reviews on beats headphones clothing line is edgy but affordable

monster beats solo hd headphones clothing line is edgy but affordable

military helicoptersBLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) Ryan Smith adores powder blue. When he throws on his streetwear clothing company long sleeve shirt, he said he immediately feels calm, relaxed not unlike a clear blue sky.

Finish the job with a gold stamped screen print a heather gray beanie cap, if the weather requires and he ready for class with chic.

Smith, a 20 year old sophomore at Indiana University, is bucking the common college style of branded apparel. By their rules. don I just design my own clothing that I want to wear? And if I do that, someone else is going to want to wear them as well. mission to MARS is also his premier project. This semester, he made the bold decision to switch his major from business to apparel merchandising. He still aims to minor in business, as the two fields go hand in hand, but the switch has permitted him the chance to try out an edgier artistic vision.

Consider the screen prints AM GOD, and AM PERFECT, with the last word scratched out to symbolize imperfection. Humility. An opposing view from the theme of much popular music that he doesn quite agree with.

seems to be referring to themselves as God, Kanye West specifically, Smith said. called himself which is offensive in so many ways to so many people. We want to take that and flip it. No one is God. proof was in the returns, as the two statement shirts, as well as (scratched out to imply WAS THE SAME proved to be MARS most popular sales items.

Smith buys his stock from a company that also works with famed streetwear brands Diamond Supply Co. Crooks and Castles, he said. His screen printer, Brian Nast, of Hammond, also has done work for the NBA and NFL. 13, 2013, two months after Smith and Albin started piecing their catalog together. While Albin is situated near Lake Michigan, studying music production at Columbia College in Chicago, the two collaborate via email and text to steer their product line.

It how they prefer to market, too. Living near Willkie Residence Center allows Smith the chance to be social, but the college life can be too busy, especially in the winter, for face to face consultation.

definitely make our efforts to personally talk to people, but online is just so much easier, Smith said. giving us our best results. also the business card sized stickers, which Smith places in common areas of campus, efficiently and neatly carrying the MARS logo, and its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website information.

we decide to put out, our views go up about five times that day, he said.

MARS has even made a few sales to Canada and surrounding states, with shirts priced around $15 and sweatshirts near $20. They rather entry level prices in a fashion industry known for brands with surging pay to play prices.

Smith acknowledges he loves brands. He long been an admirer of the look, and he can be seen around campus kicking Air Jordan 6 basketball shoes and Beats By Dre headphones. But he doesn feel a need to match their prices: $75 shirts. $200 shoes. $300 headphones, and beyond.
reviews on beats headphones clothing line is edgy but affordable