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The Corvallis School District outperformed state averages at every grade level in recently released results from standardized tests administered in the 2015 16 school year in math, English and science.

Results of the second year of Smarter Balanced testing for Oregon were officially released Thursday.

More than 290,000 students took standardized tests in the spring. In English and math, grades three through eight and high school juniors are tested using the Smarter Balanced Assessment; in science, grades five, eight and high school juniors are tested using the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, a test that Smarter Balanced has replaced in other subjects.

The Smarter Balanced tests are intended to be aligned to the Common Core standards Oregon has adopted. State education officials say these are more rigorous than old standards.

Statewide, the percentage of students meeting standards grew at every level in English Language Arts tests; in math, the rates of students meeting standards in grades four and five were essentially flat, but all other grades showed incremental growth. In science, there was an overall decline in the number of students meeting standards of around a percent.

The Philomath School District also generally had higher percentages of students meeting standards than state average, although its elementary grades met English Language Arts standards at a lower rate than the state average.

The 80 percent of Monroe School District students who met science standards was the highest in the county, better than the nearly 76 percent of Corvallis students who met the standard (the next highest in the county) and the state average of 63 percent.

However, in math and English, Monroe students met standards at lower levels than state average in most grades. Although the tests show that Monroe juniors are meeting math standards at a rate close to the state average of 33 percent for their grade, in grades five and six, they were more than 15 percent below the state average with just 24 and 21 percent of students meeting standards, respectively.

In Alsea, 72 percent of high school juniors met English standards, topping the state average of 69 percent for their grade. However, in every other subject and grade, Alsea students met standards at a lower rate than state average.

While Corvallis was ahead of state averages by 7 to 18 percentage points in English, by 11 to 20 percentage points in math, and by 7 to 19 percentage points in science, the district’s growth in students meeting standards was only slight; it actually declined in English and science.

“While the district performed above state averages, we still have room for improvement,” said interim Superintendent Ryan Noss in a statement from the district. “Last school year, the school board adopted new curriculum in English Language Arts and math that creates a closer alignment with the career readiness standards of the Common Core state standards. We are focused on helping every student make progress and graduate from high school prepared for college and career. Our teachers utilize a number of key assessment tools throughout the school year to guide instruction and to ensure students are supported for educational success.”

In 2014 15, more than 76 percent of Corvallis students met science standards; that figure declined around half a percent in 2015 16. Nearly 57 percent of Corvallis students met math standards in 2014 15, and that figure climbed by only about half a percent in 2015 16. In 2014 15, nearly 69 percent of students in Corvallis met English standards, that figure dropped to 67 percent in 2015 16.
prices on beats headphones Corvallis beats state average in standardized tests