the best beats headphones Student and Civic Engagement

50 cent beats headphones Student and Civic Engagement

That means that these organizations have no affiliation with or supervision by the College, do not follow the rules that are set for Greek social organizations,, and do not give the College the names of their members. They are loosely organized social clubs that often use the Greek letters of legitimate organizations. Their use of these names is illegal because they are not formally affiliated with the national organizations. The dues that are paid are used solely for the social activities of the local group. These groups were at one time recognized by the College and were affiliated with national organizations but are no longer. Members of unrecognized groups sometimes lie to new students about the group’s status. An example is saying that the group’s recognition is suspended but that they will regain their recognition later in the year.

The following organizations are not recognized by Penn State Altoona or the Greek Council:

InJanuary 2018, Penn State’s Office of Student Conduct concluded that hazing, consisting of forced servitude, had occured as part of Gamma Phi Beta sorority’s new member activities during previous semesters. Following its suspension, the sorority also lost it’s recognition from the Gamma Phi Beta national office, resulting in the indefinite closure of the Zeta Pi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta at Penn State Altoona.

The University discourages students from joining a fraternity or sorority that the University does not recognize. Unrecognized fraternities are not held to the University or Council standards that govern the behavior of other chapters. They operate without the oversight, training, and education provided by staff in the Center for Student and Civic Engagement.

the best beats headphones Student and Civic Engagement
hazing is often a problem with unrecognized groups. Students who rush unrecognized groups do so at their own risk of academic failure or difficulty and physical and emotional hazing.

red beat headphones Studebaker cars return home for ‘Drivers Club’ meeting

beats headphones where to buy Studebaker cars return home for ‘Drivers Club’ meeting

LifeHome Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior LivingShop and WinLifeHome Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior LivingShop and Win

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Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living

RadarClosings DelaysSketch the SkyMorning Drive Forecast7 Day ForecastFirst Alert Weather CamerasWeather AppWeather Maps

Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living
red beat headphones Studebaker cars return home for 'Drivers Club' meeting

beats headphones in ear Straight Outta Compton’

monster beat headphones Straight Outta Compton’

But even after nearly two and one half hours, I thought it ended too soon. I was into it, and I wanted to know more. It was filled with great performances, and although not a comedy by any stretch, it was still much funnier than you might expect; and even touching in spots, especially when Dr. Dre (Corey Hawkins) gets the news of his younger brother’s death. Real news footage both of NWA’s success and the notorious Rodney King footage and subsequent riots further up the realism, and the racial profiling and police brutality not only inform the background of the members of NWA, but are sadly still timely. You may also be surprised at the amount of onscreen time spent showing tough guys cry.

The tension and division that broke up NWA into a few solo pieces is certainly well documented, but the actual creative process is given short shrift. One minute Eric “Easy E” can barely rap at all, and the next minute he’s up on stage, a seasoned pro. Although we see much of Ice Cube’s inspiration for his rhymes (usually police brutality), we get very little of where Dre’s beats come from, with the actual music of NWA created basically off camera. For a story about NWA, we see very little of the talent and process that created the music that lifted them outta Compton; we mainly see what brings them down.
beats headphones in ear Straight Outta Compton'

beat dre headphones Straight Outta Compton review

beats by dre dj headphones Straight Outta Compton review

Straight Outta Compton review: Hard hitting, brutally honest, and still very relevant. This biopic about World Most Dangerous Group is one of the best films of the year.They were quite possibly the biggest band in the world at the end of the 1980s; a group born out of the tough streets of South Central, Los Angeles that would go on to sell millions of records in countries all around the world. brutally honest style, accompanied by the creative, banging beats of Andre Dre Young, would tap in to the voice of a generation, and while at times grossly offensive, and indeed often politically incorrect, were absolutely mind blowingly brilliant in their delivery and execution.Directed by F. Gary Gray, helmer of films like The Italian Job remake, Be Cool and Friday, Straight Outta Compton tells the story of Andre Young, O Jackson, Eric Wright, Antoine Carraby and Lorenzo Jerald Patterson, AKA Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E, DJ Yella and MC Ren as they more commonly known. Starting at the point where Easy E was selling drugs on the streets of Compton to the absolute height of their short lived career as a group, Straight Outta Compton tackles that very difficult task of bringing three genres of film together into one; the biopic, the hood drama and the music movie, and it does it brilliantly.Straight Outta Compton reviewRunning at a lengthy 148 minutes, Straight Outta Compton manages to engross from the very first frame, and hardly skips a beat throughout. Masterfully directed by F. Gary Gray in his first feature since 2009 Law Abiding Citizen, gives as a voyeuristic look into the lives of these five men who were to make American music history at the end of a decade full of new romantic harmonies, power ballads and Michael Jackson at the height of his career. While the film has come into discussion about the exclusion of some the history of certain individuals in the band, it clear to see that they have not pulled any punches in other areas of Jonathan Herman and Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) excellent script. While the film is indeed produced by Dre and Cube, it doesn appear to be biased in any way to one particular member of the band.Gray and his producing partners have chosen to lead with unknown actors for the key members of the band. While O Jackson Jr. is clearly the most famous amongst the crew, him being the real life son of Ice Cube, most are in the infancy of their careers, all having their major debuts in this. The main three leads, Jackson as Cube, Jason Mitchell as Easy E, and particularly Corey Hawkins as Dre, are virtually faultless in their respective roles. Jackson obvious resemblance to his father and his mannerisms on screen are uncanny, and the viewer forgets they are watching a dramatisation at certain points in the story, and are really seeing archive footage of Cube on screen. It is mesmerising from start to finish; the timeless beats bang, the story engrosses from the outset, and this new cast is virtually fault less.Gray has delivered a superb film, serving up a feast of nostalgia that will delight fans of the music genre and the band, as well as newcomers and non members of the hip hop church. The film final frames brilliantly sum up the influence this band has had on music in the last 25 plus years or so, and how its legacy is unparalleled.Brutally honest, and still very relevant; perhaps more today than ever; Straight Outta Compton is not only one of the best biopics we seen this year, but probably one of the best films we seen this year.
beat dre headphones Straight Outta Compton review

beats solo headphones Straight Outta Compton gets dynamic marketing push from Dr

beat headphones for cheap Straight Outta Compton gets dynamic marketing push from Dr

Everybody can be straight outta somewhere, and that’s fine with Universal Pictures.

An online marketing campaign for the rap music film “Straight Outta Compton” opening Aug. forecast for weekend sales, making “Compton” the biggest debut ever in the genre. Dre, the studio and Beats by Dre, the headphone maker he sold to Apple Inc. in a $3 billion deal.

“I saw that meme so many times in my newsfeed, often from people I wouldn’t usually associate with rap music,” said Tobias Bauckhage, chief executive officer of MoviePilot, which helps studios promote films.

The meme generator went live Aug. 5, according to the studio. Users fill in the blank on the “Straight Outta.” and attach a photo to share on Facebook or Twitter. Some of the actors wore Apple watches. Beats is producing “Straight Outta Compton” headphones.

Musical biopics, even about the biggest artists, seldom lead the box office. Why “Straight Outta Compton” will be an exception has a lot to do with Dre and Cube, who were instrumental in bringing the film to the big screen. They are credited as producers and were involved in casting the actors that played them.

Dre, still among the world’s most influential musicians, released a surprise album last week, his first in 16 years.

“Compton: A Soundtrack,” is available only on Apple Music and iTunes for two weeks. In the YouTube event Tuesday, Dre said he was inspired by working on the film.

“I just decided, one night on my way home from the set, I was just going to roll my sleeves up and start working on this album,” he said. “And I got to maybe a third song and I said, you know what, this is starting to sound great.

The effort snowballed from there, he said. ”It came out exactly the way I wanted.”

Universal’s tracking shows ”Straight Outta Compton” is gaining awareness beyond demographic groups like black and white males, the typical audiences for rap music.

Two thirds of moviegoers said the new album increased their interest in seeing the film, according to a survey by ticket seller Fandango Inc.

Jennifer Lopez, “Straight Outta The Bronx” and LeBron James, “Straight Outta Akron,” are among the celebrities who have posted on social media. The meme has also popped up in subjects ranging from sports to politics including “Straight Outta Touch” a tweet with a collage of Republican presidential candidates. and Canadian ticket sales. The picture cost about $29 million to make, according to Universal.

The studio, owned by Comcast Corp., said it’s generated worldwide ticket revenue of $5.53 billion through Aug. 5, more than the previous full year total for any of its competitors and enough to ensure it leads the box office for the first time since at least 1998.

“Straight Outta (somewhere)” is just the latest tool for Universal, which has made tie ins a crucial part of its summer film marketing. With “Minions,” the studio generated $593 million in ads and promotions with retail partners like McDonald’s Corp.

Universal got this one right from the start, with a teaser clip featuring Dre and Cube driving through Compton, said Liz Jones, a digital marketing consultant to film studios.

“You never know which campaigns are going to be the ones that everybody is connecting with,” Jones said. ”This is the one that has consistently, across the summer, been performing. So simple. So perfect, they did a great job with it.”

The NRC re imagines itself, with the help of a bigger budgetThe no longer new president of the National Research Council has just been told by the federal budget to his agency, but it turns out he been doing this for a year and a half. Prosecutors had 30 days following the Feb. 9 verdict to file an appeal in the case. government shatters Ottawa woman’s professional life, then quietly recants allegationsMarie Boivin was sitting at a Starbucks a year and a half ago when she got a call from her accountant. said to me, have to turn on CNN,’ she recalled. bad. attorney general Loretta Lynch was standing at a podium before dozens of TV cameras, making allegations [ / posts list >

Vaughn Palmer: Weaver frustrated by policies ‘made up in press scrums'”We’re frustrated, because we don’t know what the agenda of the government is, we don’t know the direction.

Vaughn Palmer: NDP cannot afford retreat on payroll health taxVICTORIA the New Democrats are defending their new employer health tax as mainly levied.

Daphne Bramham: Thanks to MeToo, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to workTargeted by the MeToo movement, high profile men have quit jobs and careers, been forced out of companies.

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beats solo headphones Straight Outta Compton gets dynamic marketing push from Dr

binaural beats without headphones Story Compilation

beats headphones purple Story Compilation

[[html]]Hoping to get the best (or ‘cheapest’) cost for the Dyson DC44 Pet can be pretty tough more so in the event you don’t know where to check and/or may be a bit of a newbie if this involves buying on line. It may be the point that the tougher expensive it truly is, the better requirements quality, there are several pairs of earphones that do not cost much however they continue to deliver excellent audio end result. This technological innovation is called “amp modeling. In the most recent many years, quality and reception have got improved a whole lot for these kind of head phones. In the event you obtain upwards early to exercise, then music could possibly be what becomes you began! Getting a decent sound from the good workout headphone may be challenging occasionally. The result is really a deeper, rumblier and punchier bottom conclusion and increasing highs the ideal E. This is really a challenge for many developers given that they aren’t entrepreneurs themselves. This is a challenge for most of designers simply because they aren’t marketers on their own. 1) Adobe flash Grenade: Benefit: blinds the prospective Disadvantage: these people still move fast also it takes extended to tossed one for whatever reason.

Contact your internet hosting provider allowing them to know your web server just isn’t answering. Everybody has own appropriate songs kind. But I came across out that this chord bounced around too much to truly discuss on the phone when i was running, so I slowed down to a stroll to reply to telephone calls. It works properly and is also sturdy.

You will find buttons on each side from the Thump head set, allowing someone to skip tracks, adjust the volume, play, stop, and response or reject calls. In case you might be obtaining your iPod together with you biking, jogging or whatever else physical, make sure that it is safely fastened to you so that in case won’t drop and hot the ground. This charges without having batteries. And although the rectangle shaped design may possibly throw a person off a bit it really fits much better than some traditional headphones. Concluding remarks

possuindo Besides interactive fun for kids, mom will find tested recipes and projects. The result can be quite a deeper, rumblier and punchier bottom conclusion and soaring highs the ideal E. This is a obstacle for most designers given that they aren’t marketers themselves. This is a legitimate challenge for the majority of programmers simply because they aren’t marketers on their own. What’s for several, is that improvements in technology through the years implies that a person wearing a group of cordless television headphones can perform just about anything she or he likes while listening for your television since loud when he or the girl likes almost all without disturbing any other people in the room.

unlockiphonesolution. info to get advice plus videos on how you can find the proper topheadphones. We similar to the proven fact that the On Ear headphones feel therefore comfortable that will even sleeping with them on can be a enjoyment. We such as the fact that typically the On Ear headphones feel so comfortable of which even sleep with them upon is a pleasure. Tips WarningsArray.

[[html]]Headsets are the small speakers put on about the ears whereas headphones are the set of listening products joined with a band across the surface in the head and worn within or higher the ears. There is a wide selection of earphones around the market, using a blend in ear ear canal, on ear, and over the ear versions. In any mood, whenever you need to have a change coming from routine lifestyle take out your own iPhone observing your preset icons in addition to themes to generate your mood exciting and get yourself through stress. A clutch i465 black case offers protection along with glorious style. This is substantial because there have been reports the earphones included with all the Microsoft zune device usually are fairly low quality. The Motorola i465 Clutch system has become readily available for the public utilizing a retail value of $129Featuring Push to Talk / Walkie Talkie, threaded SMS plus MMS, POP3 email help, Bluetooth, Vga camera along with a QWERTY keypad it has already been marked because the hot item by simply Boost consumers in search of the actual messaging alternative.

The Bose SIE2i arrives inside a vivid green or even orange tone. It can flow music wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device also as great time audio directly from larger speakers when docked and getting. You see one image within the left eye plus a slightly different perspective from your right vision. Headsets consist of a couple of major components: the earpiece as well as the mic.

Let’s just get the facts: Yes, there are some big difference which make the “Studio Headphones Compared to Regular Headphones” debate very vital that you any person considering investing in a brand new handful of headphones. Because the 2 shades possess a slightly different frequency to each other the brain “hears” a conquer type effect. If you pick up an unreliable unlock 3 G iPhone answer then the just problem is always that it could hamper a number of the important features of the cell phone like TEXT or incoming calls could easily obtain ped or might not am employed at all or even at times, the particular 3G characteristic will stop operating. They are well known for use about transport such as buses, cars, and aeroplanes because they eliminate the background sound of machines to allow one to listen within blissful stop. Keep their own number convenient in case of your current lockout!

There are switches on each part of the Thump headset, letting you skip tracks, adjust the volume, play, stop, and response or refuse calls. In case you’re helping your iPod along with you bicycling, jogging or other things actual physical, make sure that it is securely fastened to you personally so that if won’t fall in addition to hot the earth. If you in no way want to disrupt anyone, then that is the method to go. Plus although the rectangle shaped design may possibly throw you off a little it actually fits greater than some traditional headphones. Resolution: QCIF/CIF/1/2D/2/3D and D1 Music Playing: MP3 or WMA formats TV Recording: AV insight / Movie record Photo format: JPEG and GIF Internal power: rechargeable lithium ion battery Acceptable battery moment: Video 3 several hours, Audio 5 hours Accessories: USB cable, stereo earphones, installation CD, charger

If you do not have to work with linked wire connections or the trouble of keeping these people free, wifi earbuds usually are another excellent choice. The result is really a further, rumblier and punchier bottom part end in addition to soaring highs the best E. This can be a challenge for a lot of developers given that they aren’t entrepreneurs themselves. This is really a obstacle for most programmers simply because they aren’t marketers themselves. articledashboard.

Finest Headphones regarding Running. information to obtain suggestions and movies on how to pick the proper topheadphones. We including the fact that the On Ear headphones feel thus comfortable that even sleep with them upon is really a satisfaction. As would be the case using a lot of electronic products, a person essentially get everything you spend on. For Everyone:.

[[html]]Bluetooth headsets make up among the fastest wireless markets here in the united states and around the world. A good head phone will let you a lot more get pleasure from the favorable music. One method to complete this is having a nifty gift. A good headphone enables you to a lot more get pleasure from the good audio. However , several share a single point, audio.

Kenneth Fish. The result can be a deeper, rumblier and punchier bottom finish and soaring highs the ideal Electronic. This can be a problem for most designers given that they aren’t marketers themselves. This is a problem for the majority of developers given that they aren’t entrepreneurs themselves. Its brushed metallic finish makes it a sophisticated selection for your style conscious customer.

Industrial spike protection devices installed within cellular podiums are certainly one of probably the most essential areas of consumer’s lives that they probably are unaware of. Nokia N95 provides screen resolution 240 x 320 pixels, while iphone’s quality 320 times 480 pixels. You’ll make sure, for instance, that your Wireless bluetooth device whether or not it’s an ipod device, laptop, or perhaps PDA : works with your selected headphones. It can stream audio wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled system as well as blast audio straight from larger loudspeakers when docked and recharging. Headsets also save area, you can merely hang it on your own table instead of taking upwards a whole region inside your desk to assist free your office of clutter.

For Everyone:. Apple company has lastly opened its arms, or even its network, to designers who’re trying to trap track of progression regarding SIP customers. These products typically connect to virtually any device that may be Bluetooth enabled, to supply a new clean, sharp sound that is hassle free plus relies around the latest technology. They are popular to be used on transportation such as vehicles, cars, in addition to planes because they eliminate the environment noise of engines to allow you to listen inside blissful silence. Keep their own number handy in the event of typically the lockout!

If you ever wish to obtain an concept of precisely what you can placed on your ipod device visit iTunes and have a new examine typically the podcast store. Also, the pc which includes a MAC OS sometimes have trouble recognizing the iPod whenever plugged. One more key component for many, speech recognition, also appears even though the computer keyboard is as easy to00 use as ever before with just the right amount of offer. This is really a challenge for most developers simply because they aren’t marketers themselves. This really is really a obstacle for the majority of developers since they aren’t marketers themselves. Their brushed sterling silver finish helps it be a complicated option for your type conscious customer.

Best Earphones for Running. info to acquire advice and videos in the direction of select the finest topheadphones. Because will be the situation with many electric products, you essentially pay for what you get. As would be the case with many electronic products, you fundamentally get everything you pay for. Suggestions WarningsArray.

[[html]]This post will show you exactly what noise cancelling headphones are, and also the benefits associated with with them instead of regular headphones. It may be the truth that the more expensive it really is, the better requirements quality, there are several pairs of earphones that don’t cost much nonetheless they still provide great audio output. A good way to complete this is often with a great gift. Whilst it’s hard to imagine life before phones, it’s equally as interesting to learn in regards to the telephone in its starting years. If you receive upward early to exercise, after that music may be what will get you started! Getting a decent sound from the good workout headphone could be challenging sometimes.
binaural beats without headphones Story Compilation

beats headphone studio Stores ready for shoppers to gobble up bargains

binaural beats headphones Stores ready for shoppers to gobble up bargains

As shoppers prepare to gorge on deals, retailers await the annual feast.

Starting Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, stores are ready to stoke shoppers’ appetite with bountiful bargains.

About 140.1 million shoppers, or six in 10 people, say they will or may shop either Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, according to the National Retail Federation’s “Thanksgiving Weekend Expectations” survey.

That is on par with the 140.3 million who said the same last year. Friday, has hired an extra 30 to 35 people to help with the annual rush.

“We don’t like people waiting in line. We do everything we can to keep lines to almost nonexistent down to a minimum of one to two people,” said Jim McClure, president and CEO of Drysdales Western Wear. 169, will offer an eight hour sale and a four day holiday sale through Monday.

Among its specials, the store’s entire stock of Levi’s will be 20 percent off, McClure said. Also, shoppers who buy two pair of boots, get half off the second pair that is of equal or lesser value than the first pair.

“It’s really the most important four days of the month of November. In most retail business, including ours . November and December are the two biggest months of the year,” McClure said.

Shoppers who don’t want to fight the crowd can purchase online and pick up their purchase in the store. Some Black Friday specials, however, are available in store only, McClure said.

Deals abound

Many stores will get a jump on Black Friday by opening on Thanksgiving. Some such as Wal Mart, Kmart and Bass Pro Shops will be open all day Thanksgiving. Others such as JCPenny, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Sears, Best Buy and Target will open early Thanksgiving evening. Friday.

“The company is promoting this Thanksgiving as one of the biggest promotion events in the company’s history,” said Guy Griffith, store leader of JCPenney at Tulsa Promenade. Friday.

Shoppers will find $2.99 Home Expressions bath towels, $4.99 Disney mini plush toys, and $9.99 deals after a $10 mail in rebate on small kitchen appliances such as a four slice toaster oven, griddle, coffee pot and deep fryer, Griffith said.

“We’re expecting the entire week to be huge,” Griffith said. Thursday. Most will be $10 off a purchase of $10 or more, but one in every 100 customers will receive a $100 coupon off a $100 purchase, Griffith said.

Customers can shop now in the store’s fine jewelry department and reserve their purchase and lock in the Black Friday price before the sale officially starts.

Additionally, JCPenney will be handing out free limited edition snow globes when it opens Thanksgiving evening.

“This is going to be the place to be. We’ve got amazing coupons on top of the amazing doorbuster prices,” Griffith said.

Rodney Watson, general manager of Best Buy at Tulsa Hills Shopping Center, expects foot traffic to be even higher this year than last in part because it’s the retailers second year to open on Thanksgiving. The economy also is doing well. Friday.

“It just feels like to me that things are more positive. Also a big part of it too is the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center. This area just continues to grow and grow and grow,” Watson said.

The store has products “stacked to the rafters,” said Watson. “It seems like we’ve got more of the product that people want than we’ve ever had.”

That includes ultra high definition TVs that have four times the picture of high definition TV, tablets, cell phones, gaming consoles and GoPro cameras.

Wal Mart started preparing for this upcoming shopping weekend just as soon as last year’s Black Friday weekend was over, said Erica Jones, spokeswoman for Wal Mart.

The majority of Wal Mart stores will be open all day on Thanksgiving just as they have been since the 1980s.
beats headphone studio Stores ready for shoppers to gobble up bargains

refurbished beats headphones Stocks this week

black beats headphones Stocks this week

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Did the polar vortex actually keep shoppers at home, or are retailers just playing the card? investors try to figure out how healthy the economy is, they will get another glimpse at how much consumers are spending this week and what kind of toll the nasty winter weather had on shoppers when some of America retail giants report first quarter earnings.

Macy which releases results Wednesday, has already lowered expectations. In its fourth quarter results, the company said it was with sales performance in January. Like many companies, Macy blamed the harsh winter weather that gripped much of the country earlier this year.

On Thursday, Wal Mart is on deck. In addition to griping about the weather, the company warned in January that a federal cut in food stamp benefits that went into effect last year would hurt its bottom line. Penney will be in focus. The struggling retailer is in the midst of trying to execute a drastic turnaround strategy. It may be working, as the stock has jumped 60% in the past three months. Still, it still down substantially from a year ago.

Kohl Nordstrom, and Dillard will also report earnings this week.

Other than the retail sector, investors will get results from SodaStream, Cisco, and Sony.

While there no big economic data that could move stocks drastically, investors will be looking for cues from the broader market this week.

While blue chip stocks in the Dow have held their own recently, tech stocks in the Nasdaq have taken a beating. And with the Fed continuing to wind down it massive stimulus program, investors are trying to find their footing in these new market conditions.

Investors are on the lookout for more mega mergers and deals. On Friday, several news reports said Apple is in talks to buy Beats Electronics, the maker of the popular Beats by Dre headpones, for $3.2 billion.

And Pfizer has been on the hunt for AstraZeneca, but so far the two healthcare giants have been unable to reach an agreement. Still, Pfizer is armed with cash, and a deal on that scale would likely be the second biggest pharmaceutical deal after Pfizer $112 billion purchase of Warner Lambert in 2000.

The merger would be the latest in a string of healthcare deals this year.

Another event on the calendar with the potential to affect the share price of individual companies is the Skybridge Alternatives Conference in Las Vegas, which features some of the top hedge fund managers. Since these hedge fund titans tend to make large investments betting for or against certain stocks or sectors, when they talk, the market listens.

Last week, at the Sohn Investment Conference in New York, Greenlight Capital David Einhorn sent athenaheath tumbling 14% after he said the company sky high valuation could cause its stock to plummet 80%.

The ongoing strife in Ukraine is also spilling over into other countries, especially in Europe.

Disposable income spending is at a 43 year low. Retail store closings , heh heh heh. As of last month 1,400 stores have closed the entire total of last year! More businesses have failed so far this year than have opend. JOLTS jobe report. 114,000 job openings lost last month and over 500,000 past 4 month which is a bad sign. by June we will be in a recession again. Walmart depends on food stamps for profit and the goverment has cut them. JCP . has anyone seen the stock? last time I checked it went from 20 bucks to around 6 and they will most likely file for bankruptcy by end of year. Last report they had less than 1 billion cash on haqnd and that was 2 months ago . They have stopped releasing monthly earnings reports. retail is Dying . I would expect walmart to start closing under performing stores by the end of this year. Call me crazy but they have been lowering guidance, earnings forecats for the past year . At least I get my info from other places than cnn and ncbc
refurbished beats headphones Stocks this week

dr dre beats wireless headphones Stock stereos better than aftermarket these days

doctor beats headphones Stock stereos better than aftermarket these days

Aftermarket alarms had the same consequences.

That being said, I had enough of my Platinum Ford F150 stereo (it was terrible stock) and I went back and gutted it but left the factory head unit (once again, too integrated in the dash/steering wheel controls). New amp, speakers, JBL custom box that fits under rear seat (carpeted to match interior). Looks stock, sounds great but I recently started hearing an alternator whine at certain volumes/certain songs so I need to go back and get that addressed.

I think replacing headunits is becoming a rare thing in newer cars. I have been an audio hobbyist for a long time and regularly updated/upgraded/replaced the audio in my vehicles. But the integration of audio into the vehicle electronics makes it very difficult now for many vehicles except at the bottom of the line.

I wanted to see vehicles with an empty double DIN slot in the dash and a wiring harness so I could start there.

I think there will still be a market for upgrading sound without replacing the headunit. Lots of cars have bad sound and it isn’t because of the headunit. My son’s 2008 Fusion with Ford “premium sound” plays loud but it sounds terrible. If it were my car I’d replace everything but the headunit.

Upgrading sound quality in fully integrated vehicle sound systems is different than the old days of replacing a head unit, adding an amp, and upgrading speakers. There is no head unit exactly in some of these systems, and often far too much is integrated through the “display” screen.

Instead, people are buying after market integration boxes, which work with factory displays/radios, but allow signal integration to after market equipment to allow the addition of amps, etc.

I used to do new head units and such back in the 90’s, but now I typically just go with upgraded factory audio in the cars I purchase, and if I am generally happy with that will go with higher end speakers to better reproduce sound. The Dynaudio system in a Volvo I used to own was excellent, and my wife’s Outback has a great Harmon/Kardon branded system which has impressive sound reproduction even through the factory speakers.

My own Charger, which has the UConnect integration (there is no head unit and everything is run through the touch screern) is not as good, but I went with the standard Alpine system and did not step up to the “Beats by Dre” system which is very good. If I wanted to really amp it up, I could get an aftermarket black box (a digital processor) which connects to the system to run amps/speakers off of, while retaining the factory UConnect functionality and look in the dash. Aftermarket alarms had the same consequences.

That being said, I had enough of my Platinum Ford F150 stereo (it was terrible stock) and I went back and gutted it but left the factory head unit (once again, too integrated in the dash/steering wheel controls). New amp, speakers, JBL custom box that fits under rear seat (carpeted to match interior). Looks stock, sounds great but I recently started hearing an alternator whine at certain volumes/certain songs so I need to go back and get that addressed.

I’ve torn out the factory stereo (head units, speakers, sub) in my last four cars but with my recently purchased Hyundai Genesis sedan with the 17 speaker Lexicon system that comes with the technology package I have no desire to tear anything out. The clarity and reproduction is phenomenal and the only place it can’t hang with an aftermarket setup is in overall bass levels but the factory sub is more than good enough. Gone are the days when I need a beefy aftermarket 12″ sub that can shake the car loose and rattles supermarket signs.

My Volvo stock radio receives distant stations better then ANY aftermarket stereo I can buy. I wish I could buy a similar stereo for my other older car [1988], but none of them receive FM radio very well.

And the Volvo stock stereo Bluetooth hands free phone works much better than an aftermarket radio I have in my other car. That aftermarket stereo has constant problems with the Bluetooth.

So is there ANY aftermarket stereo which receives distant radio stations good? And also has trouble free Bluetooth? I would sure like to buy such a stereo!
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beats from dre headphones Stephen Curry said LeBron James ‘is a great influence’ as an NBA businessman

beats audio headphones review Stephen Curry said LeBron James ‘is a great influence’ as an NBA businessman

In short, it’s James and the Cavs who are chasing Curry and the Warriors. Curry doesn’t see himself in a position of having to genuflect before James. Though mostly respectful of Cleveland’s superstar, Curry prefers to pivot in interviews to the here and now where he and the Warriors are king.

But Curry can’t help but admire James, and admit he looks up to him, for the business empire James has built away from basketball.

James, 31, signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike that is worth a minimum of $600 million, and likely several hundred million more. He owns a production company, a piece of an English soccer club, and is an actor.

He’s a pitchman for Kia, Sprite, and Samsung. He also sells Beats by Dre, the headphone giant in which he was an original investor. Apple bought Beats, so, James is a business partner of both the maker of the iPhone and the Galaxy. Who else can pull that off?

James walked away from McDonald’s as a marketing partner so he could focus on Blaze Pizza, a fastfood pizza chain in which he has equity.

Those are examples of sustained, generational wealth and power that aren’t going away.

Curry, 27, is just getting started.

“At one point he (James) was going through the exact same thing I’m going through now, and the transition of different phases of your careers,” Curry said in Toronto, during the NBA’s All Star weekend. “Any smart person that wants to be successful in life has people that they look up to or follow. . He’s obviously handled that part of his career very well and he’s a great influence in that regard.”

Curry’s is in fact wrong on one point James never really experienced what Curry is going through now.

James was a national superstar in his early teens. Shortly after becoming the No. 1 pick of the 2003 draft, he had a $90 million shoe deal. At age 18.

Also, when James was much younger than Curry is now, James created his own, small company to manage all of his business deals, and left the management of that company to Maverick Carter. It’s been so successful that Harvard’s business school studies and teaches the James Carter business arrangement.

Today, James is the sixth richest athlete in the world, according to Forbes, with at least $44 million a year in endorsements.

In other words, James was always a star. Much of this is new to Curry.

He made his first All Star game at 25, won his first MVP and championship last year. Curry first signed with Under Armour to wear its shoes and clothes for less than $4 million per year in 2013, according to ESPN.

Curry’s got a new deal with the sports apparel maker that includes equity in the company that runs through 2024. Under Armour earned $3.7 billion in sales last year, according to Forbes, but its basketball sales are a tiny fraction of a market dominated by Nike, James, and Michael Jordan.

James’ signature Nike shoe, for instance, earned $340 million in sales last year. All of Under Armour’s shoes not just basketball earned $196 million, according to Forbes.

Curry just signed with Brita, a water filtration company. He’s got his own headphones partner, JBL, and endorses Degree deodorant, Muscle Milk, and ZAMST, an ankle bracelet maker. He models for Express.

Curry’s business deals are managed by Octagon, a more traditional athlete brand manager than the company James chose to create with Carter.

“I have a game plan of what I want to represent and what I want to be attached to and kind of what I want to get out of on and off the court opportunities,” Curry said.

Curry was asked if he hoped to be the “Michael Jordan” of Under Armour, and he agreed. He said Nike “had a nice template of success with Jordan’s career, but I’m trying to do it our way, which is very genuine and organic to what we’re trying to do.”

It’s too soon in Curry’s partnership with Under Armour to see what Curry meant by that what differences there will be in how he’s marketed versus Jordan or even James.

Curry enjoys enormous popularity and his polling numbers (he’s not running for office, rather, these are surveys done to measure a player’s favorability for TV and marketing purposes) are off the charts.

Curry’s jersey is the NBA’s top seller, he was the leading vote getter for the All Star Game last year and would’ve led again for the Toronto game had it not been Kobe Bryant’s last.

Like James and Jordan before him, Curry is in prime position to build off that momentum. Still to come is a car endorsement, a pillar of any superstar’s marketing portfolio.
beats from dre headphones Stephen Curry said LeBron James 'is a great influence' as an NBA businessman