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Considine April 15, 1999

The last time a blond haired rapper used MTV as a springboard to the top of the charts, he was dismissed as a white wannabe by hard core hip hop fans. But Eminem 24 year old Marshall Mathers is no Vanilla Ice. Not only was his album, “The Slim Shady LP,” produced by gangsta rap architect Dr. As Rolling Stone noted recently, “Eminem has been condemned as a misogynist, a nihilist and an advocate of domestic violence.

ARTICLES BY DATETonight!: Mac Miller at Rams Head Live

By Wesley Case September 27, 2011

Mac Miller, the rapper on the rise from Pittsburgh, brings his Blue Slide Park Tour to Rams Head Live tonight. If you’re unfamiliar with Mac, here’s what you need to know: He doesn’t take himself too seriously (“goofy” might be an apt description), he’s built a strong following among college kids (the kind that like to smoke weed and party . 8)

Eminem seen by some as rap’s salvation

By Lynette Holloway and Lynette Holloway,NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE October 31, 2002

NEW YORK The Bronx River Houses are hallowed ground in the hip hop world, one of the neighborhoods where young African Americans and Hispanics helped create a new art form in the 1970s. From there emerged a founder of hip hop, Afrika Bambaataa, and the loose knit group of disc jockeys, dancers, graffiti artists and rappers called Zulu Nation. Three decades later, the No. 1 selling rapper is a 30 year old white man, Eminem. Gettin’ hot: “Good Life,
dre beat tour headphones Articles about Eminem
” OneRepublic We’re getting a Ravens season, and that’s reason enough for me to pick the most positive song I could find in this category this week. Oh yeah, it’s a good song, too. Warming up: “Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars),” Bad Meets Evil Bruno Mars does a good job balancing out Eminem’s anger. If Em is a raging bull then Mars is an ice cream cone.

Eminem’s hits and misses


It’s hard to believe it has been just six years since Marshall Mathers, a blond, unassuming, Detroit bred rapper with a killer flow, stormed into pop. Known to the world as Eminem, he seems to have been around much longer, upsetting conservative media pundits, homosexual activists, black women and George W. Bush. His whiny tone and razor lyrical dexterity, his weird sense of humor and Dr. Dre’s innovative beats have pushed his record sales past 65 million. He owns three Grammys. Or that another tune from the album was about a man propositioning his young cousin. But those songs aren’t on Eminem’s widely denounced and ultimately also ran “The Marshall Mathers LP.” Actually, “Janie Runaway” and “Cousin Dupree” are two of the catchier songs on the album that took top honors this past week: Steely Dan’s “Two Against Nature.”Eminem names names on his ugly but tuneful new release

Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP (Aftermath/Interscope 069490629) On his first album, “The Slim Shady LP,” rapper Eminem proved he was an equal opportunity offender. He angered parents with his casual profanity and cavalier attitude toward suicide; outraged feminists by including raps about date rape and spousal abuse; and alienated record industry types by refusing to adopt the soft, pop friendly sound usually assumed by white rappers.
dre beat tour headphones Articles about Eminem