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“Lessons have been learned. We would have liked more time to have reflected. But when we realised the extent of our mistake we corrected it within five days.”

But he added to the Tory Leader, John Cowan, who admitted he did receive documents which explained the budget proposals: “When this was brought to the attention of members of the Cabinet perhaps you could have told the rest of the party.”

Outrage greeted the decision later reversed by executive action to only allow 10 as income for 53 residents claiming war widow and war disablement pensions. This previously had been disregarded and the taxpayer footed the 88,
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000 bill.

Cllr Cowan said he proposed the motion of no confidence because he believed Cllr Shannon should be accountable for Labour’s ‘reprehensible conduct’ which would have denied war disablement and war widow pensioners 32 a week in benefits.

He criticised the poor information distributed on the measure during the council tax and budget process.

Social Services Portfolio holder, Paul Fox, even resigned from his cabinet post after admitting he had not read a document which explained the implications of the proposal,
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he added.