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Analyst Sheds Some Light on Mysterious Russian Ex Spy Poisoning Story05:25Stanford University Suspends Programs in Russia04:31France, EU to Prepare “Appropriate Response” to US Metal Tariffs04:07Whistleblower: NSA Spying on Hacking Groups to ‘Swindle’ Congress Out of Money04:05Journalist: Israel’s New Breach of Loyalty Law ‘Anything But Shocking’03:45White House Welcomes Denuclearization Commitment, Invitation to Meet Kim Jong Un03:42Nerve Agent Used on Russian Ex Spy Sent 21 People to Hospital03:31Trump Agrees to Meet Kim Jong Un, Who is Now ‘Committed’ to Denuclearization03:14Talk It Out: UN Says Israeli and Lebanese Diplomats Meet ‘Almost Every Day’02:49Pentagon’s Secret Next Gen Bomber Design Faces ‘Hiccups’, US Lawmaker Says02:30House Speaker Ryan Urges Trump to Narrow New Tariff Policy on Metal Imports02:27Trump Tries to Kill Off Steelworker’s Dad, Twitter Dies Instead (VIDEO)02:07UK Student Films People Outside Her Dorm Room Chanting Racial Slurs (VIDEO)01:40Senators Urge Tillerson to Start Talks With Russia After Putin Nuclear News00:57’Keeps Me Up at Night’: US Navy Secretary Warns China Is ‘Weaponizing Capital’00:41Forensic Analysis Suggests Bones Found in 1941 Were Amelia Earhart’s Remains00:38

Chinese Blogger Reportedly Causes Stampede After Offering Free Sex (VIDEO)WATCH: US F 22 Pilots Shoot the Breeze While Filling Up MidairPutin Confesses He Lied to MelaniaRussian An 26 Plane Crashes in Syria, All 39 Onboard Killed MilitaryWATCH Fully Loaded Russian Ship Reportedly Heading to Syria’Hair Raising’: Sharia Law Makes Its Debut in Swedish CourtUS Considering New Attack on Syrian Gov’t National Intelligence ChiefChina’s Hypersonic Tech Poses Existential Risk to US Carrier Fleet

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02:30 09.03.2018Military IntelligencePentagon’s Secret Next Gen Bomber Design Faces ‘Hiccups’, US Lawmaker SaysThe United States Air Force is preparing to test the secretive B 21 Raider in the near future and already the program has run into a series of “hiccups” with the plane’s engines, a US lawmaker told Defense News this week.

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02:49 09.03.2018Middle EastTalk It Out: UN Says Israeli, Lebanese Diplomats Meet ‘Almost Every Day’Relations between Israel and Lebanon have bottomed out in recent months, with both nations openly discussing war but according to the United Nations, diplomatic talks to resolve their myriad points of tension are taking place almost every day.

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23:41 08.03.2018BusinessTrump Clamps Down on Steel, Aluminum Imports With New TariffsUS President Donald Trump exercised executive powers Thursday afternoon to impose protectionist tariffs on steel and aluminum entering the country, skirting pleas from Republican lawmakers who opposed the policy.

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03:31 09.03.2018WorldNerve Agent Used on Russian Ex Spy Sent 21 People to HospitalA total of 21 people were treated for potential exposure to the nerve agent used against former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter, according to Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Kier Pritchard.

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01:40 09.03.2018Society’We Hate the Blacks’: UK Student Films People Outside Her Dorm Room Chanting Racial Slurs (VIDEO)Rufaro Chisango, a student at Nottingham Trent University in England, was in her dorm room Monday when she suddenly heard chants of varying racial slurs being yelled just outside her door.

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00:34 09.03.2018Middle EastArab Quartet Statement on Iran Weapons Program Violations ‘Worthless’ Iran’s FMIran has dismissed as “completely worthless” a recent statement by the Arab Ministerial Quartet Committee condemning the Islamic Republic’s missile program and questioning its adherence to the 2015 nuclear deal.

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22:58 08.03.2018Society’Fking Commie Scum’: Trump Supporters Threaten to Burn Down Berkeley Bookstore (VIDEO)Two Trump supporters were filmed Saturday confronting the manager of Berkeley’s Revolution Books and stating that they would be burning down the establishment.

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23:02 08.03.2018Military IntelligenceWATCH: US F 35 Takes Off From Assault Ship in East China SeaA new video shows the US’ stealthy but frequently broken F 35B taking off from an amphibious assault ship in the East China Sea.

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The United States may or may not have a good reason for being in Syria. In this program we take a look at some of the underlying reasons behind US involvement in that country, and what will happen in the future.
top rated beats headphones Breaking News Analysis