dre beat headphones review Jerkin Dancers Get Geeked Up And Go Hard

beats headphones for sale Jerkin Dancers Get Geeked Up And Go Hard

and the Hyphy movement. The New Boyz and the Fresh boyz both have had a big part in bringing the jams to the streets. The Jerk dance is tight, Its a dance technique that involves moves like the diamond, Sponge bob and the Nut drop among many other styles.

All these kids are on the come up and the main focus is to be seen and dominate in the local as well as internet scene. Most of the jerk dancers have a goal of finding clothing companies that will “sponsor” them. meaning they get free fresh gear to rock and then they rep the clothing line on their videos and on the social network sites like myspace and facebook etc.

Jerkin is about skill, style, technique and workin what you got right on the spot!

While “You a jerk” has dominated the radio for quite some time, some really good new Jerk music is coming out like Bamm! Tight jams to take it low and show some skills while rockin them skinnies and moppin up the sweeties. These kids get off, I often wonder if thats how they came up with the term Jerkin, because its a very self serving sort of dance, kinda like old school Hip Hop Breaking and popping. Alll eyes on me sort of stuff.

“Cant fade my style, Im a Jerk wit’ the sickness and the quickness, let me get this!”

Jerkin clothes have a varied style but some of the common things seen are skinny Jeans, Clean tees, Headphones, hats,
dre beat headphones review Jerkin Dancers Get Geeked Up And Go Hard
Caps worn off the dome and some even rock scarves over a bright colored shirt. it seems to have a lot of skating and early New wave/Punk rock influences with a new twist. Jerk gear is all about style, finesse and rockin that shit fresh and crisp. You know that its on the come up when even the top 40 MCs and R singers give props to Jerkin in the pop songs. Its BIG!

All together now! Jerkin is a habit. We got this on lock and it can only get better from the hood to youtube, from the videos to the songs. We got a huge undergrtound movement right here, You know its hot when you find kids in the UK and far East rockin and adding to their own jerk styles of dance and fashion. “It cannot be stopped, so drop it to the flo’ and show them lil’ cuties what we came here fo'”

Jerk dancers are here to stay and hoppin in the hood to a spot near you. get geek!

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dre beat headphones review Jerkin Dancers Get Geeked Up And Go Hard