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On this Mother’s Day, busy moms will be delighted to learn that the 2013 Dodge Charger R/T functions as a convenient time saving device. It’ll get you to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds, leaving plenty of time to spend with the kids.

Charger, itself, comes from a family of four.

In between is R/T, whose motivation is courtesy of a 5.7 liter Hemi V 8 that makes 370 hp through a standard five speed automatic. (Alas, Charger’s state of the art eight speed automatic buttons exclusively to the six pack.)

Available with rear or all wheel drive, R/T, in base 31 grand rear drive, is among the most affordable V 8 sedans you can buy. We, of course, added to our AWD model a total of $10,000(!) worth of options everything from a “Beats by Dr. Dre” audio system to heated and cooled cupholders, fer cryin’ out loud to bring the bottom line to (gasp!) $43,490.

On the road, R/T is fun,
lowest price beats by dr dre headphones competent as a family car
with an athletic suspension, lively steering, urgent braking and brisk acceleration. Only the muted exhaust note might benefit from a tad more tonality.

In daily living, R/T functions fine as a family car. Sure, rear head room is somewhat compromised by the sloping roofline, but front seat room and comfort are aces, and only plus 6 footers will squawk about the back seat, which folds for expanded cargo room.

Considering the car’s power and 2 ton plus curb weight, R/T’s EPA fuel economy is pretty good, registering 25 hwy in rear drivers, 23 with all wheel drive. That economy is enabled in AWD models with a segment exclusive front axle disconnect that seamlessly disengages the front wheels when four corner traction is unnecessary. Meanwhile, all R/Ts boast cylinder management that shuts down four of the eight cylinders in relaxed cruising.

Cleverly enough, Dodge calls this fuel saver technology “Fuel Saver Technology.”

From a styling standpoint, Charger is a knockout. A riot of lines, creases and planes, it took me a while to embrace it initially, I preferred the 2006 2010 model but I’ve made friends with the look, which is as aggressive as a door to door salesman.
lowest price beats by dr dre headphones competent as a family car