which beats headphones are the best Impeccable Dress for Success Guidelines

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Matching dark suit, long sleeved, white dress shirt, black belt, shoes and socks.

A great, power tie. Cuff links always get the vote of approval from women.

Dress trousers, executive length socks, long sleeved dress shirt in white, blue or striped and a great tie. Dress shoes (lace up) and belt in back or maroon. Keep a jacket and tie handy to wear to meetings.

Dress trousers or khaki trousers. Dress shirt (colored or striped) and tie or open neck dress shirt. Socks, shoes (slip on) and matching belt.

Golf shirt and shorts, long trousers, short sleeved dress shirt and deck shoes or upscale sport shoes and white socks.

Light on the cologne, clean shaven appeals to more people.

Dress socks mean executive length to the calf of the leg.

Ties: the correct length is to have the tie end at the bottom of your belt buckle.

Dress Shirts: wear one day only and then send out to be laundered and pressed.

Suits: dry clean trousers and jackets together.

Shoes and Belt: If you have black or gray hair, black shoes and belt are perfect.

If you have brown hair you can wear a brown belt and shoes in addition to black.

T shirt under your dress shirt should have a V neck line not a rounded neckline.

Quality: purchase the highest quality you can afford. Buy fewer items of better quality

and dress to conquer the world each and every day.

Men’s Grooming Tips: clean shaven, use a nose and ear trimmer and make sure no back or chest hair is showing above or through your dress shirt.

Impeccable Women’s Dress for Success Guidelines

Long dress or skirt/top combination. Sleeved and not showing inappropriate cleavage. People from Asia and Saudi will be offended at over exposure.

Dark, matched suit,
which beats headphones are the best Impeccable Dress for Success Guidelines
crisp white or colored blouse. Dress shoes (heels) and stockings.

Select the traditional business colors of black or navy and then depending on your business culture you may add camel, dark brown or red in your suits. Select wrinkle free fabrics.

Fashionable, colored suits, dress, jacket and trousers. Closed toe dress shoes.

Day dress with sleeves. Skirt and sweater set. Trousers and blouse or sweater set.

Dress sandals, trouser shoe or sling back shoes.

Skirt and sleeved top. Dress shorts/golf shorts. Creased trousers and crisp shirt or sweater set. Sport shoe or sandals.

Avoid sleeveless tops at work. If your top/blouse is sleeveless, always wear a jacket.

Stockings/nylons are appropriate in business although you may use a skin bronzer in hot weather climates if your company approves of no stockings. Bare legs look sexy and stockings look professional.

Always dry clean your garments in units, skirt, jacket and trousers at the same time.

Buy fewer items of higher quality. Plain garments (no pattern) allow for greater mix and match possibilities.

Ten Point System: count one point for each of the following: shoes, each accessory (rings, earrings, belt, shoes, necklace) dress, clothing, adding another point for patterned clothing. The object is to have your “look” add up to ten points for a stunning image of a polished professional.
which beats headphones are the best Impeccable Dress for Success Guidelines