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Introduction: Double Cobra Knot Paracord Belt

My husband used to wear braided leather belts, but had trouble with them wearing out after only a few months. He tried a solid leather belt, but was unhappy with the rigidity. In searching for a solution for him, I came across Jake22’s instructable for making paracord belts. Every other belt instructions I had found were either too complicated for me or used an odd buckle. Jake22’s was perfect.

I made my husband a solid black belt with a tongue type buckle and a blue and black belt with a buckle that was his grandfather’s. After seeing his, everyone around me wanted one. I made one for my sister in law, my father in law, and a few for friends.

I only used the instructable on the first one, but after a year or so, needed a refresher before starting on more belts. Much to my dismay, Jake22 all but deleted his instructable. He removed all of the instructions and in their place simply put a single sentence. In spite of the outcry from fans, Jake22 has not reposted his instructable.

Working from my own memory and the frustratingly difficult to use internet archives, I have attempted to create an instructable here for making belts using Jake22’s method. This instructable is entirely my own content, but I want everyone to know that I learned to make these from Jake22. I bought a 1000 foot spool of black military grade 550 parachute cord from my favorite military surplus supplier, . There are lots of places to buy it, but I have used this site for other purchases multiple times, and have always been treated well.

Amazon is a good source for colored paracord, but does cost more than the “standard” military colors of black, green, and beige.

Belt buckles can be as expensive as the moon, or you can do what I do and buy a belt from Goodwill. I spend an average of $3.00 on a belt, cut the buckle free, and get rid of the belt. Both the single tongue pass through type and the big flat buckles with the prong underneath work. If you use the flat one with the prong, though, you will need it to have a long prong. My husband has a lot of trouble keeping his fastened because the prong is too short. How tight you make the knots will affect the length. Working from trial and error, I have come up with a formula that works for me, but if your tension is different from mine, you may need more or less cord. The difference should be small, so you shouldn’t need a lot more than an extra foot or two per piece, but you may want to experiment a bit on a small scale to figure out it if works for you.

The belt consists of five strands of paracord. There are two core strands, two working strands, and an extra strand for the loop the goes next to the buckle.
top beats headphones Double Cobra Knot Paracord Belt