beats by dre dj headphones Could’ve Had a V8

beats by dr. dre – monster pro over-the-ear headphones Could’ve Had a V8

I’m 10 cars deep in my 28 years of age, and one thing is very evident: I would much rather a 15 mpg, 300hp V8 to a 25 mpg, 300hp turbo 4 every day of the week.

Right now, I’m driving a 2.0T CTS, and I really like it: despite the criticism, I love CUE and have never had any problems with it, the fit and finish is mostly great, and it gets up and moves in Sport mode. Dre or Young Jeezy that I had my windows down and I heard a terrible sound: my engine. The 2.0T sounds like a Craftsman under hard acceleration. With just 17,000 miles on the clock, I can’t wait to get a new car.

I was once in the community of “as long as the power’s there,
beats by dre dj headphones Could've Had a V8
who cares about the cylinder count,” but no more. I thought I could deal with the 2.0T because my last car was a CLS500, and though it had a V8, it was only pushing 300hp/340tq. My next car will 100% have a V8. Going from back to back V8s (G8 then CLS) into a 4 banger was a terrible decision. Cadillac needs to bring its mid range V8 option to the table pronto. I would consider a CT6 TTV8, but if Cadillac delays the engine too long or overprices it, gotta look elsewhere. If it don’t rumble and guzzle gas, I don’t want it.

SN: A 4 door Vette would be dope. Don’t know if I would want the new V until they work out the kinks (read: total engine failure) with the LT4. Of GM cars, I’m considering a new Camaro SS, a CT6 V8, trying to convince myself that I can fit into a Vette, or a used V coupe. Might even go for my resto mod ’65 ’66 Eldorado V with an LS7 swap.
beats by dre dj headphones Could've Had a V8