dre beat tour headphones computer won’t turn on

beat over ear headphones computer won’t turn on

>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won’t turn on.

That’s not static you hear, that’s mains sparks flying as you disconnect the power from the mains. Always switch off from the wall socket first!

You’re probably aware that the on/off button on the front of the computer does not actually do anything other than signal the power supply unit to switch on or off. So if there’s a problem with switching ON only (ie it will always switch off gracefully when you hit that button) then the problem is to do with your mobo/PSU.

When you unplug then you really are shutting things down properly. Many mobos are kept alive and running when connected to the mains unless the power is actually off at the socket.

this problem can also be caused by a power supply that has a weak standby current. the mains voltage may have dropped a bit due to high demand in the hood, and the standby current that was already weak drops to a level that the mother board cannot recognize. the standby current is always supplied to the mother board even when it is off, when you press the power button it lowers the voltage on the standby pin to ground signelling the power supplie to power up the main power. to many pci cards in a system that use the standby voltage eg. wake on lan nics and some video cards, ps2 mice and keyboards, can drop the voltage to much and stop a pc from powering down or up.

try and get a power supplie that has a larger standby current/

>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won’t turn on.

I have this exact same problem, ever since I bought a new case with a new powersupply in it, I have to completely turn off the power and unplug the cord and re plug in back in again before it will turn on. I had no problems at all with my old case and PSU, with the same mobo. My friend said the same problem happened to him, and he started using a different Power Cord to the PSU and it fixed the problem. I found a different cord, and the computer powered on and off twice perfectly before reverting back to its regular habbit. It may have been a co incedece that at this time people were using less power in my area or something. There are two things I dont understand though, 1. Why is this happening when the PSU I have in my case is meant to be a top of the line model. and 2. Why would it somehow work for a bit by changing my cables? Arent all cabels the same?

Well thats my gabble, reply if you know a solution to my problem, besides buying a new PSU.

>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won’t turn on.

this is a strange problem. my mobo and psu combo have had the same problem from time to time. sometimes when i reboot, my mobo will not run the pre boot test (memory test) and just sits there waiting. if i press the power button off then back on it is ok. tests mem and then detects ide drives. and boots. I have found that if i remove my usb cable modem and/or usb keyboard/mouse combo then this problem will never happen. i think that it has to do with the small standby current supplied by my psu. the serial ports use it, usb,
dre beat tour headphones computer won't turn on
video, ethernet (wake on lan). when i have all of these things configured to wake the pc from a power down state, this problem can sometimes happen. but i am a least getting power to the mobo. video bios boots and then it hangs at the mem test.

sometimes if i disconnect the power cord from the back of pc, and put it back then boot, my cpu speed resets to the default speed of 500mHz, and i have to enter bios and then exit again to reenable 1gHz.

this leads me to think that by disconecting the power cord that some static carge that has built up in the case may reset the bois.

this same thing could be happening to you. you may have a bad earth connection in your house. the earth rod (mettal rod that is driven into the ground outside your house and connected to the earth circuit of the dommestic wiring of your house) may be in very dry ground. it needs some moisture to for a good circuit with the earth. ans so your psu may be building static that is inhiditing the on/of circuit from working. when you press the button on the case the standby voltage is connected to the earth circuit dropping it to 0volt, this signals the psu to power up. if the ground circuit is not working correctly then any static in the case can prevent the on/off circuit from dropping to 0V. disconnecting the power cord must discharge any static. tyr connecting a wire from a screw on the outside of the case to the plumbing (cold water pipes) and see if this helps. if it does then you may have to get an electrision to fix the earthing problem in your residence.

>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won’t turn on.

I have a problem which sounds similar to what many of you describe. At first, I could just turn off the pc and then turn it on again and everything would boot normally. As time goes on, it has become more and more work to get my machine to post.

Tired of the problem, I slapped a troubleshooting card into a pci slot and discovered that the 3volt standby power led was not showing any power. After a couple of resets, I start to see a light pulsing which then builds to solid green over the course of a few minutes. When the led is fully lit, I can turn off the computer, turn it on again, and watch it boot.

My inclination, at this point, is to suspect the power supply. I’m also inclined to believe that some, or all, of you are assuming your machine started after changing the power cord. I can see no logic at all in this line of thought, and my little LED tells me otherwise.
dre beat tour headphones computer won't turn on