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conducted a nationwide survey of 2,000 teenage shoppers to find out who they considered the best dressed celebrities. Topping the list for female celebrities was none other than Latin actor and pop sensation Jennifer Lopez. While she was followed closely by Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne, it appears that more young girls wish they could dress up Jennifer Lopez style more than anyone else. But, what is it about this celebrity fashion sense that makes her the envy of women everywhere? What goes through her head when she is picking out an outfit for herself?

When she opens her closet and tries to decide what to wear, this celebrity doesn worry about what the press will say or how tough the critics will be on her. Instead, she simply tries to feed her passion for fashion, as she says. It is in experimenting that she has fun and is able to make a statement with her clothes. love the fantasy that fashion brings; it can make you aspire to a better life, like it did to me, she says. people might make fun of some of my outfits, I hope and I think they respect the fact that I love fashion, and I go out and do it.

Today, girls and women of all ages the world over have the chance to imitate her fashion sense. From hats and lingerie to sunglasses and coats, Lopez fashion company Sweetface has introduced product lines to please all those eager to emulate the diva sense of style. She has also introduced a number of perfume lines,
dre beats headphones pro Dress Up Jennifer Lopez
which along with the clothing line has become the most successful fashion line by any celebrity in history. As the singer popularity stays on the rise, so too does the success of the company, which continues to open operations in an increasing number of countries.

Now, you can achieve her same sense of style without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the technology at I Dressup, which has launched a new game called Dress Up Jennifer Lopez with Fashion, Internet users can choose from a wide range of virtual clothing and accessories to dress the singer however they choose. Halter tops, mini skirts, sandals, or knee high boots whatever you want her to wear, you can make it happen with the single click of a mouse.

Whatever she chooses to wear, this Latin diva insists it is important for young girls not to get too carried away with fashion. is only skin deep, she say. think what really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit. She emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself and staying fit all the while being happy with what was given to you. more of a natural person, she says,
dre beats headphones pro Dress Up Jennifer Lopez
I believe in beauty not being so much an outside physical thing as it is a mind and spirit thing.