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Ice Cube and Dr. Dre watched from directors chairs as Compton circa 1991 unfolded before their eyes. In a parking lot behind an old, dilapidated theater in Leimert Park, low rider Impalas hopped, Jheri curl hairdos glistened and Daryl Gates era LAPD officers harassed. The area had been transformed into the South Central of their youth.

Locals watched as they shot a key scene in which Ice Cube, played by his real life son, O Jackson Jr., leaves the embattled group to embark on his own uncertain solo career.

said one woman, calling out to the burly actor (R. Marcos Taylor) playing the terror inducing head of Death Row Records, Marion Knight. The actor responded in a way that would be out of character for Knight he waved.

never gonna get used to this, said Dr. Raiders jersey. weird, reliving it all again. 14. Directed by F. Gary Gray ( Negotiator the Universal Pictures release chronicles the journey of the five young men as they changed the face of rap and pop culture on the power of one very raw, very bold album. can see it. You experience it as opposed to just listening. Now to see it on the big screen it just a natural progression. rarely seen by outsiders.

Outta Compton may be a period film, but it hits at issues right out of today headlines, particularly the treatment of minorities at the hands of law enforcement. hip hop culture is once again permeating the larger world of entertainment.

Compton rap artists Kendrick Lamar and YG have contributed two of the most critically acclaimed albums of the last year. The hip hop referencing a small film based in Inglewood (where its director grew up), garnered major attention when it was released a few months ago.

Seated next to him was the relatively stoic Dr. Dre, arguably the world most successful rap producer, the creative force behind talent such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent and the brilliant businessman whose Beats headphones your kids beg for each birthday.

As Ice Cube spoke, Dr. Dre attention was divided between his former band mate and a reality forensics show playing on a nearby TV. it was money, gangbanging, crack, LAPD and eventually AIDS everything in the world came down on this group, Ice Cube continued. did we combat all that with? We had music. We had lyrics. We had hip hop. And in Torrance, no less.

Asked if a story like theirs could ever happen today, Dr. Dre was quick to respond: no. Eventually they popularize a style that would go on to be called gangsta rap. For better or worse, the sub genre grew to influence everything in hip hop that came after it. created music, movies. For some of us, it inspired us to go out and do our thing. None of us have a degree in anything, but we learned a lot from our environment and they a testament to following your vision. Dre watched the monitors closely, weighing in on details (hubcaps, ball caps) to it right. Other members of the old group also stopped by, such as DJ Yella and MC Ren. The veteran rap stars have been on and off the set throughout the production.

Outta Compton stars a largely unknown cast aside from Paul Giamatti, who portrays the band former manager Jerry Heller (his character plays a pivotal role in the group eventual demise). Casting relative unknowns was intentional, as Ice Cube explained, because he didn want anyone who already had a reputation was on TMZ taking away from the story. He had to become the hard to read, somewhat intimidating Dr. Dre. when I heard about it, I was like nah, no way, said Hawkins, 26. Dr. Dre. I don look or sound like him. I was checking off every reason why I shouldn take on this role.

The main cast, who also include Aldis Hodge as MC Ren and Neil Brown Jr. as DJ Yella, had a full time coach in veteran West Coast rapper WC.

would constantly tell us to stand up straight, says Mitchell, 28, of the performance scenes they shot. generation have this kind of diddybop style, where we [crouch] down really low to the crowd when we rapping. They didn do that back then.
price of beat headphones A echoes the past and present