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Take that, haters! Rumer Willis and her pro partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, fox trotted their way to victory on Dancing With the Stars May 19 finale. And while the singer who faced cruel taunts about her looks as a child excitedly told Us she was “happy for myself and so unbelievably proud” of Chmerkovskiy, 29, she dedicated her mirrorball trophy to those who dealt with bullying. “I hope that it stands for anyone who didn think that they deserved to do something,” said Rumer, who received perfect scores from the judges for her finale dances. She added that shimmying in front of 13 million viewers a week was transformative: “Being able to stand proudly and put your whole self on the dance floor and have such a positive response that speaks volumes.”

Cheering with the stars Yelling the loudest: her famous clan. Mom Demi Moore, 52, dad Bruce Willis, 60, stepmom Emma Heming Willis, 36, and sisters Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 21, screamed their support from the 26 year old fan section. (Her action pop even teared up after her May 18 performance to Hozier “Take Me to Church.”) “I thrilled,” Moore told Us of the win. “She worked hard, she earned it. She amazing.” Other A listers also took notice, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofa Vergara, Miley Cyrus and ex stepdad Ashton Kutcher all urging Twitter followers to vote for Rumer. But the champ says it her family love that means the most: “They so wonderful. They cheer me on in whatever crazy endeavors I decide to do!”

After more than 30 years as a member of the Church of Scientology, Leah Remini audited her life. Her moment of clarity came while completing three and a half hours of mandatory daily study at a Florida hotel. “I saw my daughter swimming for the first time while I reading,” the 44 year old mom of Sofia, now 10, said in an Oprah Winfrey interview that aired May 16. “A tear came down my face.” (She broke ties with the church in 2013.) The church dubs Leah claim “a pathetic attempt to get publicity.” But her sister Nicole, 47, who left the church in 2005,
monster beats dr dre headphones Boston Herald
tells Us the statement says it all: “If you were a church full of love and compassion . . . these are the words you use to describe someone who has given you millions of dollars?”

Stars Movie Moments

Play it again! Celebs can resist reenacting their favorite flicksSixteen years after Kate Winslet a thrill, Leonardo DiCaprio returned to form during his Wolf of Wall Street costar SNL monologue. “Can we do that thing that made me feel safe?” Jonah Hill asked during the 2014 bit.

When Harry Met Sally

Keira Knightley had what Meg Ryan having. In February, the actress revisited the hilarious fake orgasm in a deli scene from the 1989 romantic comedy as part of a “British Invasion” video shoot for Vanity Fair annual Hollywood Issue.

The Lion King

It the circle of life! Tallulah Willis and her pup summoned the presentation of the future monarch scene from the 1994 Disney flick. Then, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone had the time of their lives mimicking the move in 2011 Crazy, Stupid, Love. Promoting the film on Today, a game Gosling hoisted Al Roker!

A Teen Mom Custody Battle

Amber tells Us about her fight for Leah

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood has a mother ofa problem. More than a year after she was released from prison (she served 16 months for drug related charges), the 25 year old is struggling to gain more to her daughter with Gary Shirley, 28. Because Portwood signed custody over to Shirley pre prison, her ex dictates when she sees 6 year old Leah. “Gary has full control over me,” explains the now sober college student, noting that Shirley only lets Leah sleep over on weekends. I shouldn have to keep paying for what I did in my past.”

Wedding bells? Meanwhile, her one year romance with fianc Matt Baier is drama While Portwood and the Boston transplant, 44, have yet to set a date, she says they very much in love. “We want to have time together first,” she says, “but we know one day we will get married.”

What In My Bag?

Brandy, 36, spills her on the go essentials and all that jazz

Singing the praises of lozenges!

“I always have pastilles to keep my throat moist. I also have Throat Coat tea and manuka honey,” says the per starring in Broadway Chicago through June 21. “It all so I won get hoarse. Doing eight shows a week, you got to keep your voice right!” What else does the mom of Sy 12 (with producer ex Robert Smith), store in her backpack?

Transit Tech

“I a gadget girl! I cannot live without my iPad and iPhone 6. I play soft music on the rides to the theater, so I have my Beats by Dre tiny earbuds too.”

The Write Stuff

“I have a journal that was given to me by my best friend. I journal every day. Three long, long pages of my thoughts. I been do ing it on and off for years.”
monster beats dr dre headphones Boston Herald