best price beats headphones Agathon to Feature 255 CL Centerless Grinding Machine

beats in ear headphones review Agathon to Feature 255 CL Centerless Grinding Machine

At IMTS 2012, Agathon Machine Tools, Inc. will show the 255 CL Centerless cylindrical grinding machine for high precision grinding of components made of tungsten carbide, HSS, ceramics, glass and all kinds of steel parts with diameters between 0.5 to 30 mm and plunge lengths of up to 125 mm. The grinding and control spindles form equivalent NC axes that are freely programmable. The CNC control system is based on the Siemens 840 D controller that together with the “Safety Integrated” safety concept creates a CE compliant total system, the company said.

“Equipped with a precision CNC dressing system, the 255 CL incorporates an stable machine bed that utilizes a welded structure for single, dual and triple track grinding,” said an Agathon spokesperson. “The grinding and regulating wheels are supported unilaterally and can easily be mounted from the front. Measuring systems and peripheral devices for loading and unloading can be mounted at the (operator) machine front, the rear side and on the grinding and regulating wheel headstock for greater productivity.

“In addition, Agathon will also feature the new DOM Semi highly precise 4 axis grinding center for the periphery grinding of ISO standard indexable inserts and K Lands on one side for various materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, CBN and more.”

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best price beats headphones Agathon to Feature 255 CL Centerless Grinding Machine