and the first African American to earn an international pilot’s license. During her brief yet distinguished career as a performance flier, she appeared at air shows and exhibitions across the United States, earning wide recognition for her aerial skill, her dramatic flair, and her tenacity.

But the thrill of stunt flying and the admiration of cheering crowds were only part of Coleman’s dream. Forced for a time to work as a laundress and manicurist to make ends meet, Coleman never lost sight of her childhood vow to one day “amount to something.”

As a professional aviatrix, Coleman would often be criticized by the press for her opportunistic nature and the flamboyant style she brought to her exhibition flying. However, she also quickly gained a reputation as a skilled and daring pilot who would stop at nothing to complete a difficult stunt.

Unfortunately, Coleman would not live long enough to fulfill her greatest dream establishing a school for young, black aviators but her pioneering achievements served as an inspiration for a generation of African American men and women. “Because of Bessie Coleman,” wrote Lieutenant William J. Powell in Black Wings, “we have overcome that which was worse than racial barriers. The year after her birth in Atlanta, Texas, an African American man was tortured and then burned to death in nearby Paris for allegedly raping a five year old girl. The incident was not unusual; lynchings were endemic throughout the South.

African Americans were essentially barred from voting by literacy tests. They couldn’t ride in railway cars with white people, or use a wide range of public facilities set aside for whites. When young Bessie first went to school at the age of six, it was to a one room wooden shack, a four mile walk from her home. Often there wasn’t paper to write on or pencils to write with. She grew up in Waxahachie. Her father left the family in 1900 to return to Indian Territory.

Bessie, along with several siblings still living at home, helped ease the family’s financial troubles by picking cotton or assisting with the washing and ironing that her mother took in. Upon graduation from high school she enrolled at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University (now Langston University) in Langston, Oklahoma.

Financial difficulties, however, forced her quit after one semester. She moved to Chicago, where a brother was then living, and attended beauty school for a time. She spent the early years of World War Iqv working as a manicurist at the White Sox Barbershop.
dr dre beats studio headphones Elizabeth 'Bessie' Coleman 1893

headphone beats drug lord eludes police

beat headphones amazon drug lord eludes police

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic’s most wanted man is an American who for 10 years has fed his mystique by pulling off narrow escapes and taunting police.

Now the search for alleged drug trafficker Jose Figueroa Agosto is intensifying after a bust that led police to a laptop filled with aliases, a fleet of luxury cars and a ranch with a private zoo. Attorney General Eric Holder personally pledging full cooperation to capture a fugitive who has embarrassed both countries since escaping a decade ago from a prison in his native Puerto Rico. Marshals spokesman Rafael Escobar, who is not related to the notorious Colombian drug kingpin of the 1980s. Marshals Service has a warrant for him on charges related to Figueroa’s flight from Puerto Rico, as well as a false passport application. territory that is attractive to traffickers as America’s southernmost border. It is also Figueroa’s former base, where he developed extensive contacts as an up and coming trafficker.

His case was the center of a scandal in Puerto Rico last week with revelations that several politicians lobbied the governor to pardon Figueroa when he was imprisoned on a murder conviction in the 1990s. The island’s House president has requested an investigation into connections between the fugitive and one of the officials, Antonio Silva, a lawmaker who has denied any wrongdoing.

Figueroa walked out of that Puerto Rican prison in November 1999 after presenting guards with a forged release order. He had served only four years of a 209 year sentence for killing a man suspected of stealing a cocaine shipment.

Within a month, he moved to the Dominican Republic, where he was detained as part of a drug investigation in 2001.

Laptop full of evidence

Now, wanted posters are plastered across Santo Domingo for Figueroa and his lover Sobeida Morel, the country’s second most wanted fugitive, who was detained on money laundering charges last year. She posted bail and vanished before the extent of her alleged involvement with Figueroa became clear.

Though no one can say exactly how much cocaine he moves, the scale of Figueroa’s empire emerged following a botched raid last fall on one of his luxury apartments in Santo Domingo. Marshals, swarmed the high rise building on Sept. 3. Figueroa barely escaped, fleeing on foot after police shot out a tire on his jeep. He left behind keys to several cars,
headphone beats drug lord eludes police
including an armored Mercedes Benz with $4.6 million in cash inside, and a laptop computer full of evidence.

With leads on several new aliases, the search has intensified.

For years, he hid in the open, building ties with upper crust Dominicans who appear regularly in society magazines. Since the September raid, at least five people have been jailed on charges that they laundered money or otherwise aided Figueroa.

Investigators are concerned that his conspirators have included police and other officials.

On Dec. 30, a man who identified himself as Figueroa called the most popular Dominican radio show and said that police allowed him to escape the September raid in exchange for $1 million. He said the payment was coordinated by a police colonel, Jose Amado Gonzalez, who had been killed a week before the phone call.

Police say Figueroa had Gonzalez killed in a dispute over a woman, but many suspect he was killed by fellow officers in a dispute over the fugitive’s money. and Dominican officials say their analyses indicate the man on the phone was likely Figueroa. He pledged in a second call last month to pay $800,000 to anyone who kills one of two top Dominican police officers.

Police suspected in trafficking

Ricardo Ivanovich Smester, the alleged accountant for Figueroa’s gang, was arrested on Jan. 8 with a ledger detailing more than $1 million in spending over two days in October. Among the payments were $175,000 in apparent bribes for an unnamed prosecutor and judge.

As recently as last month there were reported sightings of Figueroa in Puerto Rico, where his family lives in the San Juan suburb of Bayamon, but none have been confirmed.
headphone beats drug lord eludes police

beat headphone wireless Dre issues statement apologizing to ‘women I’ve hurt’

beats by dre headphones colors Dre issues statement apologizing to ‘women I’ve hurt’

FILE In this Nov. 5, 2014 file photo, Dr. Dre attends the WSJ. Magazine 2014 Innovator Awards at MoMA in New York. Dre has issued a statement to the New York Times apologizing to ?the women I?ve hurt? without specifically acknowledging the reason for the apology. The 50 year old music mogul says in comments published Friday, Aug. 21, 2015, on the New York Times website that he ?deeply regret(s) what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives.? (Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP, File)LOS ANGELES (AP) Dr. Dre has issued a statement to the New York Times apologizing to “the women I’ve hurt” without specifically acknowledging the reason for the apology.

The 50 year old music mogul says in comments published Friday on the New York Times website that he “deeply regret(s) what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives.”

Dre pleaded no contest to criminal battery charges following allegations he violently attacked journalist Dee Barnes in 1991. Barnes published a story online this week about the assault. Other women, including Dre’s former girlfriend Michel’le, have also claimed he was violent toward them.

Asked why the film doesn’t include the Barnes incident, director F. We couldn’t get everything in.”Dre said in his statement that 25 years ago, he was “a young man drinking too much and in over my head with no real structure in my life. However, none of this is an excuse for what I did. I’ve been married for 19 years and every day I’m working to be a better man for my family, seeking guidance along the way. I’m doing everything I can so I never resemble that man again.”

Apple which became associated with Dre last year when it bought the music company he helped establish, Beats, for $3 billion issued a companion statement Friday.

“Dre has apologized for the mistakes he’s made in the past and he’s said that he’s not the same person that he was 25 years ago,” the company statement said. “We believe his sincerity and after working with him for a year and a half, we have every reason to believe that he has changed.”
beat headphone wireless Dre issues statement apologizing to 'women I've hurt'

review on beats headphones Eastern shocks Indiana

are beats good headphones Eastern shocks Indiana

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana In a venue dripping with history, the Eastern Washington men’s basketball program made a little of its own history Monday night.

Overcoming the mystique of Assembly Hall, 11,636 hostile fans and double digit Indiana leads throughout the game, the Eagles shocked the Hoosiers and the nation, 88 86.

“We just never stopped believing,” coach Jim Hayford said after one of the biggest wins in school history, against a program with five NCAA titles, 21 Big Ten titles, 44 All Americans and 74 NBA draft picks.

Eastern does have that solitary NCAA appearance back in 2004, but on Monday it had something more important: resilience.

“We really don’t look at the scoreboard till there’s three or four minutes left because that can go up and down and we just play through runs,” Hayford said.

That, and a strong inside game, saw the Eagles (4 1) through the emotional roller coaster of a nationally televised game as it reached the final, pressure packed minutes.

As the clock ticked under one minute and Eastern holding a 79 78 lead, point guard Drew Brandon looked to the top of the key and found Parker Kelly, who was still scoreless with 36 seconds left.

But Kelly drained the 3, grabbed a rebound at the other end and made two free throws to put the Eagles ahead 84 78 with 26 seconds left.

“I thought it was really fitting that Parker put the nail in the coffin with his 3,” Hayfor said. “He’s such a great person and the epitome of hard work.

“He hit a big, big shot there.”

Indiana’s Kevin Ferrell needed only four seconds to cut the lead in half, but Eastern guard Tyler Harvey pushed the lead to 85 81 with a free throw with 20 seconds left.

Ferrell made two free throws with 16 seconds left, but Kelly and Brandon put the game away at the free throw line; Eastern hit 6 of 8 free throw shots in those last 26 seconds.

James Blackmon connected from 3 to make it 88 86 with one second left, but Indiana never got the ball back.

And as Assembly Hall fell quiet, the tiny band of Eagles embraced each other and the moment.

“I’m just really happy for our team and anybody associated with Eastern Washington,” said Hayford, now in his fourth season in Cheney or “Chaney,” as the ESPNU crew called it after the game.

“We’re the little engine that can, and I love that,” Hayford said. “This is a huge win,
review on beats headphones Eastern shocks Indiana
and obviously the biggest in my time at Eastern.

“I’m really, really proud of our guys,” said Hayford, whose Eagles will play host to Northern Kentucky on Wednesday.

The Eagles came into Bloomington off a 77 68 loss on Saturday at SMU, but with a reputation for 3 point shooting. The Hoosiers, who hadn’t lost at home to a non conference opponent in 43 games, took notice and focused on guarding Harvey and Kelly.

“They didn’t want to get beat on the 3 point shot, so we knew we would have a two on two game going on the inside,” Hayford said.

“That required Drew to make good decisions and make baskets, and he did,” said Hayford, who got a career high 27 points from Brandon, plus 20 points and 14 rebounds from forward Venky Jois.

Harvey still finished with 25 points, but the Eagles were only 6 of 16 from 3 point range. However, they beat the big name school at its own game, shooting 26 of 46 from inside the arc and outrebounding the Hoosiers 37 32.

The Eagles also had a 48 38 scoring advantage in the paint, a 20 16 edge on second chance points, shot 61.3 percent from the field in the second half and simply refused to let the Hoosiers pull away.

Indeed, the Eagles had plenty of chances to fold, but never did:

Less than 3 minutes in, James Blackmon hit a 3 pointer to give the Hoosiers a 14 2 lead, but Brandon responded with a steal, two layins and a pair of free throws to get the Eagles back to 14 8.

Indiana closed out the half witha 14 7 run to lead 41 35 at intermission, but Brandon hit two more layups to offset Ferrell’s jumper to narrow the lead to 43 39.

The Hoosiers appeared to take control of the game with a layup by Ferrell that made it 54 42 with 15:11 to play, but Brandon fed Harvey for back to back 3 pointers that made it a 6 point game.

Troy Williams’ slam dunk and free throw put Indiana up 78 75 and brought the crowd to its feet with 2:12 left, but Brandon responded yet again, hitting a layup, then another after rebounding his own missed 3 pointer.

That gave the Eagles the lead for good, 79 78 with 1:06 to play, setting up Kelly’s big 3 point shot.

“It was great to be on this team,” Brandon said after the postgame celebration. “I love my team and it just,
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it felt great to come in here and we deserve it. We work hard every day and it just felt great to finish with a win.”