dre dre beats headphones Colin Kaepernick to attend 49ers offseason workout program

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Kap gone. Baalke ship is sinking so he has no time to play wait and see with a 28 year old trying to learn fundamentals still.

Mel Kiper has the Browns selecting Jared Goff and the 49ers Carson Wentz. However, Baalke has no time to take a chance on a lower division QB to see if he has it at the pro level.

Baalke goes into the season with Gabbert as the starter, or gives up a kings ransom in draft picks to Tennesssee to move in front of Cleveland, or as I believe, trades down from 7 acquiring another 2nd rounder, drafts a top O lineman with his second rounder, and moves up in the late second or early 3rd round to acquire a defensive player.

The North Carolina QB, Jacoby Brissett, Ohio State Cardale Jones, Oregon QB, Vernon Adams II, and Dustin Vaughan are available in later rounds. So things got a bit frosty between him and management. So what. They went out and signed probably the best coach around for him, one who runs an offense that should be suitable to Kaepernick style, one who emphasizes offense at the expense of defense, which is the opposite of Harbaugh. Denver can stick it. If they want Kap, then pay him. They are trying to get him on the cheap. Ok, well you might not get him now and your starting QB for a Superbowl winning team is Mark Sanchez and you have a rookie for a backup. Good luck with that.

I rank it at about an 8 or 9. And I would rank John Elway at the other end of the spectrum. Colin showing up for voluntary camp strengthens the 49ers hand in terms of leverage with Denver.

As for Colin workout bonus? Colin workout bonus doesn become due until Colin attends 90% of the offseason program. If Colin is in fact traded at some point between now and, say, the draft, Colin would likely not see any of the workout bonus, unless it is part of a newly structured contract, and if he does see some, it would be a pro rated amount. Since Cleveland is projected to go with Wentz, then I would guess it would have to be Wentz the 9ers really want if they trade up to the 1 spot. But a move from seven to one requires giving up as much draft capital as the 7 pick (3000 points for 1 and 1500 points for 7). Neither of these candidates is Andrew Luck and with the way Baalke values draft picks, I just can see it happening. But the source, Jason Cole, claims to have two sources that told him this. Of course an inquiry is just that.

I have to give Colin credit. He seems to be doing the mature thing by showing up today. It must be a bit uncomfortable for him. After everything that happened last season, and requesting permission to seek a trade last month. First he was benched. Then all of the the reports about how little studying Kap was doing last season, came to light. And of course, I know a lot of players felt like Colin abandoned the team when he elected to have season ending surgery, leaving the team with an undrafted FA as their backup. I not saying what Colin did was right or wrong, I just saying that there were a lot of players (and ex players) who weren real happy about Colin decision. So it certainly cannot be easy to walk into the facility and look his teammates in the eye after everything that has transpired. It takes a lot of guts and even humility, and I applaud Colin for this decision.

I have been hard on Colin from time to time, but I was also one of his strongest supporters for the longest time. I do think Colin is a good guy, and, though I think he does some immature things, in the end, I think he does mean well. I hope he get his priorities in order. This is certainly a good sign. Colin did himself and the 49ers a favor by showing up today, and creating a little more leverage for him, and the 49ers FO.

I do hope the best for him no matter where he plays this season and beyond. That is, as long as he isn a division opponent.

The way I see it, if I were Colin, I would feel insulted by the way Elway is clearly trying to lowball him. $7 million dollars for a starting NFL QB with a winning postseason record, is insulting if you ask me. I am kind of surprised more people aren talking about this. I know the Broncos are up tight against the salary cap, but NFL football is a rough sport. Guy get hurt, and they get hurt often. I can understand why Colin is hesitant to take such a drastic cut in his salary. The 49ers are never going to agree to pay a large portion of Colin salary this season in order for Colin to play for another team, unless that team is willing to give up a very high draft pick in return. We talking a high 2nd round pick, minimum! And I am sure Colin understands this.

Like I said, Colin is showing some maturity and humility by showing up for the offseason program today. If the 49ers are genuine about giving Colin an opportunity for a fresh start, and an opportunity for Colin to win his starting job back. And they are willing to pay Colin $16 million to do it. Well, I think John Elway has his work cut out for him.

Like I said, I have been hard on Colin. But I feel like I should have been. I also believe in redemption. And I do believe there is a possibility that Chip can connect with Colin, and something could for Colin in terms of this, up tempo, spread, zone read system. And who knows, maybe Colin can regain that spark, regain his confidence, and prove to his teammates that he in fact can be a leader of men, and get his career back on track.

I know it a tough road to hoe. And I know Kap got his work cut out for him if he going to turn things around. It take a big time commitment from Colin. He going to need to continue to show humility and reach out to his teammates and mend some relationships.

Like Steve Young and others have said since the day Chip Kelly was hired. This isn about Chip Kelly, Trent Baalke or Jed York having to convince Colin that they want him around. The 49ers have made it clear that they are willing to wipe the slate clean, and they let their money do the talking. No, this is about Colin convincing Chip, and the 49ers FO that he has some humility, that he is ready to put the past behind him, and that he wants to be the 49ers starting QB in 2016.

And if Colin is ready to make that commitment, then I say, let the games begin!

Is 4.9 million the cost of a second round pick? In my inexperience, that seems like a great deal. If in fact Denver is willing to trade the second round pick for the 4.9 million from the 49ers and pay Kaepernick 7 million.

This would set a precedent in the NFL in which teams can buy draft picks (trade players for cash like in the NBA).

Denver just is not in a salary cap position to buy Kaepernick and SF is happy to eat 11 million to prove a point. I mean aren they eating 20 million on Tomsula and 5 million on Harbaugh?
dre dre beats headphones Colin Kaepernick to attend 49ers offseason workout program