beat headphones by dr dre Monster looks to rebuild brand after loss of Beats

beats headphones low price Monster looks to rebuild brand after loss of Beats

ATLANTA (AP) It’s been a tough couple of years for Monster.

The audio cable company was in a coveted position as the decade began after launching what became the hottest headphones on the market, Beats by Dre. The audio devices had hip hop/production legend Dr. Dre as a namesake and soon became synonymous with headphone chic. Celebrities like LeBron James, Diddy, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber launched their own signature Beats by Dre lines, and a host of other performers, athletes and entertainers became unofficial representatives as the most famous faces on the planet sported Beats on their ears.

But Beats Electronics ended its partnership with Monster last year. Even though Beats is still superhot, Monster CEO Noel Lee believes his San Francisco based company has the proper pieces in place to regain its mojo.

“It left us having to reinvent ourselves, and that’s what we are going to do,” said self proclaimed “Head Monster” Lee.

Monster is pushing out headphones, tablets, slim battery power adapters and portable DJ turntable mixers. The company is also tapping stars like Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Cannon, Jason Aldean, Meek Mill and Drew Brees as its pitchmen.

Lee, who often rides a gold plated Segway because of a neurodegenerative disease, is seen as an eccentric champion of the privately owned Monster. A confident individual, he takes a lot of the credit for the stylish Beats by Dre headphones. He said the key contribution of Beats Electronics, founded Dr. Dre and Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine, was marketing (though he allows that Robert Bruner, chief designer at Beats, did the industrial design).

“People have to realize that them was us,” Lee said. “Monster did that. Beats supplied the marketing. We supplied all the distribution, all the technology, all the engineering that went into the product. What we didn’t have was the marketing clout before.”

Now, Lee says he does with music producer Swizz Beatz, who purchased a co ownership stake in the company this year. But don’t expect Swizz Beatz to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Dre and release his own line anytime soon. His focus has been to make the Monster brand appealing to consumers in the same way he helped in Reebok’s return to relevance.

“I’m here to show the world who we are,” said Swizz Beatz, who has appeared in a commercial with A$AP Rocky to promote Monster’s DNA headphones. “There are so many being powered and plugged by Monster, but hardly anyone knows that. It’s all about getting back to the roots and showing people what we’re all about.”

After Swizz Beatz was brought into the fold, he persuaded retired basketball champion O’Neal to be part of the Monster team. It was an easy decision for O’Neal, who still has strong marketing power.

“People ask me all the time, ‘How do you pick a partner?'” O’Neal said. “It’s simple. I’ve got to believe in the product. I believe in this. For me, it’s never about money starting off. I learned a long time ago, when you invest your money, time and it’s something you believe in, it will hit in the long run. Monster is proven.”

Monster, which was founded by Lee in 1978, became known for selling pricey video and audio cables. Monster eventually partnered with Beats, launching Beats by Dre in 2008. Both companies flourished together over the next five years. In its last year with Monster, 2012, Beats by Dre captured 53 percent of the $1 billion annual headphone market, according to the NPD Group, a market research group.

But Beats decided not to renew a five year contract with Monster in early 2012 after HTC bought a majority stake in the company for $300 million (it later sold half the shares back to Monster). Since the split, Beats’ market share has increased to 57 percent.

Lee said the buyout with Beats was “amicable.” He said the company paid to retain the name, audio, patents and designs. He said he was paid “very generously” in royalties and a percentage of the Beats company, but declined to say how much.

Looking back, Lee said he made a mistake by not building his own company’s brand while working with Beats. He’s now looking to gain more exposure by partnering with Viacom, Clear Channel and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which will be marketing Monster on their networks or at events.

Beats by Dre declined to comment for this story.

“My team really . focused our attention to develop Monster owned products and branding our own,” Lee said. “We bled Beats, designed and marketed Beats. I never thought it wasn’t our brand. That was probably our mistake for some people who think about going forward and doing licensing. . We won’t make the mistake again.”

Meek Mill is playing a big part in marketing Monster through his millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. The rapper has posted a number of photos of himself along with Diddy, Rick Ross and Tyson Beckford sporting the 24K gold headphones, which were recently released.

Monster is trying to widen its demographic with various headphone lines for business travelers, fitness enthusiasts, video gamers and listeners of different music genres.

“They are looking at the headphone market and the way people are wearing them,” said Ben Arnold, director of the NPD Group. “We know people have multiple pairs of headphones for different listening occasions. They are working on so many different spaces. It says to me that they are trying to forge a new name for themselves.”

But it’s not all about headphones for Monster. Swizz Beatz sees enormous value in creating other products, such as the pocket sized GO DJ, a portable turntable mixer.

“We want to be innovators like Apple,” he said. “We want to introduce people to a DJ production set that’s wireless. A DJ doesn’t have to be in the booth no more. He could be in the middle of the dance floor, rocking all of his records. . That’s where we are going. Everything we’re doing is going to feel organic.”
beat headphones by dr dre Monster looks to rebuild brand after loss of Beats

cheap dre beats headphones Monroe man charged with shooting

dr dre beats headphones cheap Monroe man charged with shooting

MONROE The Benton County Sheriff’s Office has charged a Monroe man with shooting and killing a dog on his property.

Joseph Paul Hardin, 69, of Monroe, was charged with first degree animal abuse, a Class A misdemeanor, after reportedly shooting and killing “Charlie,” a black German shepherd for allegedly chasing deer on Hardin’s property on Aug. 29 at 26326 Highway 99W in Monroe. Charlie was neighbor Juan Ramos’ companion animal and service dog. Ramos is a combat veteran who served in the Navy, according to a report from BCSO. Deputy Eric Glass issued Hardin a citation in lieu of custody as Hardin reportedly injured his leg in weeks prior and was cooperative during the investigation.

Hardin told Glass that he had been resting on the couch and got up to go into the kitchen to get something to eat when he looked out onto his field and saw a black dog “spook a doe” from the ditch. Hardin noted that the doe got away but a yearling did not make it over a fence and the “black dog knocked it down.”

“Hardin told me he shot the dog for chasing the deer,” Glass said in the report. “When I returned from viewing the scene in the field Hardin asked me if he was going to jail. I told Hardin I would not be taking him to jail. I explained I understood why he shot the dog but I could find no legal reason for a citizen to shoot a dog for chasing a deer.”

Glass noted that Hardin “felt bad he shot Juan’s dog.”

Glass issued a citation in lieu of custody and seized a Winchester model 255,
cheap dre beats headphones Monroe man charged with shooting
22 magnum rifle that had a 4×20 Tasco brand scope.

Sheriff Scott Jackson said a deputy issuing a citation in lieu of custody is “pretty common” with the limited capacity in the Benton County Jail.

Juan and Mia Ramos spoke to BCSO Deputy Christopher Dale at the scene. Dale described the interaction this way in the report.

Mia explained that Charlie was a service dog for Juan that cost about $13,000 to have the dog trained and shipped from Europe. The dog was donated to Juan as a service dog. Mia further explained that the dog was trained to open doors and that she forgot to lock the back door when she left for work. Juan was out of town and Mia explained that Charlie “had anxiety whenever Juan would leave.”

Juan told Dale that he had been on Hardin’s property two weeks ago to help Hardin after a tree had fallen on him. The Ramos family told Dale that they believed Charlie had been following Juan’s scent. The pair asked that all comments come from their Portland based attorney Dane Johnson.

“The loss of a companion animal, in particular a service animal, is a devastating loss,” Johnson said Friday. “We will certainly cooperate and assist the prosecution as much as possible.”

Johnson noted that a prosecuting attorney had yet to be assigned in the case.

“There is often a great deal of confusion and misinformation about service animals and the rights of people with service animals,” Johnson said. “A lot of people think that people with service animals need certification or something to be legitimate. It doesn’t change the fact that people with service dogs do not need certification, it just needs to be trained to do tasks that assist the person with disability. In this case, Charlie was trained to do work and tasks that assisted Mr. Ramos with disabilities that he has a result of his military service.”

Too bad not all the facts have been included. I’m not saying that Mr Hardin was right to shoot the dog, but it was his property and the owner had more than sufficient time to retrieve his beloved dog.

I knew this Dog he was extremely well trained. I praise Juan for his service to our country and the abilities he lost in his service. This was not an everyday service dog. This was a combat trained by the military service dog. It breaks my heart to know that a man who clearly knew Charlie was a service dog but because of his ugly heart shot this dog. Who in all the times I have been around this dog never ever showed an aggressive bone toward anything. RIP sweet Charlie. If the dog was truly chasing a deer which I am not sure is true this man also knew the dog why didn’t he just tie him up.
cheap dre beats headphones Monroe man charged with shooting

beats dj headphones Moments de grce et de perdition

customized beats headphones Moments de grce et de perdition

Alliage tr audacieux avec des de provenant de plusieurs disciplines, la proposition Amours, d et orgues de Pierre Lapointe a constitu de moments de gr et de passages qui allaient un peu dans toutes les directions.

L’auteur, compositeur et interpr pr vendredi, au Palais Montcalm, un voyage non traditionnel dans son univers.

Pendant que les spectateurs prenaient place dans leurs si Pierre Lapointe est d sur sc Il discute, nettoie le plancher et fait quelques Les musiciens et danseurs qui l’accompagnent font de m On a l’impression d’ dans une r

La metteure en sc Sophie Cadieux pr la distribution et tout coup le spectacle est lanc

Apr une introduction musicale qui s’arr brusquement, Pierre Lapointe raconte qu’il aimerait amener les gens sur une plage paradisiaque, sans nuages, o tout sera en abondance.

qu’il faudra que je vous tue un bon matin a t il prAmours, d et orgues part certains moments dans toutes les directions. Il y a des chansons, de la danse, un orgue d’ qui gronde et des moments o les monologues s’ inutilement.

Comme cet entretien avec le com Bernier o l’on aborde la non introspection de Pierre Lapointe, pourquoi il n’essaie pas de faire de son mieux et sa politesse.

Un qui se termine dans une empoigne o le com tente de l’ sur des beats technos.

Il fait un coming out, avouant qu’il aime le hockey, propose aux h dans la salle de s’imaginer durant 20 secondes en train de faire l’amour avec un homme et raconte une anecdote mettant en vedette Jay Z et Beyonc

Ces nombreux et monologues,
beats dj headphones Moments de grce et de perdition
m s’ils sont sympathiques et amusants, brisent le rythme et ne servent pas bien la proposition.

Les plus beaux moments de cette soir ont ceux, musicaux, o Pierre Lapointe a interpr La plus belle des maisons, La sexualit la techno Alphabet, la superbe Tel un seul homme, avec tous ses collaborateurs r autour d’une bo musique.

Tout comme cette traduction de la rythm Glad to be Gay du Tom Robinson Band, avec une finale chant par la foule.

L’interpr de Mad Rush de Philip Glass par Jean Willy Kunz, avec l’orgue majestueux du Palais Montcalm et le danseur Fr Gravel qui tourbillonnait au son de la musique, tout simplement majestueuse. ce moment, il se passait visiblement quelque chose.

Pierre Lapointe a ensuite propos une int version, la sauce Kraftwerk, de La solitude de L Ferr avec une voix trafiqu et la tr belle Le retour d’un amour, en fin de spectacle, en voix et seul au piano.

Il faut souligner la tr grande audace de Pierre Lapointe avec une proposition, qui par moment,
beats dj headphones Moments de grce et de perdition
a des allures d’une oeuvre en construction et qui a besoin de grandir et d’

which headphones are better beats or bose Molly Douglas to Joan Goldberg

dr dre beats solo hd headphones Molly Douglas to Joan Goldberg

So when asked in a recent interview with The Palm Beach Post whether she keep waterfront manager Joan Goldberg around, Douglas didn hesitate.

Douglas said. a consultant. No consultants are welcomed at my table right now. said that doesn include her own consultants like attorneys Michael Weeks and Paul Krasker who will help her with the transition process if she elected mayor.

Goldberg is a trusted consultant and adviser to Mayor Lois Frankel, with an office next door to the mayor. She was handed the keys to the waterfront redesign, overseeing a $30 million revamping of the waterfront.

She currently the city waterfront manager, although the city is in the process of selecting a company to oversee the for profit business aspects of the waterfront. The city will likely continue to run the non profit side of the waterfront, unless the next mayor changes course.

On Monday, Goldberg said she limited as to what she can publicly say. But she added that the decision to get rid of her, the right of whoever the mayor is. recently signed a contract extension, but it has a provision that she can be fired with 30 days notice.

Frankel praised Goldberg and said many staff members and consultants probably wouldn want to work for Douglas anyway. A recent Post investigative story detailed Douglas tough stance with staff members in the building department, and the FBI investigation that followed.

think Molly Douglas relationship with the staff has so deteriorated that I don think she going to have to worry about getting rid of people. I don think they going to work for her, said Frankel, who is supporting Jeri Muoio for mayor.

think Joan put a very unusual perspective on the city. You look at the waterfront as an example of the creativity that she brought. There are so many ongoing projects she involved with, and Joan was an example of thinking outside the box. Other than me, she probably the hardest working person who is putting in 10, 12 hours a day. She does a lot of brilliant work. Follow This Story >
which headphones are better beats or bose Molly Douglas to Joan Goldberg

beats audio headphones best buy Mobile Technology Integration

where to buy beat headphones Mobile Technology Integration

Industry 4.0 represents a paradigm shift from centralized to decentralized manufacturing. It will require the adaptation of processes, talent, the business’ very structure and certainly technology. In fact, technology, including advanced robotics and artificial intelligence; sophisticated sensors; cloud computing; the internet of things (IoT); data capture and analytics; and digital fabrication (including 3 D printing) are all coalescing into the ushering in of this next industrial revolution.

However, all of these technological advancements share one common element mobility. While the factory’s network connects to all the machines for control and data collection, people are still needed to monitor, adjust, maintain and repair these computer controlled stations. “These workers need mobile devices with which to both interact with the machines, and coordinate their activities with the control room,” said Mark Holleran, President and CEO of Technologies. “You cannot send a mechanic with a toolbox of just socket wrenches and screwdrivers. And relying on paper forms would take equipment off line for too long. This mechanic needs a mobile computer to investigate, adjust and record his or her activities.”

This notion is catching on. According to VDC Research, more than 85% of manufacturers now believe mobile solutions are more important than they were a year ago.

In fact, VDC’s recent report, “Mobile’s Place in the Connected Factory,” says manufacturing’s “increasing amount of data is poised to change the industry.” Thus, factory workers have to become information workers who can sustain total connectivity to the complex, and already automated, factories. This is regardless of whether they work inside or outside those four walls. VDC notes that the only way this can be achieved is to implement mobile technology, which will then allow manufacturers to digitalize paper processes, improve communications and provide full visibility into the complete flow of operations. “That is why investment in automation should be conducted in tandem with investment in mobility solutions, in order to create modern, paperless manufacturing plants that thrive amid new competition,” said Holleran. “If your company is evolving from Industry 3.0 to 4.0, make sure to develop your mobility strategy on what I call the mobility trifecta: connectivity, data and hardware. Having seen much of the transition to Industry 3.0 in decades past, it is clear that information access will be the key necessity as companies forge their path, this time, toward Industry 4.0, and this trifecta of factors combines to make that information access achievable.”In addition to the data input capabilities of RFID and scanning technologies so prevalent today, full service mobile technologies provide a gradual step in advancing this industrial wave in manufacturing in several ways such as:Exchanging critical information on the spot to solve issues on the plant floor, increasing safety and productivity of the entire plant

Enhancing visibility into metrics, and processes for executive leadership and complementary departments into the ongoing process of manufacturing.”Data is an inarguable key to factory effectiveness, and effective mobile hardware is the link to help connect that data without any loss of time or accuracy,” said Holleran. “Why? Let us take an oil exploration company as an example. According to McKinsey Company, this company collected more than 30,000 pieces of data from its drilling rigs yet 99% of that data was lost due to problems of data transmission. Executives surveyed by McKinsey said that correcting these data inefficiencies would improve productivity by about 25%. So, in order to ensure the effectiveness of modern factories, systems need to be in place to physically monitor,
beats audio headphones best buy Mobile Technology Integration
collect, transmit and communicate each step of the way.

“Wireless connectivity is critical, especially in a tough environment like a factory with sources of interference, and lots of steel, which can attenuate signals. Commercial grade wireless devices that excel at 802.11ac Wi Fi, Bluetooth and RFID are essential. And if these mobile devices will be used outside, anywhere from loading docks to shipping yards to secondary facilities, then LTE WWAN and GPS become important.”As VDC frequently reiterates in its reports and commentary: the only way to truly digitalize the lingering paper processes left in today’s factory, to improve communications and to provide complete visibility into the flow of operations from any position on the factory floor will be by way of mobile technology solutions and investment in sustainable hardware. Mobile devices that are connected to the factory’s backbone will allow for manuals to be quickly retrieved, and incoming data from the machines to be read, stored and analyzed. This will also allow for tickets to be opened and closed transparently, eliminating frequent duplication.

“This all requires a strong, secure, personal piece of hardware for modern manufacturing’s highly skilled, but information driven, workers,” said Holleran. “Rugged tablets are the only mobile platforms built to survive the manufacturing day. They are also the only mobile PC form factor that in the last 20 years has consistently proven to reduce manufacturers’ overall technology costs. Unlike laptops and handhelds, rugged tablets both truly mobile and fully functioning computers. Plus, they are the only PC device that offers the ideal feature formula for long term mobile and IT platform stability: the fastest processors; expandable memory and storage; upgradeable OS options, enterprise level security and MDM/EMM; advanced communications technology; all of the required I/O; and, most importantly, internal and external resilience to the hazards of the factory and warehouse.

“Drops onto concrete floors or steel plating, harsh bangs that any computer must endure when mounted on a material handling cart, or the inadvertent tool that is accidently dropped on the mobile device itself are all common incidents in manufacturing and propose risks to both humans and technology. Plus, robot interactions, solvents, extreme temperatures and vibrations can all harm non rugged devices, making ruggedized tablets with solid state drives (SSDs) the most appropriate choice for manufacturing.”

Ultimately, these highly automated factories create two kinds of work environments. For many people most commonly the line workers automation isolates their focus to the task at hand by removing distractions. Yet they still need to access and use the data being generated by these automated systems to keep the factory operating at peak performance. But such tasks are commonly supported by automated monitoring systems that are shared via mobile or mounted devices, barcode scanners and RFID readers.

“That is why some of the industry’s first adopters of rugged tablet technologies manufacturers that have been using this technology in some basic workflow capacity over the last decade are seeing a second level of return on their investment today, even ahead of the full Industry 4.0 transition,” said Holleran. “Rugged tablets now come with built in barcode scanners and RFID readers that eliminate the need for multiple peripheral devices, meaning a single rugged tablet can provide complete information mobility to support the user’s walking and working tasks. Better yet, these same rugged tablets can be mounted onto a forklift or cart as a removable PC option or convert to a desktop platform with ease, eliminating the need for multiple computers for each worker. Rugged tablets’ unique adaptability to change means manufacturers can scale workflow management systems, automate business processes, integrate new software and conduct OS or security upgrades without needing to replace the device every time.

“While the pursuit of this process of automation has been underway for some time now, this decade’s more recent acceleration of automation capabilities is propelling a greater realization of what could be’ in the coming era as manufacturers gain the ability to more effectively connect, analyze and apply all the data available within their facilities. While Industry 4.0 is still very much in its infancy, there is significant groundwork already being laid as manufacturers invest in technology driven techniques,
beats audio headphones best buy Mobile Technology Integration
creating a technology and financial foundation for the manufacturing model of the future one that will be intrinsically mobile.

best price for dr dre beats headphones Mobile man busted with over

what are the best dre beats headphones Mobile man busted with over

PERDIDO, Alabama A Mobile man faces felony charges after Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office deputies discovered a carload of counterfeit merchandise during a traffic stop on Interstate 65. Phifer was driving a Dodge Caravan when he was pulled over by members of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit on Sept. 3 near the Perdido exit in north Baldwin County.

According to a Sheriff’s Office media release, the deputy saw over 200 items of merchandise in plain view of the passenger’s compartment and rear cargo area of the vehicle and Phifer admitted that some of it was counterfeit.

“Phifer also stated he deals in counterfeit merchandise,” the release stated. “Phifer told deputies he was en route to (sell) merchandise when he was stopped by law enforcement. ”

In all, deputies determined the value of the merchandise exceeded $32,000 with fake products including Beats by Dr. Dre, Burberry, Chanel, Guicci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors,
best price for dr dre beats headphones Mobile man busted with over
Polo, Prada, Ray Ban, Tory Burch, and among other merchandise.

According to Baldwin County jail records, Phifer was first booked on Sept. 3 on one count of theft of trademarks or trade secrets, a Class C felony, and then released on $5,000 bail. He was back behind bars on Sept. 8, however, and had five additional counts tacked on before being released once again.
best price for dr dre beats headphones Mobile man busted with over

are beats headphones good mobile features coming this fall

beats by dr dre headphones cheap mobile features coming this fall

That will change, he says, with HealthKit coming to the new mobile software, iOS 8. You can share songs, movies and books you purchase with your entire family. It’s similar to how services such as Dropbox let you work with the same files on multiple devices more easily. A Mail Drop feature will make it easier to send large files. It will also get the iCloud Drive service. The new software will sport interactive notifications, so you can respond to a message without having to leave another app. It will have new gestures, such as double tapping to see a list of frequent contacts. A “quick type” feature promises predictive typing suggestions. For example, if you start typing, “Do you want to go to,” the phone will suggest “dinner” or “movie” as the next word. Currently, the suggestions are limited to spelling corrections. IOS 8 will have a built in health management tool to help people track their vital signs, diet and sleeping habits. Apple’s chief rival, Samsung Electronics Co., incorporated fitness related features in its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. Apple announced new technology for controlling garage doors, thermostats and other home systems, although the company didn’t say how all the pieces will be linked together through what it calls HomeKit. For developers, Apple announced the ability to sell app bundles at discounted prices. The deal brings rapper Dr. Dre and recording impresario Jimmy Iovine to undetermined roles at Apple. During a demo Monday, Federighi placed a call to Dr. But Apple did say it’ll be possible to tap the Siri virtual assistant without pressing a button. Cars with built in CarPlay services and radios that are compatible with CarPlay are both expected this year.
are beats headphones good mobile features coming this fall

beats of dre headphones Miss Hummelstown pageant awards announced by the Hummelstown Community Foundation

dre beats headphones pro Miss Hummelstown pageant awards announced by the Hummelstown Community Foundation

Patty Wylie, a junior at Lower Dauphin High School, was named Miss Hummelstown 2015 at the pageant held Oct. 13. The pageant is sponsored by the Hummelstown Community Foundation, Inc. Wylie is the daughter of Bill and Sherie Wylie. She is involved in numerous school and community activities including fall play, spring musical, Chamber Singers, Future Educators of America, mini Thon, Class Council, BIG, National Honor Society, National English Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society. She is a mentor with Lower Dauphin Communities That Care’s Club Ophelia program and church activities. Her entry in the Miss Hummelstown competition was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hummelstown. Other award winners and their sponsors included: Jordan Schaefer, first runner up, sponsored by Lower Dauphin Communities That Care; Jennifer Abraham, second runner up, sponsored by the Hummelstown Area Historical Society and Ellerie Krot, third runner up, sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary. Samantha Markley, sponsored by South Hanover Lions Club, was voted Miss Congeniality by the other contestants. The Paul Baker Essay Award winner was Sarah Jo Gibbs, sponsored by the Marine Corps League. The Jerry Kling Leadership Award winner was Gabrielle James, sponsored by American Legion Post 265. Other contestants were Natalie Balmer, Rachel Green, Alex Leader, Madison Lilliock, Brooke Lomis, Emily McKissick, Sarah Parmer, Lierin Randall, Katherine Spanos, Jenifer Ray and Amanda Walton. The Lower Dauphin High School juniors who participated in the pageant were required to present a biographical sheet of interests, community service and future plans. They also wrote essays and participated in personal interviews with a panel of judges. Judges for the event were Lois Baker,
beats of dre headphones Miss Hummelstown pageant awards announced by the Hummelstown Community Foundation
Kathy Baker O’Day, Robert and Marge Cutright, and Bill and Rosemary Jackson.

Five students at Lower Dauphin High School were named Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship program. They include seniors Kevin Beaver, Daniel Davis, Jason Heath, Eric Markley, Austin Schwartz, Mikala Wells and Victoria Yohe.

Lower Dauphin High School’s orchestra went on tour to the school district’s five elementary schools in October. This year the theme was “Orchestral Dances,” featuring “Lord of the Dance,” “Danse Macabre,” “Smooth,” “Moondance,” and “Square Dance” which featured elementary string players performing alongside their high school counterparts.

The Panther Ram Foundation is holding its “Fill the Bus to Tackle Hunger” food drive to collect non perishable food products for its PowerPack program. The food drive benefits the PowerPack Program in the Central Dauphin School District, which provides nutritional food for weekends to elementary students who receive free and reduced lunches throughout the week. Products can be donated at Weis Market East Shore locations in Union Deposit, Paxton Town Center, Linglestown Road and Swatara Township. The food drive runs through Oct. 31 and culminates at Central Dauphin’s Oct. 31 football game between Central Dauphin High School and Central Dauphin East High School at Landis Field. The Panther Ram Foundation will give out raffle tickets for donations received at the football game. One ticket will be given for every five non perishable food items donated such as peanut butter, canned chicken, tuna, soup, pasta and granola bars. Raffle prizes include a 50 inch Vizio TV, an Apple IPAD and Beats by Dre headphones. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 each. Donations can also be dropped off at the Central Dauphin School District Administration Building.

The Leukemia Lymphoma Society recognized Central Dauphin School District schools and top coordinators from the 2013 2014 school year participating in School Youth Programs. The schools took part in the Pennies for Patients or Pasta for Pennies programs during a three week timeframe, hosting fun events and spare change collections for the fight against blood cancers. The contributions totaled over $26,000. Awards were presented during the school board meeting Oct. 20. The Pennies for Patients Program is a service learning program for elementary and secondary schools. Students collect funds, starting with their own spare change, used to support the research and patient services programs of The Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Nov. 22 at Central Dauphin East High School, 626 Rutherford Road, Lower Paxton Township. The craft fair will include a variety of food and over 130 vendors.

Daniel Reeves, a student at Hershey High School, was recognized as a student of the month for October by the Hershey Rotary Club.

Daniel Reeves, Hershey High School and Mackenzie Lombardi, Middletown Area High SchoolSubmitted

Mackenzie Lombardi, a student at Middletown Area High School, was recognized as a student of the month for October by the Hershey Rotary Club.
beats of dre headphones Miss Hummelstown pageant awards announced by the Hummelstown Community Foundation

beats by dre red headphones Minnesota Public Radio

what is the best beats by dre headphones Minnesota Public Radio

The Overview Effect is a cognitive shift that affects some astronauts when they see the earth from space. Many say they no longer identify with a specific nationality or culture after seeing earth from outer space, instead they see themselves, and all citizens on earth, as one people, living on one world. The Overview Effect has been documented by numerous astronauts and cosmonauts, who describe seeing the Earth from in space first hand like seeing “a tiny, fragile ball of life hanging in the void, shielded and nourished by a paper thin atmosphere.”

Full Feature: The Overview Effect

Why do elephants line up to hug a little old lady in Nairobi National Park? She’s their mother. Their adopted human mother. Dame Daphne Sheldrick has been saving orphaned baby elephants in Africa for over fifty years now, rescuing hundreds from certain death after their mothers and entire families were slaughtered by poachers for their ivory tusks. She founded the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, where hundreds of orphaned baby elephants have been saved and returned to the wild. He was having dinner at a sidewalk cafe about a mile from the Bataclan theater with friend, photographer and fellow collaborator, Tanja Hollander, when bullets, bombs and coordinated terrorist attacks erupted across the city. As texts came in alerting him to the attacks, Jeff discovered one of his students was in trouble, nineteen year old journalism student Sarah Khatry had been traveling in Paris and was alone, shuttered in a restaurant, just blocks from the infamous Bataclan Theater, where terrorists would take the lives of over eighty hostages before the night was over. Jeff immediately set out to find her. Here he recounts those harrowing early hours on the night of the attacks, as the hurried streets filled with confusion and fear, and then gave way to long eerie days of quiet grief and deep introspection.

Paris Attacks Grieving Together

The Ocean is full of bad news. Marine pollution, over fishing, acidification, invasive species and sea temperature rise make the problems seem as vast as the oceans themselves. There are solutions however, according to National Geographic and Explorer in Residence Dr. Enric Sala, who is a National Geographic Explorer in Residence and the founder of “Pristine Seas” a worldwide project dedicated to identifying, surveying, protecting,
beats by dre red headphones Minnesota Public Radio
and restoring the last truly wild places in the ocean.

The Silver Lining of Cecil Full Feature

Once upon a time, there was a little barber shop in Downtown Dubuque, Iowa called the Spark Family Hair Salon. It’s a friendly and cozy place, even though it’s located on a not so great street, in an economically challenged neighborhood, nestled right between a gun store and a pawn shop.

Inside the little salon is a big barber named Courtney D. Holmes, a forty five year old African American man with horn rimmed glasses, an easy smile and wide shoulders, who gives free haircuts to underprivileged kids in exchange for them reading out loud to him. “I’ve got two sons of my own.” he says. “I just want to help kids start reading.”

Barber gives free haircuts to kids who read out loud for him

Tom Davies is 19 years old and lives in London. He finished high school last summer and wanted to do something “different” for his gap year, which is a British expression for the year many high school students take off before starting college. So, being an enthusiastic cyclist he decided to bicycle around the world.

“I’m often asked how and when I came up with the idea, and I have to say I’m not really sure. It wasn’t a sudden eureka moment, it happened over a while, and it was more the conclusion of a thought process whilst thinking up a way to combine cycling and travelling. Eventually coming up with this slightly ‘unconventional’ plan.”

Dr. Marc Rayman is the chief engineer and mission director for the Dawn Misssion, in NASAs Discovery Program. The missions name, “Dawn” came from the core objective of investigating these worlds for a better understanding the origins of our universe. Dawn’s actual mission is to investigate the last two uncharted worlds in our inner solar system, Vesta and Ceres, the two largest celestial bodies rollicking around in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. They’re so big they’re not even considered asteroids, give Vesta is a “Protoplanet” and Ceres is a “Dwarf planet,” like Pluto.

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Adam Shoalts is a professional explorer and adventurer for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in Canada. His specialty is exploring rivers so remote they have no names and in some cases are not even accurately mapped.

Shoalts has ventured everywhere from the jungles of the Amazon to the desolate tundra of the High Arctic, where he canoed one of the most northern rivers ever navigated in North America called the ‘Again River’ where he discovered seven uncharted waterfalls, by falling over them.

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Long before birds, long before whales, insects have been thrumming, scraping, and drumming complex beats out into the world.

Bug Music continues Rothenberg’s in depth research and spirited writing on the relationship between human and animal music, adding another fascinating chapter to his work recording “inter species” symphonies with other animals such as Nightingales and Humpback whales, which surprisingly seem to be singing similar songs. Rothenberg’s work challenges our understanding of inter species communication and our place in nature and our relationship to the creatures surrounding us,
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making a passionate case for the interconnectedness of species.

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In Willpower, the pioneering researcher Roy F.

“Monsters in America,” by W. A masterful survey of our grim and often disturbing past, Monsters in America uniquely brings together history and culture studies to expose the dark obsessions that have helped create our national identity. Chefs have been playing the “My Last Supper” game among themselves for decades, if not centuries, but it had always been kept within the profession until now. Melanie Dunea came up with the ingenious idea to ask fifty of the world’s famous chefs to let her in on this insider’s game and tell her what their final meals would be. So begins Susan Orlean’s sweeping, powerfully moving account of Rin Tin Tin’s journey from orphaned puppy to movie star and international icon. Orlean spent nearly ten years researching and reporting her most captivating book to date: the story of a dog who was born in 1918 and never died. Whether we’re deciding to take a cholesterol drug or choosing a cancer treatment, we are overwhelmed by information from all sides: our doctors’ recommendations, dissenting expert opinions,
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confusing statistics, conflicting media reports, the advice of friends, claims on the Internet, and a never ending stream of drug company ads. Your Medical Mind shows us how to chart a clear path through this sea of confusion. This book provides a clearer understanding of modern day political campaigns by revealing what is on the minds of the people who run them. Candice Millard brings to life the story of James A. Garfield, who was shot in the back just four months after being inaugurated as president. The drama of what happened subsequently is a powerful story of a nation in turmoil. Having followed Mexico’s cartels for years, border security expert Sylvia Longmire takes readers deep into the heart of the drug world to witness a dangerous underground that will do whatever it takes to deliver drugs to a willing audience of American consumers. With his signature insight and humor, Jeffrey Kluger takes big ideas about siblings and turns them into smart, accessible writing that will help anyone understand the importance of siblings in our lives.

A profoundly moving and deeply personal memoir exploring the hidden conversation on race by the co host of NPR’s flagship program All Things Considered.
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