new beats by dre headphones elves unveil her 101 Favorite Things

beats by dr dre solo hd headphones elves unveil her 101 Favorite Things

Holiday gift items chosen by Oprah Winfrey for the 2016 Christmas giving season are displayed at Oprah Magazine, Tuesday in New York, during a sneak preview of Favorite Things 2016. The Glyph, a Wars worthy techno gift, when placed over the eyes and plugged into an HDMI device, lower right, allows the wearer do everything from checking email to watching movies in digital HD. Colored pencils for drawing in a coloring book while relieving the day stress, are shown, lower left.

Kathy Willens The Associated Press

Yes, it that time of year, when The Oprah Magazine unveils the queen curated gift suggestions, to be included with discounts in the December issue. For 2016, there are exactly 101, a majority available on Amazon for the second year.

Oprah elves Gayle King, the magazine editor at large, and Adam Glassman, the creative director, presented highlights of the haul Tuesday after schlepping to food and trade shows in search of products for the boss lady to consider in June, when their Christmas begins.

was summer and the air conditioner broke so she was sitting there sweating like a brahma bull, but you know she always very pleasant, King told The Associated Press in an interview with Glassman, of Oprah hands on process this year.

The outfit they spoke of has Oprah looking Christmas fly in red stripes, Santa cap and bright red high tops on the December cover,
new beats by dre headphones elves unveil her 101 Favorite Things
to hit newsstands soon.

The list includes a range of price points for a range of gift recipients.

Some highlights with suggested retail pricing:Oprah Poinsettia Flower Pot Cake: On the outside, it looks like the actual holiday plant. On the inside is chocolate cake goodness with vanilla mousse. Very sweet. $165.

Health and Happiness, by Oprah herself: Part memoir, part cookbook, a little bit of self help. Weight Watchers points are included. It for fans willing to wait until the book comes out in January. Meantime, it can be pre ordered. $35.

Yonanas Elite: Speaking of points, fruit equals zero. This sorbet maker turns frozen fruit into soft serve with no added sugar. $130.


Travel Cord Rolls: Who hasn wasted way too much time untangling cords? Oprah has, and she had it. This is a compact, roll up case with slots to keep your ear buds and charging cords in order. In colored leather, including blue, pink, green and aqua. $20.

Beats by Dr. Dre, Powerbeats3: They wireless, light weight and offer a quick five minute charge for one hour of playback. $200.

Tiny Tunes: They little creature speakers that pack a powerful sound via Bluetooth, and they one of Gayle favorites this year. Oddly enough, you can enable a selfie feature and snap a pic. $25.


Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer: Oprah promises that it super fast, and it has the signature Dyson hole in the middle. It promises a quiet motor, three magnetic attachments and, did we mention, speed. $400.

Organic sachets: They filled with dried rose petals and lavender florets to scent lingerie. In a gifty little green box topped by a big splashy flower. $20.

Peoni cleansers and toners: New line of products from Oprah facialist, Jennifer Brodeur. Free of toxins, artificial fragrances and gluten. $60 for toners, $195 for creams.
new beats by dre headphones elves unveil her 101 Favorite Things

beats headphones sale elle se venge de mani

discount on beats headphones elle se venge de mani

Kristina Kuchma, une mannequin d’origine russe de 24 ans, n’a visiblement pas appr que Guy Gentile, un homme qui g un cabinet de courtage aux Bahamas, ait mis fin leur relation alors qu’il partageait un repas avec un ami au restaurant, samedi soir.

Selon le New York Post, tout allait bien jusqu’ ce qu’elle lui fasse l’annonce qu’elle Gentile acceptait de soutenir l’enfant, mais ce n’est pas cela dont il vraiment question. ne suis pas enceinte d’un enfant. Je suis enceinte d’une id lui a t elle indiqu

Tu m’avais dit que tu allais m’aider lancer mon entreprise! C’ tes mots! Et tu veux un investisseur? Eh bien, investisseur, j’ai une surprise pour toi dans ton jardin. Commence avec cette id d’investissement a envoy Kuchma Gentile, par message texte, samedi soir.

Le lendemain matin, l’homme a retrouv sa Mercedes S400 hybrid qui profitait de la piscine creus Il a fallu quatre heures pour en mesure de la sortir de l
beats headphones sale elle se venge de mani

studio beats headphones Elkhart County Fair looking to create a new space for 4H participants

reviews for beats by dre headphones Elkhart County Fair looking to create a new space for 4H participants

LifeHome Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior LivingShop and WinLifeHome Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior LivingShop and Win

RadarClosings DelaysSketch the SkyMorning Drive Forecast7 Day ForecastFirst Alert Weather CamerasWeather AppWeather Maps

Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living

RadarClosings DelaysSketch the SkyMorning Drive Forecast7 Day ForecastFirst Alert Weather CamerasWeather AppWeather Maps

Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living
studio beats headphones Elkhart County Fair looking to create a new space for 4H participants

dr dre beats studio headphones Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Coleman 1893

beats accessories headphone Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Coleman 1893

Bessie Coleman was born on January 26, 1893 in Atlanta, Texas.

In pursuing a flying career, she had three goals: earn a pilot’s license; become a recognized stunt and exhibition flier; and establish an aviation school for Blacks. in 1921 as this country’s first Black female licensed pilot. A year later she earned her international pilot’s license.

Barnstorming across the country, she thrilled thousands as “Brave Bessie”. On April 30, 1936, while making a practice run with her mechanic as the pilot, Bessie Coleman was thrown out of the plane when the controls jammed. A Pioneer in the field of aviation, her story became the inspiration for other Blacks to take to the skies.

Bessie Coleman, c.1922

download a 1000pixel Mono or Sepia image

On June 15, 1921 Bessie Coleman became the first African American woman to earn a aviation pilot’s license in the world and the first African American woman to earn an international aviation license from the from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.

Bessie Coleman, Pilots Licence, 1921

Smithsonian Institution, Neg. aviation who opposed her training because she was a woman and because she was black. aviator would train her either.

Bessie Coleman around the time of her French visit, c.1922

Smithsonian Institution, Neg. It was not simple but she got through it and fulfilled her dream of flying. Coleman opened a flight school in Chicago and taught other black women to fly as well as doing the usual (for the time) barnstorming in air circuses to keep flying.

“Queen Bessie,” as she was known was a highly popular draw for the next 15 years. However, on April 30, 1936, while practicing for a show in Orlando, Fla., the controls on her plane jammed and her plane crashed to the ground killing her instantly. [she had fallen out Ed.]

Known to an admiring public as “Queen Bess,” Bessie Coleman was the first black woman ever to fly an airplane and the first African American to earn an international pilot’s license. During her brief yet distinguished career as a performance flier, she appeared at air shows and exhibitions across the United States, earning wide recognition for her aerial skill, her dramatic flair, and her tenacity.

But the thrill of stunt flying and the admiration of cheering crowds were only part of Coleman’s dream. Forced for a time to work as a laundress and manicurist to make ends meet, Coleman never lost sight of her childhood vow to one day “amount to something.”

As a professional aviatrix, Coleman would often be criticized by the press for her opportunistic nature and the flamboyant style she brought to her exhibition flying. However, she also quickly gained a reputation as a skilled and daring pilot who would stop at nothing to complete a difficult stunt.

Unfortunately, Coleman would not live long enough to fulfill her greatest dream establishing a school for young, black aviators but her pioneering achievements served as an inspiration for a generation of African American men and women. “Because of Bessie Coleman,” wrote Lieutenant William J. Powell in Black Wings, “we have overcome that which was worse than racial barriers. The year after her birth in Atlanta, Texas, an African American man was tortured and then burned to death in nearby Paris for allegedly raping a five year old girl. The incident was not unusual; lynchings were endemic throughout the South.

African Americans were essentially barred from voting by literacy tests. They couldn’t ride in railway cars with white people, or use a wide range of public facilities set aside for whites. When young Bessie first went to school at the age of six, it was to a one room wooden shack, a four mile walk from her home. Often there wasn’t paper to write on or pencils to write with. She grew up in Waxahachie. Her father left the family in 1900 to return to Indian Territory.

Bessie, along with several siblings still living at home, helped ease the family’s financial troubles by picking cotton or assisting with the washing and ironing that her mother took in. Upon graduation from high school she enrolled at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University (now Langston University) in Langston, Oklahoma.

Financial difficulties, however, forced her quit after one semester. She moved to Chicago, where a brother was then living, and attended beauty school for a time. She spent the early years of World War Iqv working as a manicurist at the White Sox Barbershop.
dr dre beats studio headphones Elizabeth 'Bessie' Coleman 1893

beats headphones white Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known

really cheap beats by dre headphones Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known

Dominic Lalli, the producer and saxophonist of the Colorado electronic dance music duo Big Gigantic, is the type of optimist who believes music can unite the divided. That’s why he named his group’s new album, released in August, “Brighter Future” and included a mission statement with it.

“We can express so many emotions through the language of music, and I feel like it’s a neutral place in our world,” he wrote on Big Gigantic’s website, “where people can come together and get on the same level emotionally no matter what their background is.”

Calling on the phone from a tour stop in Memphis, Tenn., recently, Lalli described the divisiveness in the country amplified by the election season as “sad” and “embarrassing,” without indicating which presidential candidate he supported. If anything, the current climate reinforces for Lalli the value of the communal release Big Gigantic’s vibrant live shows are known for. The duo’s deep bass grooves, rap influenced beats, Jeremy Salken’s drumming, and touches of Lalli’s saxophone create a positive, dance inducing environment, heightened by a colorful and surreal light and screen show.

Taken as a whole, Big Gigantic which plays Rams Head Live on Friday night offers the uplifting escapism that’s drawn so many to the vast world of EDM.

“That’s why we make art, and try to persevere and be some sort of light in the world,” said Lalli.

Big Gigantic’s brand of livetronica the mixing of electronic elements and live instruments began in 2008, when Lalli moved to Boulder, Colo. He had just earned a master’s degree in jazz from the Manhattan School of Music, and soon began playing with Salken. Since then, Big Gigantic has become a familiar name on summer festival bills, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and many others.

Lalli said he was motivated to make “Brighter Future” the group’s most cohesive full length album to date partly because of what he sees as the music industry’s uncertain future. In his genre, singles are increasingly the focus, and he wonders if the full length format will one day become obsolete.

“People listen to music differently now,” Lalli said. “I really wanted to,
beats headphones white Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known
before it was too late, get out the full length I always wanted to put out.”

A lifelong hip hop fan, Lalli wanted “Brighter Future” to be a dynamic listening experience, with a clear start and finish. This mindset is illustrated in the album’s pacing and sequencing, with jubilant opener “Odyssey Pt. 1” eventually leading to “Long Time Coming,” a decisive, sax heavy denouement.

“I used to listen to a ton of ’90s hip hop,” he said, citing Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and the Beastie Boys. “[Their albums] always felt like real, complete ideas.”

The modern day influence of rap is even more explicit, given guest appearances on the album by rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Logic, the Gaithersburg native signed to Def Jam Records.

Lalli called Logic, whom he met through a mutual friend, “the best guy ever.” Lalli wasn’t familiar with the street rap that first made Waka a rap star at the turn of the decade, but he liked what he heard after discovering the Atlanta rapper’s 2014 freestyle over the J. Cole song “Fire Squad.” He later met Waka when the two shared a festival bill together, after which a collaboration came easily.

“I sent him this beat, and two days later, he went in and recorded it. I was like, ‘Man, this is perfect!'” Lalli said. “I’m, like, giddy about it, getting to work with these guys. I hope to do that a lot more.”

As usual, “Brighter Future” gives Lalli and his saxophone plenty of room to operate. A day doesn’t go by where he doesn’t play what he calls “an amazing instrument.”

“It’s like my fifth limb. I hear music and I just grab my horn,” he said. “It’s neat to see it expand, and people have done so much with it. It’s just a single melody note instrument,” Lalli said with a laugh.

The tour feels refreshing because of the new material, he said. Club shows, like tonight’s at Rams Head Live,
beats headphones white Electronic duo Big Gigantic makes its positive mission known
afford Big Gigantic more time to perform than festival appearances.

headphones dre beats Elbi Turns Social Media Likes and Loves into Charitable Giving w

da beats headphones Elbi Turns Social Media Likes and Loves into Charitable Giving w

Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Elbi, the app that revolutionized giving by bringing together people, brands and charities to make philanthropy simple and rewarding, today announced that it is offering its customers an easy, secure and private way to donate with Apple Pay, effectively creating a currency for love and compassion. Elbi provides a seamless user experience by enabling users to make fast and convenient $1 micro donations with Apple Pay. Additionally, Elbi also announced the launch of ElbiDrop, an exciting new extension of the LoveShop, which will offer high quality and impossible to get items from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Messika, Off White and Adidas, that users can win through competitive micro fundraising campaigns.With the Love Button and Apple Pay, it takes just a tap to finally experience philanthropy in an easy and rewarding way, and users can make a direct impact with their donations since 100% of proceeds benefit the charity organizations. When donating with Apple Pay, there no need to manually fill out lengthy account forms or repeatedly type in shipping and billing information. Instead, simply use Touch ID or double click the side button and glance at your iPhone X to authenticate with Face ID.”On social media, it has been ingrained within us to posts, as shared by our network, as a form of acknowledgement, acceptance and resonance,” said Natalia Vodianova, Co Founder of Elbi. “It the same principle on Elbi. We encourage users to which is stronger than because with each tap of the Love Button you are easily and securely donating $1 towards a meaningful cause with Apple Pay. And further differentiating Elbi is our promise to tell you how that dollar was spent and reward you for it, in real life, with the most epic stuff you can choose from the LoveShop.”Once on the app, users can discover charities and causes via engaging video storytelling from the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg, Naomi Campbell, Izabel Goulart, Doutzen Kroes, Noella Coursaris, Winnie Harlow and other users; make donations; and track the impact of their contribution. Users can also regularly shop within the Elbi LoveShop through LoveCoins, the Elbi currency, which regularly features items from companies and brands such as Fendi, Beats by Dre, Berluti, Gabriela Hearst, David Yurman, Loro Piana, Christian Louboutin, H Conscious and Givenchy. These items were curated by influential creative director and stylist Jenke Ahmed Tailly, who is the creative mind behind some of the world most stylish women such as Naomi Campbell, Beyonce and many more and has worked with British, US and Italian Vogue and GQ Magazines.”Elbi, pronounced like the letters, stands for Love Button but also for Little Big, meaning that little actions can bring big difference,” said Timon Afinsky, Co Founder of Elbi. Elbi collaborated with major players in the fashion and art worlds to donate and curate items to spur the launch of ElbiDrop. The user who has accumulated the most LoveCoins during the ElbiDrop promotion will win the item.ElbiDrop ScheduleThe first week will exclusively feature items from Louis Vuitton:Monday, January 22nd Pochette Metis Masters Monet bag from the LV X Koons CollectionTuesday, January 23rd Horizon 55 Monogram rolling luggageWednesday, January 24th Twist MM Epi Denim Pins handbagThursday, January 25th Petite Boite Chapeau, the iconic hat box bag Friday, January 26th Capucines PM Poignee Tote in pythonSaturday, January 27th Petite Mall Epi leather handbagSunday, January 28th Supreme Keepall 45 duffle bagAbout ElbiElbi, which represents both the app signature Love Button and how little actions can make a big difference, is an innovative platform and app that revolutionizes charitable giving by bringing together people, brands and charities to make philanthropy easy and rewarding. It democratizes philanthropy with a tap of a button, providing for a fun and rewarding way to discover and support charity causes.The company harnesses the power of clicktivism, with its Love Button and $1 donations, made easy and simple with Apple Pay. Every donation and interaction earns a LoveCoin which can be saved and spent on handpicked, exclusive products in the LoveShop. And fully transparent with its partners, the charities provide updates on how donations have helped them achieve their goals.
headphones dre beats Elbi Turns Social Media Likes and Loves into Charitable Giving w

beats like headphones Edmonton Journal

beats headphones wholesale Edmonton Journal

Doug Bracewell dismissed Jason Mohammed (3) and Shai Hope (15) in.3 36 and Bracewell 2 21. Spinners Mitchell Santner (1 21) and Ish Sodhi (1 30.

NZ beats West Indies by 66 runs in 3rd ODI; sweeps seriesDecember 25, 2017

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand Mitchell Santner and Trent Boult shared six wickets as New Zealand beat.3 18 as the West Indies run chase crumbled. West Indies captain Jason Holder made 34 from 21 balls and put on 48 in a sixth wicket. “I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s some wolf scenes, and some crazy in depth stuff. Jason Robertson had both goals for the Frontenacs (17 10 6. “It’s not easy. “We came out flat, gave up. We stayed patient and it worked out.” Jason Zucker and Zack Mitchell also scored for the Wild. Devan Dubnyk stopped 26 shots. Adam Henrique and Kevin Roy scored for the Ducks. We stayed patient and it worked out.” Jason Zucker and Zack Mitchell also scored for the Wild. Devan Dubnyk stopped 26 shots. Adam Henrique and Kevin Roy scored for the Ducks.

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beats like headphones Edmonton Journal
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beats like headphones Edmonton Journal

beats dr dre studio headphones Editorial Guidelines

beat headphone reviews Editorial Guidelines

We don’t have the time to proof read and edit your article for you. You can include html markup to give our editors an idea of how you want the article to look, but that doesn’t guarantee the article will be posted in that format. Our editors will use their discretion regarding format when posting articles.

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Articles must be original, useful and informative. Remember, we do review them before posting them online.

Only one outgoing link per article.

We won’t accept sales letters, advertisements or press releases.

We won’t accept articles on pornography, profanity, hate material,
beats dr dre studio headphones Editorial Guidelines
violence or articles defaming an individual or business.

We won’t accept articles containing information that could be used to commit a crime.

Hiring someone to submit your articles or using one of those automated tools to submit your article is one of the worst things you can do. We can tell where articles are coming from and will not put them online if we detect that this is the case. Why is hiring someone a bad idea? Often times these people will use an automated tool to submit the articles and it is easily caught in the filter we have in place. It would be nice if we could accept these articles, but unfortunately, these automatic article submission tools have been abused by the spammers. one strictly made for adsense or one of those cookie cutter sales pitch sites, you know the ones with the huge red fonts at the top, we have no interest in your articles nor are we interested in promoting junk on the internet. This would be considered linking to “bad neighborhoods” in our estimation. As soon as someone clicks the link inside the article to one of these spammy websites, your credibility is gone and we can guarantee that no one will reprint that article.

Acting like you’re linking back to us when submitting an article, when in fact you’re really not, is the quickest way to get ALL of your articles deleted. We don’t have time to mess with liars and we definitely don’t want to help promote their websites. A little bit of common sense here goes a long way.
beats dr dre studio headphones Editorial Guidelines

dre beats headphones sale Edelman returns to practice

beat headphones for sale cheap Edelman returns to practice

Julian Edelman returned to practice on Friday for the first time since breaking his foot against the New York Giants back in Week 10. Edelman has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans, but his return has sparked optimism that he might be able to return to game action sooner than expected.

Rob Gronkowski was also back at practice on Friday, and he is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game, along with Danny Amendola (knee), Scott Chandler (knee), Patrick Chung (foot), Justin Coleman (hand), Dont’a Hightower (knee), Josh Kline (shoulder) and Matthew Slater (stinger). Marcus Cannon, Chandler Jones, Devin McCourty and Michael Williams were all listed as probable. Track and Field and Cross Country Association New England All Region team.

Dickerson was also named First Team All Commonwealth Coast Conference after scoring 6 goals and 6 assists, one point off the team lead in total scoring.

Moore cut over headphones

So here’s a new one. New York Giants defensive end Damontre Moore was reportedly cut by the team earlier this week after he threw a tantrum over not getting a pair of free headphones. Evidently receiver Odell Beckham gave out blue Beats By Dre headphones to some of his teammates, and after defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins took multiple pairs, Moore didn’t get a pair. So Moore started a fight with Jenkins, and afterwards the Giants opted to part ways with the disappointing former 2013 third round pick.

Kobe an All Star?

Kobe Bryant’s final NBA season is looking like it will be unprecedented, as the Lakers legend is currently averaging 15.9 points on a preposterous 17.5 shotsper game, shooting 31 percent from the floor, taking 7.3 three pointers a game while making only 22 percent of them, his defense has been abysmal, and his team lost to the Philadelphia 76ers.

And yet, he may once again be an all star, because every year since his second in the league, the fans have voted him in as a starter. Despite Bryant’s poor play this season, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reportedly wouldn’t mind seeing that happen again, as during an interview on Sirius XM radio, he reportedly said “I hope to see him there. I think he deserves to be there. He’s going to retire as one of the NBA’s greatest players.”

“Deserve” probably isn’t the right word, but after the career Bryant’s had, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the future Hall of Famer get one last nod as a lifetime achievement type of honor.

ArticlesUsed Apple Store owner evicted from Derry shopResidents struggle with deplorable conditions in Lawrence buildingUPDATE: Many in Merrimack Valley to remain without power until late Friday night, National Grid saysPolice: $70,000 worth of cocaine seized from man who took package from porch of Lawrence homeSave by Coach ParkerMan arrested in Lawrence drug investigationDerry mourns passing ofDon BallPolice: Man shot in neck in Lawrence during robberyPolice: Loaded gun found in bed where 3 year old child sleeps in Lawrence homeUnstoppable Force: Reynoso the man as Lawrence gets revenge on St. John’s Prep
dre beats headphones sale Edelman returns to practice

beats by dr dre solo hd headphones Economy grew

dr dre beats headphones studio Economy grew

Real gross domestic product rose 0.6% in the first month of the year, boosted by manufacturing, retail trade and the oil and gas sector, Statistics Canada reported Thursday.

“I think the manufacturing sector and exports more broadly are finally kicking into gear in a big way, both because of the comeback in the auto sector in particular, but also thanks to the lower Canadian dollar,” he said.

“Even above and beyond that though, we had pleasant surprises almost across the board in the Canadian economy and there is no single factor that I can point to.”

Porter said that in many ways it was the mirror image of what was happening in the economy a year ago.

“Now suddenly nothing can go wrong for it, which is quite an amazing turn of events given the fact that oil prices hit multi year lows in January and financial markets were struggling mightily because of the concerns about weak growth,” Porter said.

He said that growth of 2% this year looks doable with the federal budget stimulus announced last week.

In its most recent forecast, the Bank of Canada predicted the economy would grow by 1.4% this year, but that did not account for the new spending in the budget,
beats by dr dre solo hd headphones Economy grew
which forecasts a deficit this year of nearly $30 billion.

The central bank is expected to update its forecast when it releases its new monetary policy report on April 13.

TD Bank economist Brian DePratto said TD doesn expect the central bank to raise interest rates until well into 2017.

“With the Canadian growth rotation just getting underway and long term inflationary pressures appearing muted, the Bank of Canada will likely want to keep its foot on the accelerator for as long as possible to support the rotation process,” DePratto wrote in a note.

But David Watt, chief economist at HSBC Bank Canada, said he was unconvinced that the underlying momentum of the economy has clearly improved and noted that business and consumer confidence remain weak.

The GDP report came the same day as the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said its business barometer index fell 2.4 points to 52.3 for March, its lowest level since March 2009.

A reading above 50 on the 100 point scale means business owners expecting performance to be stronger in the next year outnumber those expecting the opposite.

Watt also said that despite the upswing in manufacturing, employment in the factory sector remains near all time lows.

“In our view, it is far from clear that firms in the factory sector are confident enough to add to payrolls, or to invest to boost capacity,” he said.

Statistics Canada said the output of goods producing industries increased 1.2% in January as the manufacturing sector grew by 1.9%.

Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction rose 0.9%. Increases in oil and gas extraction as well as support activities for the mining and energy sector more than offset a drop in mining and quarrying.
beats by dr dre solo hd headphones Economy grew