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Whether it can make a comeback is the question. There was an immediate outpouring of grief and a flood of rumors. Many wondered if the two deaths weren’t an outgrowth of the much hyped gangsta rap “war” between the West Coast crew of Death Row Records (of which Tupac was a part)

XINXS (Atlantic 82151)Mainstream rock rewards many things. Considine,Sun Pop Music Critic September 28, 1990

XINXS (Atlantic 82151)Mainstream rock rewards many things strong voices, resilient melodies, insistent rhythms but subtlety isn’t one of them. So how is it, then, that INXS has managed such enormous success making such subtle music? Listen to “X,” the band’s latest, and none of the songs are particularly overt in their pop appeal. may have spun off a more impressive set of solo careers (Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E), but album for album, the Geto Boys was easily the greatest of the gangsta rap acts. Moreover, as “The Resurrection” makes clear, Scarface, Bushwick Bill and Willie D still have it. Two years after releasing their farewell album, “Till Death Do We Part,” the group is back, and profane as ever. Yet for all the verbal violence, there’s seldom the sense that these raps glorify violence; instead, what the rough language of “Open Minded” and “I Just Wanna Die” conveys is the group’s outrage at the brutality of a culture that values clothes and cars more than the people in them. Considine,Pop Music Critic March 19, 1993

MY WORLDRay Charles (Warner Bros. 26735)Everybody knows Ray Charles can sing. In fact, he can pull more out of a melody than almost any pop star alive. But even he can only do so much, a point that’s driven home with unfortunate clarity on “My World.” This isn’t a bad album, mind; unlike the low budget “Would You Believe?,” Charles surrounded by top flight players on almost every track, and the material takes him from bass pumping funk (“Let Me Take Over”) to straight up spirituals (“So Help Me God”)Paris’ music provocative and pointed

By J. D. Considine and J. D. Considine,Pop Music Critic December 4, 1992

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMYParis (Scarface SCR007 100)Bush Killa,” in which rapper Paris fantasizes about de electing the president, may be the most controversial track on “Sleeping With the Enemy,” but it’s by no means the most provocative. Because Paris isn’t interested in killer rhymes he’s talkin’ ’bout a revolution in the truest sense of the term. June 1 at the 930 Club. June 27 at Pier Six. July 17 and 18 at Merriweather. Rock guitar fans should go wild for this one, which boasts not one but two fretboard virtuosos: Eddie Van Halen (with Van Halen)Geto BoysThe Resurrection (Rap a Lot/Noo Trybe.
beats by dr. dre - beats tour earbud headphones - black Articles about Geto Boys