headphone beat How to Make a Collage on Polyvore

wireless beats by dr dre headphones How to Make a Collage on Polyvore

: How to Make a Collage on PolyvorePolyvore is a website that enables people to create wishlists known as “sets.” These sets are typically collages that comprise items that can be bought by simply clicking on a link. Each set contains information about every item in the set; it shows the name of the brand, the price of the product, and the website where the product can be bought.

On Polyvore, users can share sets as inspiration for other users. Generally, each set created revolves around a specific theme. Since Polyvore is mainly a website for beauty and fashion products, themes range from Halloween makeup ideas to celebrity red carpet style.

Creating sets on Polyvore can be confusing for a beginner user of the website. This should be a fairly straightforward process that need not be covered in this tutorial. If you do need help with this,
headphone beat How to Make a Collage on Polyvore
send me a message and I will gladly lend a hand!

Once you have an account, this will be what the main page looks like. I am a Polyvore user, and this is my main page. Click on “Set.”

This is what you will see once you click on “Set.”Publish This is the button that you click once you have completed your collage. It publishes your collage, or set, onto the website.

Save Draft If you want to save a draft of your collage to be edited at a later time, this is the button that you will click.

Open This is one of the two ways to start a collage. We will address this button in further detail in the next step. We will delve deeper into this in Step 5.
headphone beat How to Make a Collage on Polyvore