beats headphones black friday Brands vie with dinosaurs for your attention

the beats headphones target Brands vie with dinosaurs for your attention

There is more to the revival of the dino era in Universal Jurassic World than just the Indominus Rex. To avert the disaster folks in charge, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, need some help and that help must come from the popular brands of our time.

Product placement has now become an inevitable part of movie business. When you invest millions in a movie you obviously do not want any losses. If you are a brand, you absolutely want to milk every single opportunity where you can remind customers of your omnipresence. Brands and Universal join hands to do the same.

Released on June 12, Jurassic World is no exception to the now mandatory rule. If James Bond has a long lasting relationship with Aston Martin, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing need their Mercedes SUV to run away from Indominus Rex. It not just Mercedes, there are quite a few brands one just cannot miss amid the chaos of men and beasts. Here is a list of a few brands which are hard to miss

Mercedes There are gyrospheres if you are there to enjoy some time with the ever so calm herbivores going about their business. But if you are running the business or in need of running away from literal trouble, Merc is there to serve you. Jurassic World features from brand new GLE Coupe to the exclusive Unimog which serves as veterinary unit for wounded dinosaurs.

Triumph Motorcycle Chris Pratt with that bod, stare, sass and leather jacket, needs something that will underline his status as hero of the movie. Nothing says it better than a rugged Triumph bike. Come on, it not easy to keep up with the velociraptors!

Beats by Dre These headsets are becoming a defining characteristic of the aloof protagonist who does not want to be bothered at all. We saw these headphones more recently when Dr. Bruce Banner used it to keep big guy calm in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In Jurassic World we see them on Zach (Nick Robinson) who is trying to ignore the inevitable divorce of his parents.

Starbucks Claire Dearing is a busy girl and caffeine in her system keeps her running. To get her caffeine fix, the lady turns to Starbucks.

Coca Cola The island is near the tropics. After sweating it out with velociraptors in the training bay, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) needs a swig of the famous cola brand just as much as the audience must know what he is drinking.

Pepsi If Coca Cola is featured in the hands of one of the leads, it is obvious if they take a dig at arch enemy by trying to name one of the dinosaurs Pepsisaurus!

Samsung If you want to communicate in the Jurassic World there is no option but turn to Samsung. TV, Tabs, Mobile phones, wearables are all by tech giant. Heck, the information centre of the park is named after Samsung!

(Who spotted who? Screenshot from Jurassic World trailer)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon People are brands too. Jimmy Fallon is your guide in the gyropshere. Fallon, with his brand of comedy, tells you the functions and the safety measure of the gyrosphere, which looks like a pretty cool way of transportation!

Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville As the Pteranodon attack the people in the park, you see a guy running to save his drink, instead of running away from the creatures. That Jimmy Buffett.
beats headphones black friday Brands vie with dinosaurs for your attention