best price on dr dre beats headphones Waynesboro woman pleads guilty to shoplifting spree

used beats headphones Waynesboro woman pleads guilty to shoplifting spree

Headphones worth several hundred dollars disappeared earlier this year from multiple Waynesboro department stores and police eventually caught up with a Waynesboro couple, whom officers suspected were responsible for the thefts. On Wednesday afternoon 21 year old Haley Alexis Wiseman pled guilty to larceny charges in Waynesboro Circuit Court.

The charges stem from a shoplifting incident Jan. 27 at the Waynesboro Target, where police said Wiseman and her boyfriend, Anthony Wayne Depoy, stole four pairs of Beats by Dre brand headphones, which range in price from $130 to $300 a pair. A store surveillance video reportedly showed the couple used a tool to cut the security cord from the headphones and walked out of the store without paying.

The multiple pairs of headphones the couple stole were worth a total of $700, according to police. The video then shows the couple got into a maroon Honda Accord before driving away, according to the prosecution.

Just two days later, on Jan. 29, an Albemarle County Sheriff’s deputy traveled to Waynesboro in pursuit of a car that was involved in a shoplifting incident at the Charlottesville Wal Mart. An old pizza box reportedly fell out of the car, but inside was a receipt with a Waynesboro address. When the deputy spoke to Waynesboro police, the car’s description matched that of Wiseman and Depoy’s Honda, the prosecution said.

On Jan. 31,
best price on dr dre beats headphones Waynesboro woman pleads guilty to shoplifting spree
police investigated another report of shoplifting at the Waynesboro Kohl’s, where Wiseman and Depoy reportedly left with three pairs of the same headphones, as well as one pair of Beats brand earbuds, all worth about $700. Just 40 minutes later, Wiseman and Depoy were seen at the Harrisonburg Target, which also reported the theft of Beats headphones.

Police arrested Wiseman on Feb. 4 and she was charged with three counts of grand larceny. In court on Wednesday, however, the charges were amended to misdemeanors.

Wiseman was sentenced to 12 months in jail with nine months suspended for each charge, to be served consecutively. Wiseman will serve a total of nine months behind bars with three years of supervised probation. Wiseman will remain on home monitoring until she reports to jail on June 24.

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best price on dr dre beats headphones Waynesboro woman pleads guilty to shoplifting spree
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