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(DMW) has expanded its operations and capabilities with a Material Handling Systems Division in central New Jersey. The division serves clients in a wide range of material handling applications, including the retail industry, where e commerce and omni channel distribution are the driving forces.

The leadership at DMW recognized the opportunity to expand services beyond its conveyor systems manufacturing and integration capabilities in core markets like Automotive and Bulk Handling. With the acquisition of intellectual property specifically, 24 Volt and Garment On Hanger (GOH) conveyor systems from an established material handling company in November 2013, DMW began to develop what would ultimately become its Material Handling Systems Division.

The company focuses on turnkey material handling system solutions in three areas: Warehouses Distribution Centers, Post Parcel and Industrial. Joe Colletti, who has 30 years of experience in the material handling industry, is President of the new division.

“The Material Handling Systems Division has the benefit of access to the talents and expertise of the engineers, project managers and installation technicians, as well as the manufacturing capabilities at DMW headquarters without being burdened by that overhead,” said a company spokesperson. “This helps the New Jersey division function as a think tank, operating with enhanced flexibility and creativity that enable it to bring competitive services and pricing to the mid level market. The division prides itself on bringing projects in on time and under budget, from conception through integration and installation.

“What’s more, DMW brings its expertise as a conveyor systems manufacturer to the table, which allows the division to tailor complex, fully integrated systems to individual customer needs. This versatility in customization is essential for addressing the logistics, order fulfillment and omni channel distribution demands brought on by ever increasing e commerce.”

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beat by dre headphones best buy West Launches Material Handling Systems Division