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No Matter How You Feel, Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up

Why not look at your entire life as the unfolding of a plan that you participated in before you arrived here? By doing so, you shift from blaming others and circumstances to being responsible and feeling your purpose.

I just returned from a wonderful vacation on the Mexican Rivera. This trip required two flights each way and a total of over 24 hours flying and airport time.

As usual, I was shocked at the clothing that people wear when they are flying. I see flip flops, track suits, sloppy clothing, weird color combinations, jeans worn so low that you see (well you can imagine what you see) and other inappropriate items of clothing. Vacation or business travel, dress the part of a confident and important person.

Beyond the poor choices in clothing, I also saw unwashed hair, uncombed hair, etc.

Speaking of hair: women have three kinds of hair. Hair that is styled and attractive, a hair style that is out of date or hair that is not cut and styled at all. Men have four kinds of hair: in,
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thin, fuzz or was. So men, no combing those last few strands over your balding head. You are fooling no one but yourself!

Clothing sends a message about you, your confidence level and your energy.

Wearing beige is like eating white bread and velveta cheese. BORING. Wearing colors that are flattering to you and that send out positive energy, act as a magnetic attraction. Red is the color of fire, love and romance. Yellow is like a dash of sunlight in the winter. Wearing green can represent prosperity and wellness. Navy and black are still the colors of business and project power.

In a world that is obsessed with looks, fashion and makeovers, there is no excuse for infractions. While fashion may not be your passion, the rest of us have to look at you. So, wear your good clothes, burn the candles, use your good dishes and live a life of abundance. Invest in yourself, it is the best investment you can make!
dre beats headphones for cheap Dress Up and Show Up