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audio beats headphones How to start a clothing line with no experience and no money

How to start a clothing line with no experience and no money? So I got a great question from one of my youtube viewer, love you guys, Danny who wrote and he say

“I am sixteen years old old I recently got the passion to be an entrepreneur. I have no experience in the field, I don have a lot of money. I really excited to start a business, preferably a clothing line. What kind of advice do you recommend for people like me and also, I am wondering on how I could start it off. My advice for you to get started, okay, I have 3 steps for you:

1. LearnWhat I don want you to do is go out, spend a lot of money, buy a whole bunch of inventory and you have these t shirts sitting in your garage or your apartment or your mom house or whatever because that a surefire way to fail.

So LEARN is to go out and research all of the famous entrepreneurs that you look up to and specifically in the clothing line industry, okay.

So maybe it Giorgio Armani, or maybe it Sean Combs, or maybe it Donald Trump, or maybe it Vera Wang, whoever it is doesn matter. Go and research these guys and look how they got started.

What you trying to do here is learn from their mistakes, see what led them to become successful and model their success for your own company.

You got to learn because if you have no experience, you never done this before, just like anything else, you going to make a lot of mistakes and if you go and learn from somebody then you going to increase your chances of being successful, okay?

2. Get a mentorWhat I would encourage you to do is go find a job with somebody who you look up to, who you respect, who built something that you want to build. Something that still small and manageable and easy to understand.

So I would look for a company that has 10 employees or less and has done what you trying to do and go offer to work for them. Even if it volunteer to get started, anything, because you want to learn.

You got to understand this business. And ideally you connected to the entrepreneur, right. You not going to go work for Sean Combs and be some low level, you know, assistant and never get to talk to him.

You want to deal with an entrepreneur who got a 10 person company and that what you want eventually build up, right, and you going to get paid,
beats by dr. dre solo headphones with controltalk - black How to start a clothing line with no experience and no money
ideally, to make mistakes, right?

They going to teach you how to overcome all the mistakes that you going to make because you brand new. It like trying to learn any other skill.

You trying to learn a language, the faster way to do it is go to that country and immerse yourself in learning the language and talk to people, right?

You trying to learn how to skateboard, the fastest way to do it is to go learn from somebody who can teach you how to skateboard, right, they get you on the board and show you how they do it.

It dramatically cuts down your learning time, you pick up things that you never thought was possible before and didn even think of and it really dramatically increases your chance of success.

Okay, at the same time you going to be making contacts, you going to understand how to run that kind of business so that when you do launch your own company, you way ahead of the game, okay.

3. Start part timeYou don need to start this fulltime. You don need tons of inventory lined up.

I look at the sites that allow you to print on demand. You barely make any money on those sites, okay, that the truth.

But what it allows you to do is test your concepts, test your designs. You don make a lot of money but you not spending any money either.

And I much rather have you be able to test a concept, test a new t shirt, test a hoodie, whatever your line is going to be, show that it works, show that people want this so then when you go out and create your own line all on your own, you know it going to work.

Right, you have customers, you have momentum, you have feedback without investing thousands of dollars into something that just sits on your shelf or in your mom garage.

That what I do. And when you got your first design, send it to me because I want to check it out. Believe. For those of you watching, you like this video, thumbs up below.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment underneath. How would you start a clothing line with no money and experience? I love to hear it from you. Leave it in the comments. And click on my face, subscribe to the channel. Thank you so much,
beats by dr. dre solo headphones with controltalk - black How to start a clothing line with no experience and no money
I see you soon.